PTR Pop-Up | Focus on Freezing Issue | Has Ended

TY for all your hard work! Any ETA on a live patch for this? Crashing every night while trying to enjoy a season in no bueno haha.


If the PTR was supposed to be ended THREE days ago, then why is it still running right now (12 AM CEST) ? :thinking:

PS: To be precise: I can still start the client and login, but can’t create a game (“server busy”) anymore, since yesterday.

Because they sometimes use it for their own internal testing. Just because it’s up doesn’t necessarily mean it’s available to the public.

Ah good!

Even when the soon is a genuine Blizzard Soon tm. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you so much for taking care about this issue, which is ruining the entire game experience. Hope you apply the patch as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Just looking at my current live server experience …

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It looks like maintenance downtime is scheduled for next Tuesday the 24th, I’m guessing that’s when we can expect this fix to go live.

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You might want to grab a Xbox one and go to the outer cloister and get as close to the tools of trade quest it’s buggy as all hell

So was today’s maintenance the freeze and crash to desktop fix dropping into the live servers? or was it just regular maintenance? If just regular maintenance, any eta when we are getting this fix?


No patch yet… :frowning:
ETA will be nice.


Some communication would be appreciated Blizz!


Why would you unpin the thread that is the only place you’ve announced that you have a fix for this?


Yah, so great fix. Crickets… you have died…


maybe there was a “thats to much work” thing going on :smile:
2 maintances and i still have the same problems. now unpinning the PTR-PopUp without further informations?! weird

@edit. i swear to god. i can take a lot when it comes to diablo3 lags/freezes. but today. jesus. so many freezes, lags, crashes. pls blizz. give us some informations. lift the “darkness”. show some “progress”. give us “something”


My hardcore character died this morning because of this freeze. My internet was normal. My PC is far above the game’s requirements. I’m definitely abandoning this game.

I missed the test sadly. I get awful frame rate drops when using the Firebirds set with Mirror Images, it’s literally unplayable unless I remove the audio using a custom DLL. Whereas playing the Hydra build I get zero frame lag at all.

for blizzard soon is usually 150 to 722 trillion years

I, too, was fooled by my warrantless expectations of a fmodex64.dll fix on Tuesday. Guess it’s back to playing with no sound.

Btw, I hope Bliz recognizes that the framerate never drops one iota when the dummy dll is in place (disabling sound), but even casual play with sound has numerous skips/drops. These are of course amplified into full on 10+ sec freezes usually back to back (to back …) when playing the aforementioned builds.

I’ve had several friends quit altogether because of these crashes. It’s suuuuuper important Bliz acknowledges and addresses this. I had all but given up hope when the pop-up PTR was announced. Not only that, they paid attention and discovered what most of us already knew: there was a sound bug. I told everyone… This was huge. This could reunite the clans.

Give us freedom to play with sound!


W.h.e.n? :raising_hand_man: :ok_woman: :man_shrugging: :wilted_flower:
WHEN please?

Give us the Fix! My friends and I are sick of the freezees and crashes to desktop! Thank you!