Lag with firebirds

I just coming back to the game this season. I am having issues when even in solo. Is there anything I can do to reduce the lag/ the whole gaming locking up for a few seconds i have a 3090 in my PC and a lot other new parts. So I don’t think it is my PC. I have try lowering my Sound setting and lower all the setting to low nothing is helping.

could u be more specific, what class r u playing, what build and when does it lagg…

Someone was complaining in chat that game lags, but for me it didn’t while I was playing Inna monk with Spirit Ally.
When I started playing with Firebird Wiz Illusions Duplicates that all changed. The illusions seem to be the source of the lag, might be just the illusion and the fact that if summoned and then u teleport they seem to get lost, not they attack very well even when u summon them in the first place - unless u r on top an enemy they seem to be lost.
Firebird just got reworked and doesn’t seem they fixed everything with it, it might not be the illusions the problem, but it feels like it.
Would appreciate a blue post if they are working the lagg.

There’s a huge clue in the thread title.

There’s a patch incoming to address 5-10 second freezes (although not specific to Firebird’s) but they haven’t announced when it’s coming to live yet…

Specifically for Firebird’s, some people have reported that unequipping CoE can result in a marked improvement of lag for the build (albeit that your hero will be weaker).

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u can only presume that he’s a wizzard and that he’s playing firebird - presumption can be dangerous :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for the info

on site note, was messing around with settings and ended up at sound and it seems the channels were set to High(128) and changed it to the lowest and this seems to have had the biggest impact on the lagg.

I would refer you to the OP’s seasonal Wizard with the Firebird’s set on…