When will the freezing fix be applied to live?

So, for those of you that don’t peruse the Bug Report forum, it may have escaped your notice that there was a PTR pop-up recently to investigate the long-running issue of the game repeatedly freezing for 5-10 seconds at a time. The PTR lasted a couple of weeks and, apparently, Blizzard found and rectified the cause of the fault…

I know to Blizzard that Soon™ can mean a long time but that was 15 days ago and for some reason the thread was unpinned a couple of days ago.

Can we get an ETA for when this is going to be pushed to live?

–==[ EDIT ]==–

Just got a 60MB update and game is now showing as v2.7.1.77744


“We’re waiting to do that while you sleep. Yes, you. Specifically. No one else.”

I do hope it helps those who suffer the drain of annoyance. Then we can all get back to sifting the treasure chaff that is loot diarrhea.

Still better than D3V drop rates.

No matter what anyone says, the current legendaries are literally eons ahead of what they were at release.

I still remember the day to buffed the drop rates 100% and the forums instantly exploded demanding this be the new standard drop rate. Why?

People who actually played the game to play the game were finally being rewarded for all their hours and hours and hours of NOTHING to show for it otherwise other than an exorbitant repair bill that wiped out either most or all of your money at the end of the session.

I literally remember making an alt simply because my main at the time ran out of money and couldn’t fix broken gear and didn’t have replacements so… easier to just start fresh on a new one.

Me? I’m swimming in the loot diarrhea and loving every silky stroke


Not the prettiest of mental pictures but I get your meaning and agree. lol

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Lol yeah… I cringed when I wrote it but I was responding directly to the point… so…

Silky was just a lil too much wasn’t it?

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A tad on the gross side but it completed the picture and so it is appreciated. lol

You certainly are a master of the written word. lol

Better to swim than drown in it.

drown in/drink?

There’s levels to this metaphor. Delightful!

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Hands down, best update ever. You don’t know how many goblins have escaped noticed due to this bug. Game feels silky smooth.

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I thought this was just my computer. I am playing and it freezes up and “Bam” I am dead. Was just getting ready to format everything and do a fresh OS install. I hope they can fix this. It’s the only time I die.

Hey MB, as far as I know it was applied here in North America. Not sure if our EU partners have updated its servers yet.

Yes, they did, which is why I edited the opening post around 12 hours ago with this…

the question is: is the freezing solved now?