Please s21 start 6.26

6/26 FTW, 20 characters…


100% sure S21 launched 03 July.

Answer tomorrow.

(But i hope im wrong)

That is past tense.

S21 has not launched yet and we don’t know the projected date from Blizzard Classic Games either.

And guys are we watching this post like hawks?

Jeez give us the info blizzard.

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As mentioned 26th would be nice, can’t see it being the 3rd as it is a holiday nor the 10th that’s just to far out to be offline.

Going to put my money on sometime between the 26th and 2nd.

And yes it would ideal to have an update from Blizz before the current season ends :slightly_smiling_face:

But that’s Canada Day… which I (hopefully) have off… so that would be fine.

But I’m still hoping for the 26th, though not expecting it.

You guys will know more about the start of the Season next week <3


Is that when we’ll also be getting final patch notes? Or are the final changes listed here?

There will be final patch notes next week as well. I should note that patch notes didn’t get too much change as there were some bug fixes that had to get prioritized in between the ptr patch and wrapping things up for release/console cert.


There will be patch next week?

So your saying new Necro set us still el Garbo. Gotcha


All he’s saying is that next week they’ll tell you when the patch will be and when Season 21 will start, not that the patch / season start will be next week.

Next week!? Hope we can see the patch notes on Sunday.

I’m getting that “get ready to be disappointed” feeling from reading that.

Hopefully DH HPS got a little more buff. Chantodo got unnerfed. Necro Masquerade got buff to damage. Necro Pestilence got buff to damage and toughness. A passive CoE got added in as a seasonal community buff.

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next week new patch
s21 start date is 7.3
i conviction

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Thanks PezRadar - this means for sure that S21 will NOT start on 26 June, correct?

If start date for s21 is announced next week, then it is only close to 25% probability that 626 is the s21 start date {flipping through the dates in July}

He hasn’t said that yet.

Which is why I am asking him :slight_smile: I just want to know if I can go away that week-end…

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You forget the s15, s17, s18 ended Sunday, season started Friday. You never know if this goes smoothly or delayed because of something else. :yum:

Good point, I have edited my probability up to 25% :laughing:

Yes but as far as remember the date of the new season was always announced at least one week in advance…