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GR, dead but don’t see the revive options.

Has this issue been going on for 4 years without a fix?

Blizzard I am very disappointed in your quality.

This user-friends error and not letting people join other games because it thinks non-seasonals are trying to play with seasonal characters is absolutely ridiculous – considering this is the NINETEENTH SEASON that this has been going … facepalm^groan

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Status Bug as described here:

To verify:

1.a# log into the game using your “home server”. Change your status to busy and then try to change it back to available. It will revert to busy as soon as you close the list.
1.b# Alt-tab out, notice that your status is busy and change your status to available. Go back into the game and check your status; it’s now available.

2.a# Log into the game on any other than your home server. Do as in 1.a#; now there is not way to change your status back to available as 1.b# only applies to your home server and still shows available.

Due to that status bug I canot be invited to groups. However, there is a work-around:
Go to the lobby, open your list, set status available but do not close the list. Now invite players from that list. Once all in your group start the game. The list will then close automatically.

Cheers Euclid

Edit: As of December 6 this bug has been fixed. E.

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Hi MissCheetah,

The link in #1 is still pointing to the old forum. As the old forum will be gone sooner or later, would you update the link to the post that I’ve ported to the new forum:

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Americas Region

I just went AFK in-game. I set my status to “Away”. I came back and reset it to “Available”. I closed the Friends Window and opened it again. I was still set to “Available”.

I did not have to tab out and set my status to “Online” using the Desktop App. So, this issue appears to be fixed.

didn’t get rolands armor after completing all objectives - got the portrait frame and the pet but no armor can anyone tell me where to find it

didn’t get rolands armor after completing all objectives - got the portrait frame and the pet but no armor - can anyone tell me where to find it

  1. Complete Season Journey Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 for the first Gift.
  2. Complete Season Journey Chapter 3 for the second Gift.
  3. Complete Season Journey Chapter 4 for the third and final Gift.

Check your in-game mail after completing the appropriate Season Journey Chapters. “Claim to Inventory” and open them like you do the Bounty Caches.

The armoury profiles have been back a couple of months now.
Perhaps this bullet should be archived / removed.

With the shutting down of the old forum by Blizzard, that link no longer works… could you change it to :

New link added.

Noted as resolved. I need to think about how I want to handle resolved and archived stuff.

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How about using the <del> ... </del> markers… as in:
Sept 2019. Website Armory Profiles not available. RESOLVED
(the “resolved” issue is still readable under the strikethrough)

Just my 2¢ :slight_smile:

P.S. : thank you for fixing the link for the “Missing achievements / Journey” issue.

худшая компания имхо. поддержки 0.
может хоть тут могут помочь.
После убийства короля леорика не открывается проход в уединенные покои

Translated by Google:

After the assassination of King Leoric, passage to secluded chambers does not open

It looks like you are still playing Starter Edition…

Условия и ограничения

На пользователей, играющих на стартовой версии, накладываются следующие ограничения:

  • доступен только I акт вплоть до Короля-скелета;
  • можно создать до 4 персонажей;
  • развитие ограничено 13 уровнем;
  • подбор игроков возможен только среди игроков со стартовой версией;

все персонажи, созданные на стартовой версии будут сохранены, и вы сможете продолжить ими играть в полной версии Diablo III.
Стартовая версия Diablo III и гостевой пропуск - Служба поддержки Blizzard

If you like the game and would like to continue playing past King Leoric, you will need to purchase it.

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Hello Miss Cheetah, this might be asking a bit much but the clan The Fallen (NA) cant be accessed in game so therefore can’t join it since the leader of the clan or any other member for that matter can’t, tried every other option but you’re the last hope.
Have you heard about this?

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Broken again… sigh !

As we’ve now seen dozens of threads about Wizard Hydras not being able to target certain mobs, is that a candidate for addition to the opening post?

Act V, Souls of the Dead, Destroy the Master Soul Crucible.

When hovering over the Master Soul Crucible, the health bar title is “MASTER SOUL CRUCILE.” Yes, I meant to write CRUCILE.

Also, I can’t damage it as a Wizard with Hydra or Arcane Torrent or Black Hole, and my follower doesn’t attack it, but I imagine that a reboot may help that.

Possible bug:
Necromancer, Grace of inarius
10,000% damage doesn’t seem to affect bone spear skills or blood spear. Also other skills but this is the obvious one. Based on description when bone armour is active all damage should be increased, not just the whirlwind.

Possible Bug: Piranhado with Witch Doctor creating an unkillable monsters. Has happened several times already this season. I have a screenshot if needed.