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100% bug: Necro’s simulacrum kills do not count in season theme stacks. and as they kill 95% of the stuff on top poison scythe build, basically you can’t use season theme properly at full power, you get always 20-30 stacks from your own kills only instead of 100+. Feels bad to still be kept outside season theme when people are clearing 150 already :frowning: I raised a bug report, but doesn’t feel that someone cares about it . And it is a season breaking bug. Don’t know hot to make myself heard there.

I care. <3

Looking into this. Thanks for the smoke signals!


Just a tidbit of info here. It might not be the simulacrums that are the issue. Please also take a look at if it’s the frailty curse that’s causing it as the popular scythe necro build has that automatically.

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Awesome! let me know if you have trouble reproducing it, but it is quite straight forward. I can make a video as well if it is needed. the best way to se it is doing a bounty or a cursed chest where you have a kill counter. then you can see crystal clear how the season stacks fell way behind the kill counter from bounty/cursed chests.

I feel i have found a new bug in the game.

With the achievement of doing a Solo Greater Rift 70 you are suppose to get a guaranteed Primal Legendary item. When i finally got around to doing my solo Greater Rift i was up to 77 (since i was doing T16 regular rifts) when i completed this rift in the alloted 15 minutes i did not get my Primal Legendary item to drop but i got the achievement for doing the solo rift. So i went back and solo’d the level 70 specifically and still have not received any primals. it has been a couple days now since i did this and i have not seen any sign that my game has in fact unlocked Primal Legendary Items.

The bug being the game has a chance to not drop/unlock primal items if you do a Greater Rift higher than 70 specifically.

You only get the guaranteed Primal drop:

  • With a Seasonal Character.
  • Upon successfully completing a Greater Rift Level 70 or higher Solo.
  • “Successfully completing” means killing the Rift Guardian before the 15 minutes expire.
  • You only get one guaranteed Primal item per Region per Season. Not per Character. Although, once unlocked, they’re unlocked for all your Seasonal Characters. At the end of the Season it will carry over to non-Season.

You can easily check to see if you’ve unlocked Primal drops for the Season by looking at your Achievements. (See image below).

If you have The Primal Soul-o Achievement and a 1200+ Blood Shards cap, then you have unlocked Primal drops.

The guaranteed Primal item that drops is subject to D3’s Smart Loot. There is an 85% chance it will be an item your Class can use and 15% chance it will be for another Class.

For this bug you cannot seem to figure out, just add a /command as a workaround for now. /rescorpse, /rescheck, /restown could all do the same as the buttons until you can figure out how to get the UI to work 100%

On top of that, there is a 80% chance that that primal, even if it’s for your class, will be useless to you and not affect your build, or any alternative build, in any way.

As this is the place were I got a blue response on pet and season stacks bug, I’ll report it directly here:
Dear devs, there is another ongoing issue with Simulacrums and Poisoned Scythe build. It turned out that occasionally, you will kill your own simulacrums when swinging your scythe. which leads to remaining with no damage until the simulacrum skill goes off cooldown, which in some cases is 2 minutes (!). This is especially critical when you the GR Guardian fight. It costed me yesterday a sure clear of GR 128 on my necro, and Top 25 EU. Looks like Necros are cursed (ironically isn’t it?) this season. First season stacks bug, now this one…
Please please please bring this up with dev team and give us a hotfix.
P.S. there are cases when vice versa happens and simulacrums will kill you, it was reported before, you can see in chat in logs that simulacrum killed you.
Here is the video of me slashing my Simis and failing the 128 rift that should have been cleared with no stress…

Many thanks in advance! Hope we get action on this.

Hello?! :frowning_face:

It is REALLY rare to get a Blue response here. Normally it is read only by QA who collect bugs, attempt to replicate them, research them, verify them, etc.

You getting a response last time was like getting hit by lightning.

Note that the current issues thread was made by a player (me), not a Blizzard staff member. That is normally something you might expect QA to do so that they don’t get repeated reports for bugs they already know about.

They really don’t interact with this forum much.

You might get better luck making a new individual thread so that they realize there is something NEW. This thread is normally about existing bugs that we know about.

Oh, and your documentation and details are great!

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll do a separate one then.

The double bounty chests are not dropping for T14 and higher…

I just want to add that number 6 can also happen while playing the campaign, not only in rifts. The workaround still applies - leave game, create a new one.


buenos días. cuando ingresara américa no me deja se queda cargando la lista de héroes y salta error 1016 pero si cambio a europa si me deja entrar pero en ese servidor no tengo campeones ni he avanzado solo jugue la demo

This was meant with a smiley face right? As in many people do this and we understand and have a sense of humor about it.

Common mistake, but if this is actually a but, you are right, they need to post the bug on the Console Bug Report forum. Two different software builds.

On the witch doctor on the spell Piranhas in the skill window it says the cooldown of the spell is 8 seconds. After selecting the skill and you hover over the icon on the tool bar the spell cooldown is 16 seconds and that is what it takes to cooldown. What is the correct cooldown time for that spell?

This is not a bug, Zilios…

Your seasonal WD has Piranhas runed with Piranhado…


The pool of piranhas becomes a tornado of piranhas that lasts 4 seconds. Nearby enemies are periodically sucked into the tornado.

Increases the cooldown to 16 seconds.

So, the cooldown is 8 seconds unless you rune it the way you did.

Oct 2019. Silenced players can not create games. This is acknowledged as a bug. There is no work around or ETA on a fix right now.

is there any hope that a team of several thousand people can cope with the error? a year has passed no movement! it’s good that the developer has admitted a mistake, but is that really all a developer can do? how to get money back for a game that i won’t see? it looks like the developer just doesn’t want to deal with the players!

I have an issue that the monsters i have credit for on my [Protector of Tristram] is showing as missing on [Champion of the Townsfolk], when will the credit sync up?