Bounty: Jar of Souls, Act 1 Glitch

This specific bounty that’s located in the crypts and makes us kill 50 enemies and then trigger the jar is bugged. It some times won’t let the group complete the bounty.


Same here, cleared all are, andd nothing happen

For Jar Of Souls, click on the Jar itself to trigger the event. Stay in the room and kill all monsters, including the elite that spawns. For the event and bounty to complete, you will need to click on the jar again to capture the loot. Once the second click of the jar is done, the bounty should complete and count.


Happened to me right now too.

Happened to our group just yet. Any plan to fix this? It’s been several times I’ve been facing this issue and the bug is quite old from now.

It seems that that bug happens when a DH pops Vengeance. Somehow homing rockets destroy the Jar too soon or something. Please investigate because it’s quite an issue and even more in S21 since the rewards are doubled.

had this exact problem today… jar did not show up after killing last boss. was playing cold ally monk

I have to confirm that there is still a glitch with this. Apparently, most people complain about it because they destroy the jar before it prompts you to destroy the jar, where this should not be possible. Try to wait until it gives you the prompt to destroy the jar of souls before doing it.

However, with this being said, as of today, the glitch is still happening.

Just happened with me.

Happened to me in season 26

Happened to me. Season 26.