Tempest Rush:Flurry - Stacks Dropping Off (Not WKL related)

How to recreate:

Equip monk with POJ set, Vengeful Wind, and Kyoshiro’s Soul. Movement speed should be 25% from boots/paragon.

Begin channeling TR:Flurry and make fast tight circles with the mouse pointer around the monks feet (use Agility mantra for circle size reference). Flurry stacks are not dropping at this point. Now activate Sweeping Wind and channel TR in the same fashion. When Sweeping Wind stacks reach 13 you will begin to notice Flurry stacks start dropping off frequently.

Seems high movement speed related. You can remove the movement speed from paragon/boots while still having 13 SW stacks and notice it occurs slightly less(maybe half as much).

I have experienced something similar while trying to recreate the teleport problem people have been reporting with Flurry, but haven’t been able to reproduce that problem.

But in the process I have noticed that Flurry will just explode randomly, as if I had stopped channeling it, even though my finger never leaves the button.

You can reproduce this in town by channeling Flurry for awhile, and moving around in circles or back and forth.

I have tried several combinations of skills, and moved TR from Right to Left MB, and then to the keyboard. And it hasn’t made any change in how often this occurs.

In fact I couldn’t detect any clear pattern.

I am beginning to think it might be network related, like a dropped packet. During all these tests the in game ping indicator was always green.

A video to demonstrate:


I second this. To me it’s quite apparent that it’s when you change direction with high movementspeed or stop moving (ie hitting walls) it just drops. The high movementspeed is the point of PoJ set

Blizz should check it out.

Known issue of 2.6.7a

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On top of Flurry randomly dropping off. Ive noticed a bug that causes my tempest rush To do little to no damage to mobs and bosses until I stop channeling and start again. I’ve been able to recreate this many times.

Also, anyone else been experiencing insane amount of server lag when trying to run GRs with two or more people? We seem to completely freeze the game for up to 30 seconds and then all damage and animations catch up.


@PostaL I’ve found this happens when you start channeling tempest rush before sweeping winds is up. When you stop channeling and restart you now have sweeping winds up and get the proper damage boost. That’s what I’ve noticed when it happens to me.


This happens with insane move speed with the Justice set. Stacks randomly dropping off when I get a move speed pylon. I noticed when you hover your mouse over your character with high move speed it resets the flurry stacks.

Guess what? I took off Sweeping Wind and equipped a random mace Sun Keeper and it magically doesnt drop stacks, was able to actually do damage in a GR 109 without them dropping. I would love to go back to Sweeping Wind though.

Blizz please look into this.

I have found a workaround to this issue. I have Tempest Rush bound to mouse 1 (left click). I was having problems starting the channel at high speeds, so I found myself using the Left Shift (Force Stand Still) to start it casting, and found I still move when holding Force Stand Still and Mouse 1 (Tempest Rush). If I continue to hold the keybind for Force Stand Still, I am able to prevent myself from losing stacks of Tempest Rush until I let go of Mouse 1.

TL;DR - Hold Force Stand Still while casting Tempest Rush and stacks won’t drop.

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This problem is pissing me off, cant properly kill anything when pushing GR. Constantly dropping the stacks makes timing issues with every CoE cold cycle and just makes it takes several minutes longer to clear the rift in total. I dont know if i have to stop using Vengeful wind to remove my movement speed because it works perfectly fine to hold stacks forever with the Sunwuko variant of the build, but that one is so damn boring because you literally walk in slow motion.

This needs a hotfix asap so the PoJ full set with vengeful wind weapon is actually viable, because it should be. There should be no reason that we should be forced to drop all our movement speed, because if we do then we basically need to start playing with immunity spells like sanctuary or dash to be able to avoid one-shot mechanics, which i thought the movement speed was designed for in this build.


Yes, this is a very frustrating bug. It definately sets me back a lot in GRIFT, I currently clear 102 but with some difficult caus stacks are contantly dropping. This need to be fixed asap or else I supose the season is over for me. :frowning:

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I too have noticed this, I could be in a T16 where I one shot everything but if I channel TR before SW then I do hardly any damage until I break the channel and restart.

I found a reddit thread that showed the bug of stacks dropping prematurely is not in fact random. It happens if you change directions by moving your mouse across your own character, so flipping a 180 does it. If you continuing running in a straight line, or do wide arcing circles they don’t drop early. I’ve been running circles instead of lines and it’s definitely helped fix this issue, although it’s still annoying. Runspeed doesn’t seem to have any effect, I still have max speed.

So in theory when your mouse crosses your toon, you are not moving for that millisecond and that drops the stacks.

I’ve just had this problem as well. I thought maybe I’d messed up something with the build so used a different weapon and then dismissed and re-hired my follower. Now it seems to be working again. Seems like it’s a fairly random bug since my equipment is exactly what I started out with…

PLz fix, this is a crucial monk build not working as intended and should of been fixed weeks ago

Having the same issue. At some point i thought my mouse is not working properly (got skill binded on RMB) but I still keep getting interrupted during channel, even wearing sunwuko set with base move speed 25%.

Someone help. I am having the issue with stacks randomly dropping (needs a hot fix). But, I will be hitting mobs with Tempest Rush and randomly my Monk will throw a punch and stop Tempest with a FULL tank of Spirit.

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I was checking it in Town, never dropped Stacks, even moving back-and-forth in lines. Even hitting wall/corners stacks remains.
When in solo or groups, rarely seen stacks going over 20-30, so annoying.
Just seen random stack drops.
Did some test without Vengeful Wind and Stacks remains on me.

I have this problem as well, and after a bit of testing, here’s what I’ve noticed. It’s not just the Flurry stacking that’s being affected directly. It’s Tempest Rush (regardless of rune) that’s stopping and starting again, which then results in releasing the Flurry and resetting the stack.

It’s also not completely random. It only happens when the cursor is over a spot somewhere around the character’s feet. Even when watching the posted on a thread here (Randomly Losing Flurry TR Channel) regarding the same problem I only noticed it happen when the cursor passed over the area where character’s feet are.

It also happens even without any speed modifiers whatsoever, although it does seem to trigger more easily at higher movement speeds. The faster the movement of the character, the easier it is for the cursor to hit that “sweet spot” that causes Tempest Rush to restart. As long as I keep the cursor away from the character’s feet, Tempest Rush isn’t interrupted by this ‘bug’.

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I have the same issue. Channeling TR:flurry and when I stop, to do damage, the mobs (usually elites and bosses) take little to no damage. It happens all throughout the rift. I’ll 2 shot an elite and the next one I will have to channel and explode 8-10x before it finally goes down.

I know sweeping wind needs to be active before you start channeling, that’s not the issue I’m having/seeing.