Randomly Losing Flurry TR Channel

Didn’t drop in town before now dropping like crazy, dropping about 4x more than it did pre patch.

Broken worse after 2.7.6a for me!

It seems to drop off less when on keyboard than mouse. Of course keyboard is a much more frustrating playstyle for the rest of the keys to use. Also holding shift a bit during the initial cast seems to help a bit too.

Otherwise it’s clear the patch didn’t have anything to do with fixing that, rather fixed the 6pc damage bonus from coming off, it’s still buggy af.

K think this set is just going to be too buggy with Flurry and it will be delegated to…I don’t even know what lol. 90 Lightning Rune speeds for those who hate Bells? Le sigh.

Shame, maybe they can hotfix it down the road, but for now it’s pointless trying to make something out of it push wise, just use SWK.

Just to update… I am still having this issue, so the patch did not resolve it. Sometimes it even cancels when running near mobs and not even hitting or being hit by anything.

As an example: I was just fighting simple warrior skeletons and my stack kept resetting around 7-8 stacks repeatedly.

This is on PC

I’m also having random drops on PoJ. No issues on SWK.

That is because, when ever you mouse over your char,(quick turn) with high run speed, you loose stacks.

If you dont have extra runspeed and dont use vw fist, it do not happen as often.

The reason it do not happen with sunwoko(from what i have read, and tested) is because you dont have the same run speed.

But it happens way less after the patch, but as you say it do still happen.

Devs, know of the problem, not sure if they can hot fix it, so it might not be fixed this season.(and it might not be an easy fix)

I get the “i can’t do that yet” error while channeling Tempest Rush and it stops for a second, losing my stacks.
This type of error you usually get on cooldown skills, but Tempest Rush has no cooldown so what gives?

i thirst thought its the laags that the rend barb is producing.

IT’S DEFINATELY LINKED TO MOVEMENT SPEED, never lose the stack with sunwoku unless i take a speed pylon, with the new set and 13 stacks of sweeping wind you cant get over 20 stacks at all because you are too fast. well really great job again from blizzard. they seem not to test anything at all, its a shame.

I am still radomly occasionally stopping my TR channeling. It looks like my monk performs a basic attack and that resets my flurry stacks. WHEN IS THIS GOING TO BE FIXED?!?!!?

This is now a known issue that Blizzard plans (hopes?) to fix in a future patch, and will try to address with a hotfix this season, if they can.

It’s if you have it on the left mouse which is the action button, then mousing over anything , a chest, pilon, yourself drops the stacks. It happens less if you hold down the force stand button and even less if you avoid touching your character with the mouse pointer. This involves running back and forth sing a figure 8 motion and not straight lines.

So 100% won’t be fixed this season, just wait and see until they actually release a fix for it in the future, gotcha.

Current things which can rip up stacks:

  • wormhole
  • Tree elites
  • epiphany
    Can manage wormhole and epi, but trees will mess it up everytime ,and since they can follow you a whole floor, either you have to skip either you have to ng

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Let me add:

  • speed pylon
  • barb sprint skill

You should never take speed with this build, knockback dr mobs for cyclone

All forms of speed increase also increase the risk of losing the Flurry stacks. This is annoying for sure.

What is also annoying is that the Flurry rune is just way stronger than any of the other Tempest Rush runes. They need to be brought up to par so that we can have more viable builds.

This needs fixing ASAP.

It’s a broken build.

Its great for Speed Runs tho.

The attack animation needs to over-ride any movement speed animation?
At the moment, chaotic movement speeds break the attack animation?

I have this issue as well and I agree with KingCheetah it may be network related. I lose stacks whenever there is a lot a data going over the network, for example procing the seasonal kill streak effects, RG spawn, fighting through high density, and any time there is a lot of stuff happening. It seems a lot of data going over the network sometimes causes a slight delay in the game, when then resets stacks.

I have this problem as well, and after a bit of testing, here’s what I’ve noticed. It’s not just the Flurry stacking that’s being affected directly. It’s Tempest Rush (regardless of rune) that’s stopping and starting again, which then results in releasing the Flurry and resetting the stack.

It’s also not completely random. It only happens when the cursor is over a spot somewhere around the character’s feet. Even when watching the OP’s video I only noticed it happen when the cursor passed over the area where character’s feet are.

It also happens even without any speed modifiers whatsoever, although it does seem to trigger more easily at higher movement speeds. The faster the movement of the character, the easier it is for the cursor to hit that “sweet spot” that causes Tempest Rush to restart. As long as I keep the cursor away from the character’s feet, Tempest Rush isn’t interrupted by this ‘bug’.

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