Other D4 classes you'd like to see?

Just curious what everyone is thinking for additional classes. So far we have:

The druid is making a welcome comeback, and fulfills the earth magic / shapeshift role. Feels like a close/medium range playstyle, depending on which skill tree you specialize in.

A staple of Diablo. Big, strong, hits stuff, ragdoll physics. Obviously fulfills the close range in the fray playstyle

I am most pumped up for this class, given sorc was my favorite in D2 for years, and this feels like a return to form. 3 different elements (cold/lite/fire), and fulfills a long range playstyle

That leaves us with probably 2-3 others. Ideas:

I’d love to see a mix of D2’s assassin and D3’s grenade demon hunter. Ditch the crossbows though. This would be a short to mid range playstyle, specializing in traps, grenades, and daggers. Stealth doesn’t really work in Diablo, but this would be the rogue class.

This would put the melee range classes at two total, and seems mandatory. We need a sword+shield class. Would love to see a party friendly approach, using auras to buff the party, and legendarys that augment auras. That was a really great feature of D2, where paladins were always welcome in parties.

Amazon/Bow based class
I’d love to see this class come back in some form. Ideally it’d be the other long-range class (alongside sorceress). Javazon was a ton of fun vs. large clustered mobs. Bow based multishot variants also would be a welcome addition. No need to include the short range javelin types in my opinion.

What all do you want to see?


They need 3 more classes the way I see it. Disappointing they’re stopping at 5 for launch.

They need:

  1. A ranged class - Amazon or Demon Hunter type to specialize in Bows, etc.

  2. A summoner class - Necromancer or Warlock or Witch Doctor type to summon pets and use DoT attacks

  3. A holy or knight class - Paladin or Crusader or Archangel type that uses a Sword/Shield and Auras and what not


i am curious how this would work in the D4 engine. i can’t imagine it would be like the old D2 revive/skeleton heavy armies. Something more in line with the D3 poison/bone setup seems more likely.

The screen would be so cluttered if they went for a true summoner, and multiple in a party would be overload on the screen.

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A dev ask Rhykker (i think it was at his stream) if people would like to see new classes or old ones coming back.

Seeing the demo, and how they try to create synergy between the different skills: like the barb using 4 weapons and the druid using the transformations and elemental skills.

I think they could add:

  • Amazon: i was thinking the Paladin (or Crusader) as shield user, using the sword and shield, but they could add the Amazon instead and do something similar to the Barbarian. She could use 1h weapon (Spear) and Shield, then Bow and 2h Spear. So, we would have a combination of melee-tank/dps, and ranged skills. Maybe it would end being too similar to the Barb, don’t know.

  • Necro: i would like to see the Necromancer but i don’t know how they would do it tbh.


Necromancer, Amazon, Paladin.


Zon…Amazon…Zon…Amazon…Wait, Did I forget one?..Ya, I did ,AMAZON!!!..


For release: Monk, WD.

For expansions: Amazon, Assassin.


You for real? Monk and Witch Doctor for D4 release?

I mean if 20 Druids using Cataclysm on a World Boss doesn’t crash the game I don’t see why a summoner class with like 6-8 skeletons or whatever couldn’t work


Well, he asked what we want lol, I like those classes most.


Paladin, Amazon, Necro - obviously.


I would be ok with them just starting it out with all the old classes, then adding new classes in the future.


Necro and Crusader/Paladin.


The Priests of Rathma have to be in it. Give me 30+ minions again and Im a happy camper. No more jungle idiot that’s the summoner base class please.


Amazon is my #1. I want to play a Javazon again! She will use bows too of course. Then I’d say they need to add the Paladin in and that will round out the first 5 classes. After that I’d like to see an assassin with fun traps and martial arts along with a necromancer or witch doctor come with expansions.


I hope the three they show aren’t all? Never liked the barb much and hated the druid. I’ve always liked the sorceress, but I’d like other options.

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There has to be a ranged weapon class. Amazon or Demon Hunter. I think Amazon would be interesting to revisit.

Last one could be either Necromancer, Witch doctor or Assassin. There kinda has to be a pet class imo. Though I guess Assassin with traps can somewhat work as a “pet” class, until more classes were added in DLC/expansions.


D3 was Witch Doctor at launch.

D4 should be Necromancer at launch. If they want D2 fans to like this game they’d better have it, it’s the bare minimum.

The other class should be ranged, and I’d go with Amazon, another D2 favorite.


I’d say that 1 and 3 will be the choices and they’ll make Druid fill the role of the point 2 summoning animals.

The reason is simple: they need 1 class to use bows/xbows, so point 1 is completely mandatory, otherwise the whole weapon type doesn’t make sense, and pretty much the same with the point 3 and the shields, as Sorc or Druid can use them, but 90% of the time just as stat sticks and not really the intended way for a melee class shield.

Necro with good summon capability and curses.

Paladin with auras!

Old school. Let the synergy begin! I want to see sorcs lighting things up with conviction and skeletal armies with fanaticism. Necros amping enemies for everyone’s benefit!

Pretty sure a bow user is going to be in it though. Amazons were really cool. I would love to see lightning fury make a comeback.