Only available to party leader, cant play game

can someone please just fix my account, it says im in a party but i am not, i was recently silenced and i believe this was an inadvertent mistake as the silence does not pertain to my ability to play the game , please and thank you.

There is currently a bug where players who are Silenced in any Blizzard game can’t make a game in D3. They are aware of the bug, and have been since mid October. It is complicated and takes multiple teams to fix - it is related to the Bnet account overall, not just D3.

I am sorry, but at this time you will just have to wait for your silence to expire.

If you feel the silence was in error and wish to appeal, you can do that here

The last link in the article takes you to the support system with a direct ticket link

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Blizzard is just toooo noob that can’t even solve this simple bug during the past 3 years, clearly this company is end, we should go play games made by other companies.

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this is happening to me. I have learned my lesson and wont be trolling the forums anymore because it can effect my ability to play the game.


maybe follow the forum rules, and stop being a noob on the forums, dude.

Forum suspensions do not impact your ability to play the games.

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I get a bug a lot recently where I’m unable to start or join a game unless i reboot d3. Only started happening when i got a free vacation on the wow forums, also it silenced me in d3 game chat.

A forum silence does NOT impact your game. Again, that is not actually possible.

There is a bug that can sometimes cause game start issues but changing chars, switching out pets, or restarting fixes that. The second bug is one that is related to an in-game silence but that is not forum related.

You are conflating two different things. You can get totally forum banned and never have any impact on the game - for better or worse.

but i was blocked from using general chat in game when i got silenced on wow forums

I wish that were true that getting a suspension from the Blizzard forums, in any game, impacted in-game activity, but it does not.

There is SUPPOSED to be a forum suspension for anyone silenced in game - but that does not seem to work on the new format.


Blizzard has never ever punished people in-game for forum infractions. Only the other way around.

Note - I should say I don’t know of any forum infractions causing in-game issues. However if someone were to do something so horrible on the forums that Blizz closed their whole Bnet account, that would obviously impact games too. I imagine that would be rare and we would not get told publicly about it.


I wonder why i can not access general chat in game then.

i dont troll in game, im a good boy, i’ve only used general chat a few times in the last month and that was to help powerlevel people requesting help.

I like to watch general chat while i play.