List of things to put in the 4th cube slot!

I thought I’d make an entire thread to the new meta opening up with the 4th cube slot for season 22. To summarize, season 22 will have two season buffs, a shadow clone thing that spawns from shrine/pylons (whose projectiles can be reflected) and the godsend 4th Kanai cube slot which is an omni-slot (weapon, armor, or jewelry slot).

So in the context of DH who are getting nothing next patch (no buffs or nerfs), the best thing to discuss are the new options with a 4th cube slot!

So without further ado, here is my list of items that have the potential of occupying that coveted omni-slot (in alphabetical order):

Buriza-Do Kyanon – This option is mentioned for use with a Bolas build. Since Bolas require the Leonine Bow of Hashir, Emimei’s Duffel, and Dawn, there was no room before to fit in the Buriza which could triple the potency of Bolas if there are 3 targets in a line! It should be noted that its pierce effect has a 0.5 second internal cooldown so it won’t be very strong with GoD6 Bolas.

Convention of Elements – This ring can be safely added to any existing build that does not already use it. For example, any Focus/Restraint builds requiring the Ring of Royal Grandeur such as the GoD variant with Aughild’s. Some non-GoD builds can benefit as well such as N6/M4 Cluster Arrow or Shadow Impale (either standard or Aughild’s variants).

Dawn – This option is primarily for builds that could use Vengeance but are so weapon-locked they cannot fit it in normally. One such example is the N6/M4 build in that it requires Natalya’s Slayer and Bombardier’s Rucksack equipped with the Manticore cubed.

Depth Diggers – This option is available for builds that want to use a different pair of pants equipped for other reasons such as set pants for the GoD set. While this isn’t surprising, by cubing Depth Diggers, you can also cube the Hunter’s Wrath so that the belt slot is available for the Captain Crimson’s set. I made a post in another thread theory-crafting the power of that build. Yet another option is for Marauder’s set builds that want to use Zoey’s Secret, Hunter’s Wrath, and Depth Diggers without losing the ring slot to Ring of Royal Grandeur.

Echoing Fury – This option could be interesting for speed builds that want to use Dawn and another hand crossbow as well as the Ninth Cirri Satchel. To offset the increased hatred cost associated with higher attack speeds, one could use a GoD setup with Yang’s + Ninth Cirri Satchel while cubing the Dawn and Echoing Fury.

Elusive Ring – As with in the case of the CoE ring, the Elusive Ring can neatly fit into any builds that need extra toughness by providing a massive 2.5x boost! The drawback is that Smokescreen, Shadow Power, or Vault must be used at least once every 8 seconds but that shouldn’t be a major hinderance in most builds.

Fortress Ballista – This option is available for builds using Squirt’s Necklace but are unable to use the weapon due to other restrictions or preferences (e.g. Valla’s Bequest).

Frostburn – This option is useful for any cold-based build such as GoD6 with Devouring Arrow or Shadow Impale with Overpenetration. The extra 20% cold damage suffers from diminishing returns since it adds to the elemental damage provided by bracers, amulet, and/or Holy Point Shot, but the freeze effect could be useful.

Hellcat Waistguard – This option is obviously for grenade-oriented builds, but with the extra cube slot, Hunter’s Wrath and Depth Diggers can both be used without sacrificing the ring slot for the Ring of Royal Grandeur.

Mantle of Channeling – Since there was a change to the item (it no longer has the 1 second start-up time), it can be used to augment any GoD build by providing a solid 1.25x damage and 1.33x toughness. Rapid Fire builds based around LoD/LoN or N6 already use this equipped so it wouldn’t work in the cube for those builds.

Nemesis Bracers – This option is perhaps best suited for solo speed builds that require the use of Wraps of Clarity or already use the Warzechian Armguards.

Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac – While DH seldom have cooldown issues with Dawn, this option is available for certain builds that need extra cooldown for other reasons such as for support builds.

Odyssey’s End – This option is specifically viable for support DH builds who already cube the Leonine Bow of Hashir. By also cubing the Odyssey’s End, it is now possible to use Yang’s Recurve again for the massive 50% resource cost reduction.

Squirt’s Necklace – This option will enable those using other amulets (e.g. Flavor of Time) to also benefit from the massive 100% damage bonus from Squirt’s (which can be very strong for boss killing). While Squirt’s does buff damage by more than other options, remember it isn’t suited for builds that take frequent damage without shields (e.g. Shadow Impale)!

The Ess of Johan – This rarely-cubed amulet is invaluable for stacked area damage builds and can outperform Squirt’s Necklace in dense rifts. While this doesn’t provide a direct buff to damage, tightly stacked groups of things are great for GR progression!

The Flavor of Time – This option complements Squirt’s Necklace users with the option to have double pylon duration (which is very useful in fishing-based GR progression). This could also be useful for some support DH builds that want to use something else like an Ess of Johan.

So there is my list of interesting uses for the extra cube slots and what builds can take advantage of them. If a particular item isn’t listed, e.g. Hunter’s Wrath, then that means I already considered it so important it was glued to the armor cube slot and wouldn’t add anything to builds since it already is the better item when competing against the Depth Diggers.

What are your thoughts on which DH builds you want to try next season?


Guess I’ll post what i did in the other thread, here, since it’s more fitting.

Should also note that by having buriza equipped, your strafe-weaved bolas will pierce every time since it’s below the 2 aps ICD, though still not significant enough to put bolas on the map.

Personally, I’ll probably end up with GoD6/A3, most likely with CoE in 4th. Squirts/flavor is enticing as well with double duration on shield, leading to huge uptime on squirts and double duration power/squirts on RG.

You sure that the strafe hits randomly piercing won’t eat up those procs?

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Thought they were independent of each other, but I guess not. That’s dumb :confused:

For high GR pushing I would choose between elusive + COE, and FoT + EoJ.
Squirt + FB doesn’t work as well as the others for me at 135+

Nemesis should be considered seriously too , it would have the potential to spawn boss with 1 floor only, if 2-3 pylons on it (one being condy ofc). The risk of spinners being a problem though.

The build Die mentions sounds like the best one.

If we can get the Blackfeather @ 600% we’re all dreaming of, then the season will be truly interesting for DH.

  • N6M4 Maelstrom with CoE and BF in cube
  • N6M4 Multi with DML and BF in cube
  • UE6 Multishot Arsenal with BF and CoE in cube
  • M6 Multi with Dawn and BF in cube

I will likely play a Crusader build if they don’t do anything new for us.

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I saw your post in GD. That one piece alone would be a game changer. Slim chance, but hoping.

I’m considering Monk myself. I think the Tempest Rush build with the new Shenlong buff and cubed Balance + Wonky Luau seems strong.

especially if Rngeesus doesn’t bless you with a decent ammy with cold

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Depending on how OP the season affix is, I might try hitting high on the leaderboard early in the season with GoD+ Wizardspike in the 4th slot. Would be nice for that to be the seasonal meta.

I don’t think the Frozen Orb will do much damage and we don’t benefit from the Arcane Orb bonus either. I’m surprised we can still cube that item.

It does nothing and would mainly be one of those vague attempts to see how many Build Sheep there are out there who copy whatever they see. :joy:

Edit: other things I’d like to see cubed on the leaderboard…

  • Cluckeye
  • Hack
  • Sever
  • Pus Spitter
  • Goldskin
  • Broken Promises
  • Puzzle Ring.

Edit 2: Wizardspike can be cubed for all classes, IIRC.

likely since it’s just a leg dagger? Does it say “Wiz Only”?

No, but it does give your attacks a chance to throw Frozen Orbs. As Arcane Orb / Frozen Orb is a Wizard ability it’s unusual to see an item that can proc it available to non-Wizards.

No, but another item like that is the Moonlight Ward. It doesn’t drop as smart loot for non-Wizards so it’s very hard to obtain it as DH. The Arcane Orb bonus will likely have the text “(Wizard only)” in it though.

I don’t expect any major changes to patch notes before PTR.

For me there is no reason to participate on PTR. DH in non season will be exactly the same like today.


pretty much the only thing of worth for impale s6 in this suggestion list is COE and FoT. I guess frostburn if you’re running cold/overpenetration for the build.

SOJ may be a good option to wear and cube either elusive or CoE.

These seasonal buffs should benefit ALL builds, not just some…

Looking forward to see if the new WizSpike has had any adjustments to proc rate and icd…

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don’t forget to slap ballistics on there to double up BF’s rocket damage.

I figure my 4th cube for DH GOD set using HA will be one of the following:

Vallas, Fortress or Dawn…WHat will change which one will be the specific state on what I find. If have fortress cubed and I find a perfect fortress, I will equip fortress and cube what I replaced. This provide a lot of flexibility to improve dps and keep me open for finding 1 of 3 useful primals rather than 1 or 2 (weapon primals)…slightly better odds but still not holding my breath on that.