Help Us Fix Diablo 3

Hi Everyone, I asked Blizzard for an opportunity to “officially submit” suggestions to improve Diablo 3. I started a document a few weeks ago listing everything I could think of, then looped in my buddies at Maxroll and many other content creators/players. There’s one final step though: getting YOUR feedback.

Please read through these suggestions and post anything we missed. Remember that we aren’t listing any class specific things as Blizzard will address those season by season. I will read all suggestions on the official forums, Reddit and YouTube before officially submitting it to them. Thanks for helping make the game great before we move to D4!

Here are our suggestions to improve Diablo 3. They do not include class-specific changes as those are being worked on each Season. They are divided into 4 Tiers:

  • Important
  • Nice to Have
  • Wishlist
  • Contested


  1. Nerf Paragon. One of Diablo 3’s biggest flaws is the endless grind for +5 main stat. Whether it’s via a cap, a reduction in power, or dynamic scaling (better rewards at earlier Paragon levels), this is at the top of the list. Also consider that Paragon scaling increases your toughness a lot faster than it increases your damage. This causes some builds to be playable at higher paragon while the casuals won’t ever have a chance.This also (somewhat) helps with all the botting and account sharing going on in the game.
  2. Ban Botters / Account Sharers / THUD Users. Almost every leaderboard of every season is won by an illegitimate player. We realize Blizzard does ban waves sometimes, but so many get missed. There are nearly 0 reports of Account Sharers and THUD users ever getting banned. This also includes all the second-hand botting, like purchasing a second account to run Bounties for your main that you collect. Please make this a higher priority and purge these players more often.
  3. Improve the UI. Here’s a list of things we’d love to see in the game:
  • Other Players’ COE Rotations.
  • Show the Flying Dragon Buff.
  • Show Stricken Stacks on the Rift Guardian.
  • Show Health/Mana values.
  • Show Shield values (especially for Wizards).
  • Make Elites appear on the Mini Map (like Diablo Immortal, one dot for each).
  • Bonus: Add a J for Juggernaut Yellows on the map
  • Make Pylons appear on the Mini Map the moment they’re spawned (even if they’re in the undiscovered fog).
  • Show the Rift Percentage on the Purple Bar at all times (it currently only shows at 95%+).
  • Add a different background for Ancient Items in your Inventory.
  • Shrink the “?” on unidentified Rings to see what they are without identifying it.
  • Another fantastic QOL thing would be to let players choose their own icon on the minimap (a triangle, a sword, whatever icons you guys want) that way you could easily identify who is who. Currently the only thing you can do is make whoever you want party leader and they have a Teal color.
  1. Fix Modding / Hacking / Cheating on Consoles. The Switch Leaderboards are as legitimate as Velveeta Cheese. We realize you’re all probably aware of this, but if there’s a way to fix it, please do. Bonuses: Wizards have ruled Consoles that can channel while using other abilities for a long time, please nerf/fix that. Also Nephalem Glory orbs on Console are a huge pain.
  2. Give Stacked Loot to all Players. Currently the host of the game gets “scattered loot” when a Rift Guardian dies (the loot is thrown everywhere, unless the boss dies against a wall), while the other 3 players get stacked loot (in a perfect line to easily pick up). Please, please, PLEASE give all 4 players stacked loot. This would be a TREMENDOUS QoL change for Solo players who are currently doomed to always get scattered loot since they’re always the host.
  3. Improve Pet AI. Pet builds have become increasingly popular over the years, but their intelligence hasn’t improved with it. Between Rabid Strike Mystic Allies getting stuck in different rooms, and pets not prioritizing the player’s target or elites, many pet builds feel like a casino game that you’re destined to lose. It would be fantastic if pets across the board played smarter. The top tier pet AI in Diablo 3 is the Necro’s Skeletal Mage, who when summoned targets the monster you moused over until they die before immediately switching targets. They also follow extremely well and never get “stuck” on anything. It would also be nice to implement Diablo 2’s “Tele-Stomping”, where teleports move your pets to your location.
  4. Buff Solo Bounties. In general the community is dissatisfied with Bounties (and being forced into multiplayer is part of it). We need a way to make it more viable and lucrative for Solo players. It doesn’t have to be more materials, it could be that they give a non-trivial amount of XP, or something like that.
  5. Improve Crafting. The Mystic reroll system is boring and a needless time-sink. Can we get a “reroll until X Affix” that continuously spends materials until we get what we want, or something similar? Also Cube animations shouldn’t have to be played repeatedly to use a recipe again. Finally, some Cube recipes are painstakingly slow. Convert 100 Veiled Crystals in 100 Reusable Parts on Recipe 9? We need a way to convert much faster than that. Anything you can do to expedite these processes and get us back to slaying demons would be greatly appreciated. Town Is Lava! Bonus: Cube Page 3/10 really needs an “Upgrade all” button.
  6. Reduce Lag. This is a much bigger problem on EU than it is on NA, but anything you can do would help. During Seasonal Starts it can be unplayable, especially in groups. One of the biggest problems is massive grouping + Area Damage. Has the team considered removing Area Damage completely from the game and buffing AOE skills to compensate? No one would complain. Or maybe you keep Area Damage, but cap the number of targets it can hit.
  7. Add an Option to Instantly Close Nephalem Rifts. The 30 second timer is brutal, please give us a way to bypass it.
  8. Add Account-Wide Followers OR a Follower Armory. Nothing is more annoying than moving all of your gear from one Enchantress to another when you swap characters. Since there is almost no difference between setups on a fully built follower, please either make them account-wide (the better option, because it takes up less stash space and is easier to use) OR give us an armory button where we can instantly gear them from the stash once we’ve taken off their gear (the inferior but better than nothing option).
  9. Fix Orek’s Dream. Great idea and feature in the game, but it needs some tweaks:
  • Maps: Remove or Buff Shrouded Moors and Desolate Sands. You could also add Silver Spire to this mix, BUT IT WOULD HAVE TO BE THE GIGANTIC LAYOUTS OF IT. It can’t be bridge after bridge or have any cheese graters in it. The “God Spire” with the 8 pillars in the middle is absolutely incredible and would make a great Dream Rift map.
  • Mobtypes: Remove Toxic Lurkers and Dark Berserkers. Add Lacuni Slashers & Vile Swarms.
  • Turn down the vignette slightly (was too low on the PTR, and too high currently on live).
  • New Idea → Orek’s Dreamshard: Make this a consumable similar to Petrified Screams that opens a Dream Rift so we can use them when we truly need them. It would be a lot of fun while pushing to open 5 of them back-to-back to see what you could do. You could tune the consumable to be roughly the same rarity, i.e. you get one every 100 GRs or so.
  1. Remove or Buff Bad Maps. Keeps, Corvus, Blue Caves and Queen Arenae are 4 of the worst maps left in the game (31 in total by our count). It’s great to have variety and variance, but these maps suck so badly that it’s impossible to gain time on them. We need to fix them in some way, like:
  • Buff their mob density.
  • Decrease their map size.
  • Decrease their chance of appearing further.
  • Open their map layouts to allow for bigger pulls.
  • Remove them entirely.
  • NEPHALEM RIFTS ONLY - Remove Shrouded Moors. This is the most dog$#@! map ever and it is universally hated by all players and builds. DO NOT REMOVE SHROUDED MOORS IN GREATER RIFTS THOUGH, ONLY NEPHALEM RIFTS!!!
  1. Buff Bad Mob Types. Remember a few patches ago when you buffed Archers, Shamans, Oppressors and Comedy Comp because they sucked? We thank you greatly for doing that, but every single one of those mobtypes are still the worst in the game. Please buff their progression again to at least make them average. None of them are even close, so a healthy buff to all of them is in order.
  2. Redesign Pools of Reflection. These pools function in a very “backwards” way. They provide 0 benefit to casual players desperately trying to get some Paragon, while the elite blasters benefit from their double-dipping and extreme length. In simple terms it’s “the rich get richer”. We either need to redesign them to benefit casuals more, or remove them entirely. If we keep them in the game and they continue to play an important role, make Bovine Bardiches a smart loot drop for all classes because they guarantee 2 pools per map.
  3. Remove Spinners from Nem’d Pylons. There is no value-add to the game by spawning minions that can insta 1 shot some builds. Please remove them as a possibility from nem’d pylons (but they can stay in the regular game).
  4. Kill Rats. This would require 2 fixes (not changes, bug fixes):
  • Fix the infinite essence bug between Requiem Cereplate & Devour.
  • Fix that Sims cast Mages when they shouldn’t with Haunted Visions equipped.
  1. Fix Rift Guardian Quirks.
  • Make all Rift Guardians spawn close to you. Sometimes they spawn across the entire map, or in some cases like Crater, completely out of bounds.
  • Choker, Infernal Maiden, Perendi and Vesalius have bugged hitboxes, making them impossible to hit with certain skills. Please normalize hitboxes across all bosses.
  • Hamelin doesn’t give kill credit in chat and doesn’t proc In-geom or Bane of the Powerful.
  • Vesalius is immune to Blind for some reason (rip Crusaders and Monks) and can almost never be Force-Teleported by running away like other bosses. He also needs a minimap icon.
  1. Stabilize PTRs. Trying to navigate the PTR at peak hours is like climbing a rope ladder at a State Fair. Please turn on a queue, put extra Hamsters on the wheel, or feed them Chipotle so we can test all the new juicy stuff. We’d also love a way to craft Ancient items way faster so we can do more testing and less rerolling!
  2. Rebalance Pylons. 99% of the time Conduit is the best Pylon you could possibly get for pushing, with Power being a little behind, and Shield/Speed/Channeling much further down. It would be fantastic if this could be re-balanced so they are closer in power. We’ll take any solution we can get here, but please solve our endless fishes for conduits, and our hatred at endlessly spawning speed pylons. We realize it’ll never be perfectly balanced across all builds.

Nice to Have

  1. Make Pets Auto Pick Up Death’s Breaths, Crafting Materials and Gems. T16 in Diablo 3 has become so speedy that it’ll be nearly impossible to reverse. The only thing that slows you down is picking up crafting materials which disrupts that otherwise fun time zooming around. After 10 years of breaking our backs picking them up, please let them auto pick up from Pets. Note: it was pointed out that maybe the pets shouldn’t pick up gems since they’re the only thing that goes in your inventory. Most players want them all picked up, but Gems would be the optional piece here.
  2. Allow Us to Close a Greater Rift in Groups. Great feature for solo, but we also need it for groups. Maybe enable a group vote system to close it?
  3. Add Follower AI Settings. Followers are supposed to help us, but sometimes they just get in our way. It would be incredible if there were basic AI settings like: Stay Next to Me, Stand There and Don’t Move, Aggressively Tank, or even “Follower becomes Invisible to Enemies” so they attack you instead of them. Bonus: It would be nice if followers did a non trivial amount of damage, so gearing them to be powerful mattered. They shouldn’t do too much or that would be overpowered… but they are currently absolutely worthless for DPS.
  4. Expand Followers Roles. Followers were redesigned recently to have better skills and give additional powers through emanation. This is a great start, but followers still do 0 damage and don’t bridge the XP gap enough between Solo and Group players. If you can make their damage and XP bonus more meaningful, they’d be fun to build up
  5. Change Challenge Rifts. This entire system sucks. From the auto picking bad builds to the lackluster rewards, this mode is usually not fun or worthwhile. It would be way better if it picked a “top” build where you try the same godly rift with a Gold, Silver and Bronze ranking to try for better rewards. Also the leaderboard itself should pay out something additional rather than nothing at all. Give them an incentive to try!
  6. Rework Worthless Legendary Gems. There are several gems with almost no use that could be reworked to something exciting.
  7. Rework Normal Gems in All Slots. As D3 has evolved, the normal gem options in all slots haven’t. This could use a big rework to make options more interesting for characters.
  8. Rework Rarely Used Passives / Skills / Runes. To some extent these are being fixed season by season as you rework the less popular sets. Still, a lot of work can be done here to give more build variety. You can also look at the itemization of the modern day classes and see if anything needs adjusting (like Demon Hunter skills not favoring their melee abilities).
  9. Enable Cross-Region Gameplay. We have this on the PTR, why not on live? You’d have to figure out how the leaderboards would work though.
  10. Make Ubers Great Again. Any decent build can 1 shot them instantly for a reward that hardly any build uses. This, like Challenge Rifts, needs a big rework. Consider adding some Soul Shard powers onto Hellfire Amulets as that was a very popular season.
  11. Balance the 1-70 Experience. Currently the RNG from challenge rift caches and class powers is not equal. Necros and DHs are guaranteed something good, while Crusaders have to hit the lottery to be even close. Even though the 1-70 journey is such a small part of the season, many consider it the most fun. Balancing this experience (even if it prolonged it) would be great.
  12. Reset the Challenge Rift on Season Launch. The first Challenge Rift bag of the season is tremendously important for season start, and it’s surprising to most players that you can accidentally complete it beforehand since it resets earlier than season start. Reset the Challenge Rift at season start for all players so nobody runs into this problem. You can re-use the previous week’s rift so you can ensure a “good start rift” for all players (we recently observed this issue of a “bad start rift” in EU, for example). Another option is to disable the challenge rift from M-Th of that week so it only unlocks on Friday after the season starts.
  13. Continue Reworking Worthless Legendaries. There are still many legendary items in the game that don’t do anything, or exist as a joke. Introducing new powers for these items would bring additional life to the game.
  14. Be Consistent with Mid Season Buffs. Players who stick around past the first month deserve a bonus for keeping up the grind. Please add a non-trivial bonus about 1 month in (not literally mid season, because that’s too far in). Things like:
  • Double Bounties
  • Double GR Keys
  • Double Bloodshards
  • Extra XP
  • Anything else that you can think of
  • DO NOT ADD: Double Goblins, this is absolutely worthless.
  1. Rearrange Certain Buttons. The Customer Service, Leave Game and Exit Diablo buttons are misclicked by many. Please reconsider their placement. Also why isn’t there an “Are You Sure?” prompt when exiting the game?!
  2. Notify Us of Changes to the Game. In Season 27 the Condemn Crusader was “hotfixed”, nerfing it multiple tiers with no one knowing what happened until we logged in and tested it. Please let us know when you make these changes going forward.
  3. Make Haedrigs & CR Caches Claimable on SC and HC. Since SC and HC are completely different game modes, why can’t we claim these things on both? Some people like to play both modes!
  4. Make Potions Craftable. Why can’t we craft these? Please add a recipe to do so. Or maybe sell them at Squirt in Act 2?
  5. Dial Back Gambling. With how fast and powerful builds have become in Diablo 3, you can acquire 2000 bloodshards in a few minutes. This translates into gambling hundreds if not thousands of items per day, and more often than not its just a sea of blues and yellows that we’re tediously salvaging. Any way you guys can think of to make this more meaningful would be great. The idea is not to “nerf” gambling, but to spend less time doing a monotonous task. BTW… Why is there a bloodshard cap and/or why is it so low at 2000? Can we make it 10k? Or 100k? : )
  6. Fix Armory “Tetrising”. Whenever you switch builds there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to where it throws your items. If these could land in designated spots/tab where we can easily find them, life would be a lot better.
  7. Make the Search Button Highlight Legendary Gems within Jewelry. Nothing is more annoying than having your Bane of the Trapped stuck in some jewelry piece in your stash that you can’t search for. You have to manually look through everything and find the ring with the green dot in the middle. If you search for “Bane” it should highlight that ring if the legendary gem is inside of it.
  8. Re-evaluate Pre-rolled Stats on Certain Legendaries. There are certain items in the game that ALWAYS roll with something you don’t want on them, like Ring of Royal Grandeur always having attacking speed, Compass Rose/Flavor of Time always having Movement Speed, or Iron Rose/Leger’s Disdain rolling Vitality. Please don’t doom us to always have a bad stat on these items.
  9. Give Us New Gold and Consumable Sinks. We pile up endless amounts of gold, ramaladni’s gifts, and echoing nightmare keys that usually go unused. Please let us do something like them, like turn them into GR keys with a recipe, or salvage them.

Note: Don’t make this so strong that people farm vaults all day.

  1. Save Paragon Allocations in the Armory. Many people don’t remember that different builds use different Paragon loadouts (number of point in Vitality, number of movement speed points taken, whether or not you need the bonus resources, etc). Please save our Paragon allocations for each build.
  2. Give Us More Stash Space. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” - Gretzky


  1. Add Solo Self Found Mode + Leaderboards. The single greatest thing you could add to D3. So many people play by themselves who have no chance against grouped players. Beware though - the bots / account sharers will rule this game mode if not banned.
  2. Add an Endgame System. PoE has a “gotta catch ‘em all” mapping system. We would love something similar in Diablo 3 tied to Greater Rifts. Something that is NOT “try to beat your previous GR tier” and something that doesn’t force you into things you don’t want to do (Set Dungeons, Bounties, etc). It should progress toward some seasonal end game goal that is harder to complete than the seasonal journey and incentivizes players to keep blasting.
  3. Add a Salvage All Legendaries Button at Blacksmith. It’s not uncommon to salvage 20+ legendaries every 10 minutes, and clicking “Yes” or hitting enter every time after 10 years has gotten old. You could add a DOUBLE “Are you sure?” button or a 3 second countdown “Are you sure? 3…2…1… Gone” and at that point it’s the players’ fault if they messed up. This would help a lot and save my wrists from carpal tunnel.
  4. Add a “Challenge the Rank 1 Clear” Game Mode. Similar to the Challenge Rift rework idea, give players a chance to use a top build with a top map and go against other players. Give them multiple tries with special rewards. You can add the percentages of the Rank 1 player next to or along with your current progress to see if you’re ahead or behind. This would be super fun in multiplayer as well, where each person would select their role beforehand then jump in against the top groups.
  5. Add More Ring + Amulet Combinations. Almost every build uses either Squirts + Focus and Restraint, or Traveler’s Pledge + Compass Rose + COE. If we had more viable combinations, the game would be more exciting.
  6. Remove Identification of Consumables. Angelic Crucibles & Ramaladni’s Gifts shouldn’t have to be identified, please remove that process. It would also be fantastic if they would stack / have their own tab.
  7. Add Crucibles and Other Rare Endgame Consumables/Currencies to the Game. These special components really give the player a lot of versatility and choice in how they push their character forward. While Crucibles are far too common at the moment, making them exceedingly rare (Primal 1/400ish level), and continuing to add similar components (See below about corrupted items) is a fantastic way forward for the game. This also offers you multiple ways to balance it (increase/reduce drop rate of the component/currency) instead of needing to balance the mechanic itself and risk losing the fun that it offers players.
  8. Expand the Use of Ramaldni’s Gifts. Especially if you rework normal gems as stated above, Ramaladni’s could be used to add sockets to other items to spice things up. It would also be nice if we had a Ramaladni’s sink as some people end up with hundreds of extra ones with nothing to spend them on.
  9. Add More Pieces to the Guardian’s Set. This is such a great set for low level players that we’d love more pieces to implement it into our builds.
  10. Introduce Real PvP. This was promised to us at launch… 10 years later we’re still waiting… where’s our PvP?!


  1. Allow All Teleports through Walls and Doors. Everyone in the world wants this except Wudi, so get your Pitchforks out, we have our target. Please fix this Blizzard. An even better solution would be… JUST REMOVE ALL DOORS IN THE GAME!!!
  2. Remove Illusionist Enslaved Nightmares. This insanely rare combination of having a Yellow Terror Demon + the Illusionist Affix + Enslaved Nightmare minions can endlessly fill your screen with valuable monsters to clear an otherwise impossible-to-reach Greater Rift Tier. On one hand if you have the tribal knowledge that they exist and how to deal with them, they can give you the godliest clear of your life. On the other hand it enables clears that are “impossible” under normal circumstances. They also can completely lag out a game / crash a server. Removing this rare combination would eliminate this ridiculous fish and insane outlying clears. Some people enjoy having them in the game for winning the jackpot of all GRs. An Illusionist Unburied Yellow with summoner minions is equally powerful, but even more rare.

Note: There are other combinations that are not nearly as powerful, like illusionist rat callers and illusionist maggot broods. While they can help a clear, they are not nearly as powerful. You could remove these too while you’re at it, although they’re not as big of a deal.

  1. Make “Immunities to Crowd Control” protect against Wormhole. The argument for this is: an immunity to crowd control should protect against ALL crowd controls, not some of them. The argument against it is: we should be more worried about affixes, not less.
  2. Add RNG Smoothing to Certain Events. The argument for this is it would help casual players. If you haven’t received a Ramaladni’s Gift recently, can’t get the gem up you’re after, or haven’t found a Primal in awhile, a pity system could help. The argument against it is that everything in the game is already too easy to get, so if it was implemented it would have to be in a way that doesn’t actually buff the drop rates (i.e. the base drop rates would have to be lowered to account for the pity system). Also each pity system would need its own unique counter to prevent exploits.
  3. Remove or Change Projectile Reflection from Dune Dervishes/Sand Dwellers. These monsters reflect your own projectiles back at you which can result in 1-shotting yourself for 4 quadrillion damage. This is especially unnecessarily punishing for HC players. Changing this to be more similar to Reflects Damage or removing it entirely would be desirable. The argument against removing them entirely from the game is that it requires game knowledge to skip them. These should 100% be removed from nem’d pylons as stated above, but you could consider removing them from the game entirely as well.
  4. Let Us Gamble as Other Classes. A lot of players like to make alts, and the best way to get one started is to spend bloodshards on them. But logging in and out and in and out over and over to do so is tedious and annoying. Please let us gamble as a different class so we can get our alts going quicker.
  5. Reduce Insane Power Scaling. I think we know the “ship has sailed” on this one, but it would be nice to not have GR 150 clears be the endgame and to restore some level of sanity to scaling. If you can find any way to dial back our damage (both from a gameplay perspective AND a lag reduction) we’ll gladly take it.
  6. Add New Cube Recipes. We’d like to see things like:
  • Upgrade a non-ancient to an ancient (with a moderate cost).
  • Upgrade an ancient to a primal (with an extreme cost).
  • Reroll a primal (with an extreme cost).
  • “Corrupt” an item (a chance to massively buff it, do nothing, or brick it completely).
  • Let us convert Bounty Materials to other materials to even them out (or uneven them out, for crafting). The issue with this one is it could cause people to just farm bounties in 1 Act.
  1. Rework Jewelry Itemization. Since all jewelry pieces can roll with CHC + CHD + AD, these monopolize your choices. It would be great if on Jewelry (or any item slot for that matter), if some of the offensive choices were removed so you could focus on new ways of gearing your character. Currently the D3 meta is: take as many offensive stats as you possibly can with a pinch of survivability and send it. This isn’t a very cerebral or fun way to gear up a character.
  2. Consider a System to acquire Skills from other Classes. This is venturing into “crazy” territory and may only be good as a seasonal theme, but an interesting way to randomly generate a skill from another class that you could use (like Diablo 2’s Enigma giving any class teleport) would be wild. Imagine a Chicken Witch Doctor in T16 with Dashing Strike from a Monk. Insanity!

Authors: Raxxanterax, Northwar, wudijo, Rob, Neosid, Rhykker, Facefoot, Echohack, EvoLaya, FilthyCasual, DiEoxidE, Slaydra, Saluter, Duvelforever1980, AnnacakeLive, Leviathan, Snuggie, Wario, SeattleWitch, ChitRift, Timpas, Nexrate, Quento, iBoilerUp.

Special Thanks: The Official Forums, Reddit and YouTube.

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Raxx, I just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work over the years. I just finished watching your latest video where you go over all of these proposed ideas. Great stuff.

I honestly cannot think of a single idea you have that I do not agree with. So much crap I have been thinking for 10 years – why the hell does my follower do 0 damage? Why are there so many useless legendaries in the game? Why have no new Cube recipes ever been added? And on and on and on.

Great job, buddy. Let’s cross our fingers and hope Blizz implements some of your team’s ideas.


Agree to all of it, it all sounds very logic, but also has been asked by the community in many qol requests on the forum. I am afraid tho the D3 ship has long sailed as it has been in classic game department and these qol updates only 1 or 2 will be implemented per season of 4 months.


For the love of god, fix regular gem leveling on console. Spamming A or X for 30 minutes to get rid of marquise gems is not fun.

Also ban all the cheaters on Xbox cheating in primals.


Yeah, I doubt they will spend much resources on a decade+ old game when their new and shiny sequel is almost at the finish line. Not that I would mind changes, I just don’t see it happening.

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Great effort to improve D3. It will stay around just as D2 was and is. I just hope Blizzard has the wisdom to turn D3 into a timeless piece of gaming art, the game definitely has the potential, and it provides something different than what D2 did and probably what D4 will have to offer.


Or you know, they can just stop D3 development once D4 is out, wait for another 5 years, and then announce D3 Revived on D3 15 years anniversary for another easy $40.

By the way, another WoW classic expansion is out. Easy $$$ for Blizzard.

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A direct link to your document

D3 Feedback CC Final


Dude …

You know this is against the " Code of Conduct" …
This will be marked as spam or either against the law of petitioned help from others.

You didn´t try to show some flaws, but want them to take actions, wich is the differance. :slight_smile: :sunflower:

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This is a reality where modern gaming companies will do this for easy $$$ :point_down:



BUMP, watched the video, so BUMP

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No thanx. This will take away possiblity to use followers as mules for gear.

So the idea for challenge rifts “being to difficult” because someone just slapps a build together to do Grift 45-60 is to “make Challenge Rifts more difficult by choosing some build from the leaderboards and hope everyone has the same skill level”.

Yeah, no thanks!

Edit: This smacks of elitism! You’re tired of changing how you play to play somesome slapped togehter build and hope that your “amazing clear” makes a challenge rift so you can show people how awesome you are.

Yeah, I’d like some of my builds chosen for CR’s too. But let’s play your idea out.

  1. What GR Tier are we talking here? GR 150? GR 120? GR 100? I’ve the funny feeling that if they don’t choose the your prefered GR tier, there will be another long exhaustive post about how CR’s suck and you should just follow my character constantly and repeated choose it for Challenge Rifts over and over again.
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A lots of great ideas. I’m a casual player. Can we have some buffs pls? I play about 1-2 hours a day. Nowhere near a 100 rifts just to warm up. It would be nice if we have a better drop rate or some other help so we can enjoy the game a lot more.


Nice to have - When you leave game, and attempt to join a NEW pub game, de-prioritize getting the same exact lobby. I have played pubs where I’d like to join a different group and keep getting placed into the same game with the same people.


Wait 10 seconds before queuing, problem solved?

Yeah, because you know D2 gets no love anymore. /sarcasm off

Last D2 patch that wasn’t just bugfix came in 2005.

I think you missed the point of removing the all or nothing aspect of the CR. His suggestion is to give rewards based on how close or even beating the original run you can get. It is not so bad as you make it out since you know all the variables ahead of time and can try multiple times. This is one idea I would like to see come to live.


I didn’t miss the point of anything. But just in case I am, answer my frickin’ question: What GR tier are we talking here?

Like I said, it sounds to me that folks just want to make CR’s the exact same as Running GRifts with the same builds over and over again.