Graphic card overheating, even in low

Title says it all, anyone else having this ?

Almost 90°, no way !

(Ryzen 5 3600X / RTX 2070S)


Yeah, I was running 86 c even when I lowered most settings to medium. Lack of being able to change down the resolution for this makes it run super hot and loud.

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Yes, my GTX 1080 is running at 82 C all the time, way hotter than other games. I don’t think Vsync is working or something? It’s not super hot, but still way hotter than normal.


yeah Resurrected seems to be a good cooking machine for graphic cards. My 5700 XT was around 92 degree.

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my 3080 ti heats up a TON in this game


I am on a 1080 myself and I also saw mid 80s temps just standing in rogue camp.


I think the waving grass is the reason for baking GPUs in this game. They probably need to turn that off in low visual settings.

Just got done testing. Standing in camp, yeah the GPU was 75 to 85% usage with temps hovering in the low to mid 70’s. But if I go in the Den of Evil, the GPU drops down to 5% with spikes up to 50%, temps drop to mid 60’s. I have an aggressive fan profile to keep the GPU below 80C at absolute maximum load. (Using MSI Afterburner along with the Furmark test)

GPU: 1080Ti

Here’s my feedback report.


LOL! In 2021 a remaster broils GPUs. I’m not burning up my computer for this nonsense. I’m putting in for a refund as I’m fairly certain Blizz won’t correct the problem (or even admit to it for that matter) for months to come.


I am on a 180 ti and the highest I went was 62c with v sync off in camp and doing other stuff

I think you are overreacting just a bit there.
Sure it is strange that it is heating gpus up so much for a remaster, but its not like that will hurt the components and I would be surprised if they don’t fix it.

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Been down this road before with blizzard. It won’t get fixed anytime soon. I’ll wait at least 6 months after release to see if it’s in a playable state. Something this obvious should have been addressed MONTHS ago. How could they have not noticed the game would broil GPUs.

The original D2 had similar issues with the graphics. Some bloke in Germany (I think he’s from there) wrote a 3rd party video wrapper (svens glide wrapper) that worked dam near perfectly. Blizzard never even blinked an eye or even made an effort to incorporate that simple thing into the actual game. The game actually ran cooler with that basic 3rd party wrapper.

Really? Nah man, I’m out. I’m not going to put any more of my energy into hopeful antics in regards to this major GPU issue being addressed in any meaningful way.


RTX 2070 Super temps hover around 73-75 degrees, 100% power usage on the highest default settings (1440p resolution), and it’s 80 degrees in my gaming space.

Pretty shocking, but the performance is solid other than server rubberbanding, just like the old days!

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hit 82f on my 1070ti, had vsync off and let gsync do the work.

6 months ? you honestly don’t think they are gonna update this game for 6 months do you?

I wouldn’t say it over heats my card, it runs it at 87c what it hits when I benchmark. Definitely something wrong with the game, a low graphic game like this shouldn’t use that much power. Strangely though it heats it up less when I stream it to my tablet.


82c here on my 1070ti, had vsync off and let gsync do the work.

I think it is the grass that someone else mentioned. When I go in a cave or building the gpu utilization goes way down.


vsync should be working, at least it does on my system type /fps in game to see if it is for you. I think it’s likely because their is no drivers for the game from nvidia or amd yet that is causing a ton of the problems.

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Adjust your resolution scale % since you cannot adjust the static resolution.

Put it at 80 or 70%
Turn V-Sync on.

Once your Resolution Modifier hits the frame rate cap- your GPU Usage will drop accordingly.

You’re welcome.


They should remarket this build of the game as a gpu over clock test to see if your gpu is stable :slightly_smiling_face:

every pre-release build of a game is a gpu test because without drivers games are just brute forced rather than optimized.