First TCP/IP than No Ultra Wide, No Gem & Runes Stacking

Man’s got a point. I want the results of the survey they sent out. I wish they publicized the results.

The security risks were the same, there were just fewer exploits and there was no better tech available. Unfortunately, due to the type of tech involved, the security risks have ballooned in the intervening years. Thankfully there is at least the glimmer of hope that a master → spawn client system could still happen. Just a glimmer, but it’s there. Hopefully Blizzard will find some magic combination of encryption, subnet /24 checks and potentially blockchain linkage between eligible master and spawn clients. That would allow at least same IP/subnet LAN functionality. It wouldn’t give over the internet connectivity, but LAN could still be possible.

TCP/IP is not couch co-op.

If there are security risks, totally fair… but then you replace TCP/IP with something more modern, with the same functionality (kinda the concept of a remaster). Plenty of other games have peer to peer play. Without everyone taking over each others computers every day.


No but, it was implied the only LAN or non Bnet MP was going to be on the Switch.

That wasn’t implied anywhere. They only said that consoles wouldn’t have splitscreen co-op (which would have been a new, added feature). Switch wont have that either.

Contrary, they were quite specific about tcp/ip being available.

By default online play is now hosted on dedicated servers rather than locally, but you can still host a game locally and make it findable through “You can even go back to TCP/IP connections if you want,” Fergusson said. “Because it was there in D2, we’re going to keep it there in D2R.”


I guess all these players in D2R forum are trolling too:

Just because you don’t care about D2R or D2 LoD doesn’t mean that people who loved to play that game and don’t agree with devs decissions need to.

I guess the 20 milion players that quit WoW, Heathstone, Overwatch and Diablo combined, because they didn’t like or agree with Blizz decissions were trolling too, right?

When players see a game developer that constantly ignores their suggestions even if a lot of players (who actually play the game) agrees with those suggestions, than no wonder that they get agree if being “polite” doesn’t work and devs just don’t care.

My comment referred to you, not them. Most others don’t have a penchant for concern trolling.

Since this was never added, not sure why you think they are taking it away. I get the LAN option and honestly don’t give two farts about UW, not everyone has money to buy them so a small percentage doesn’t get to rule over the rest of us in my opinion.

Don’t care about that anyway, as I never intend to group play with pubs. Hated it then, would hate it now. So won’t affect me in the slightest. Grouping with friends and sharing items is another level and it still won’t affect me.

That’s because they think they are losing the identity of what makes D2, D2.

Then you have people asking for QoL changes that don’t need to be in the game, as you can find them on D3 now.

All they wanted to do was give the game a fresh coat of paint. And in a sense, literally. Too bad they forgot to remove the asbestos and lead from it first. lol

I suspect that while it has made me enjoy playing it for a few days, I don’t think it has any longevity for me. I got burnt out bad on D2 in the past. So bad that I couldn’t even bring myself to play it anymore for years. This facepaint has got more time out of me playing it than D2 has in the past 10 years.

Don’t get me wrong. Its a nice upgrade, the graphic and audio changes are phenomenal. But at the end of the day, its still the same game that I was burnt out on playing.

Funny how D3 has never burnt me out like D2 did. I can pop in and play D3 whenever I feel like it, not worry about the time spent between sessions, play as long or as little as I like.

D2 always felt like I had to get to certain points before I could stop, you were committed to playing for a length of time, etc. I never liked that about D2.


It is what it is. A redo. A face lift. A make over. Its lipstick on a pig. It brings back a lot of good memories, but eventually the bad ones will take over. lol

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Just wait until they find out controller players on PC can use 6 abilities, 12 with a toggle without the cumbersome nature of swapping skills on the original or kb/m for D2R.

No to stacking of any kind. D2 is hard-core, it doesn’t hold your hand and make this easy for you, adapt or suffer. Inventory/stash are finite resources in the world of Sanctuary, you need to constantly make choice what you can hold in your inventory/stash.

The thrill of making these choices is what makes the game great, along with FFA loot etc.

Pretty embarrassing that VV/Blizz isn’t adding the same UI to mouse/keyboard. Only as an option of course.

I guess modders will add it for offline play down the road, but no good reason not to add it as a default thing. It doesn’t change the game, it just cut clicks in half.

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D2R is made specifically for the current D2 population for a quick buck. You may get a handful of new players,

But D2 is a relic of an age and society that is no longer considered modern. The balance is poor at best, the mechanics are archaic and no longer popular, and really you are only paying 45 dollars for a skin upgrade. Which to be fair, is fine. But don’t pretend that D2R is anything but a way to get money out of the die hard fans. There is next to nothing people in this current year will find fun.

Also TCP/IP was removed so people couldn’t play pirated versions.


I am definitely not in the “current D2 population”. Yet, after having played the beta for a short time, it is abundantly clear that D2 offers something other Diablo games just haven’t been able to. It is just more fun/interesting to play.
Sure, it is a skin upgrade, but for many people who are turned off by the 800x600 graphics of D2, that does matter.

Except for the best Diablo game, and one of the best A-RPGs, of all time.

They can do that without tcp/ip.

Grats, you are one person I mentioned in the ‘handful’. That doesn’t change nor challenge what I posted.

D2 was rightfully the best ARPG of all time. Twenty plus years ago. If it were released today as is, it would be laughed at.

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Quality gameplay is timeless.

I dont think D2 is the best A-RPG around here and now (PoE or Grim Dawn probably have to fight over that title currently), but it is one of the best ones, and the best Blizzard has to offer, at least until D4 shows up, in 2024-something.

No, it’s not. It may be nostalgic, but that’s not the same.

agreed. if it was released today, it woud be such a severe flop. it might still be a severe flop.

Everyone is angry about TCP and I completely understand but, genuine question

Who here actually use that feature, today in 2021? I understand the uses of the mode, there are servers for tcp ip people to duel with their offline characters (which is kinda dumb considering you have even less guarantees the toons won’t be hacked), and lan parties with friends which I don’t imagine a lot of people still need tcp to do, since most people will just do them on bnet. Is there any use case for this I’m missing out? I’m not trying to defend removal of the feature btw, I’m just curious about how popular it actually is

How do you figure?
Back in D2 days TCP/IP was where everybody plugged their computer lan outlet into the network hub at the one house and played in the same game in the same group
I don’t think the internet was anywhere near good enough to be able to play across the internet the speed would be way too slow and the bottle neck for the hosting computer would be atrocious and the lag and rubber banding would make the game unplayable

From what I understand the current D2 population only play modded D2 and not the original and seeing as no modding is apparantly being made available it can’t be made for the current D2 population because there is no original D2 players out there

pretty much why I am thinking about getting D2R

Maybe but trash graphics that hurt the eyes is still trash graphics

AKA warcraft 3 reforged

One of the good reasons to keep D2R close to the original was that QOL stuff could be added via mods. Now that mods might be going away and they decided to listen to purists to keep the game exactly the same, D2R is no longer interesting to me. Very glad I didn’t pre purchase this. I might jump on if someone hack the heck out of the Switch version.