TheDarkJedi's Beta Feedback

They all lurch during playback. It’s passable during slow moving scenes, but when there is a lot of movement it looks pretty bad. Monitoring task manager during playback, a single thread is pegged. I tried disabling SMT, a single thread was still pegged, no effect on the lurching. Updated graphics drivers, no effect. It’s a timely and steady lurch as well, when it happens, it’s like a “mini-pause”, then it skips ahead to sync back up.

While I did have a bit of trouble when I first started playing due to lag, as time passed the ping went from about 150ms down to around 80ms. When that happened, the timing became more true to the feel of how the original game felt. Overall, I’m impressed with the feel.

During gameplay, I’m seeing messages of players joining/leaving channels while in game. Somewhat annoying, but easy to ignore with all of the eye candy! :slight_smile:

Control+left click doesn’t always work to move items to/from stash/inventory.

GPU usage, default settings. (1080, 120fps cap)
-Any area with grass
The waving grass seems to be hammering the GPU hard.
If I stand in an area without any trees or shurbs, the GPU usage is around 75%.
If I’m standing at the edge of a map with a bunch of trees, the GPU usage pegs at 100%
FPS stayed at a solid 120 fps. Smooth gameplay.

-Any area without grass
5% to 50% GPU usage. The 50% usage was more spikes of activity. It didn’t seem to matter if I was sitting still or running around killing monsters.
The absence of the waving grass dropped the GPU usage big time.
FPS stayed at a solid 120 fps. Smooth gameplay.

The GPU was getting quite warm even on the lowest graphics settings especially with waving grass on the screen… I know the game and drivers aren’t yet fully optimized, but that is worrisome to have the GPU cooking as much on low detail vs high detail. The waving grass might need to be something that is turned off on lower detail settings.

:wrench: GPU usage fix :wrench: - Bringing the resolution scale slider down to 75% helps a lot to reduce GPU usage with grassy areas with minimal loss in quality. Bumping the sharpness up to 50 helps with the blurring.

The CPU usage never went above an average of 8% during gameplay. (2 thread equivalent)

Anywhere between 1/4 to 1/2 second between openings, town portals and waypoints.

Scroll of Identify/Scroll of Town Portal - I feel the inner colored portion of the scroll needs to be made slightly bigger to make it more easily distinguishable. Make the ID scrolls color a bit brighter.

The map level entrances/exits in the Act 2 dungeons is difficult to see.

Rooms Behind Walls:
Rooms show through walls, the wall itself becomes almost invisible. I’ve caught myself trying to go into the room behind the wall not realizing there is a wall there. Flipping to legacy mode, the room is not visible (black) and the wall is plainly visible. I saw this a lot in the mazy Catacombs levels. This needs to be addressed.

Gold autopickup:
Working OK, however I feel the distance could be bumped up a bit. You have to be almost right on top of the gold for it to pick up. Maybe increase 25%-50% of what it is now.
Example: In the Arcane Sanctuary, I noticed a gold pile on the left side of a stair, I walked up the right side of the stair, the gold did not pick up.

Resolution scale slider:
Add a snap spot for 100%. When I played around with it then tried to change it back to 100, it kept flipping between 99 and 101.

Legacy Video Options:
Perspective mode also applies to the new graphics.

After rapid firing on the chat gem and the flood of joined/left message, the text stopped scrolling. The bottom line would change to what looked like random messages, then flip back to the previous message.

Game creation:
Game name is still 15 characters max… Booo!! I sure do hope an in-game trading post is coming… :smiley:
31 characters for game description.

Game Crash Log:
#1 - I had just picked up the Scroll of Inifuss and my game FPS dropped to the mid 20’s. I ported to town, didn’t change. Alt tabbed to check GPU usage which was very low. I tried switching to legacy graphics, the game instantly crashed. Submitted this info and sent the bug report.
The event log showed that the nvlddmkm stopped working and recovered.
I went back to the Tree of Inifuss and walked around a bit trying to recreate the problem, it didn’t happen again.

#2: - Happened in act 2 town during a gambling session. The FPS dropped extremely low when I had the gamble screen/inventory open. When I’d close the inventory, the FPS would go back up. It’d go back down any time I opened my inventory or a vendor screen. I tried to leave the game to restart, but the game froze, went gray and then Windows prompted to close the game. I couldn’t submit a report because the report prompt didn’t show.
Checked the event log, no nvidia driver reset errors.
Fired the game back up and tried to recreate the problem, it didn’t happen again.

Overall impression:
A decent beta experience, I’m looking forward to further refinement of this game! Well done Vicarious Visions/Blizzard! Keep up the good work!
(I missed the mishaps right at the start due to being at work… Probably a good thing.)

I’ll keep adding to this as time goes on.

System Specs:
AMD Ryzen 3900X
ASRock Extreme 4 X570
GTX 1080Ti (471.68)
Realtek audio
Windows 11 Beta

Open Beta Feedback

The trade messages are gone.
Ctrl+left click item move intermittent failure appears to be fixed.

The cinematics are still choppy.

Rogue merc shows two inner sight icons on her page.

Devs, please consider optimizing more, or add an option to adjust the grass movement and stuff, or both. This graphic issue is REALLY serious. :slightly_frowning_face: