Game regularly freezes

Periodically, the game appears to experience a heard freeze. During this time the screen is no longer responsive and the last frame of what was going on is frozen. Background sound effects seem to be playing, but gameplay is at a standstill, and none of the UI is responsive from keyboard or mouse.

The application does not seem to crash. However, I am forced to kill the process on my machine. This has been happening since Season 22, and lately is happening every hour or so.

I have already tried the scan and repair option, which turned up no problems.

Hardware checks on my system show no issues. Temps are well within limits. Hardware is adequate, Intel I9, RTX 2080, 64GB RAM.

One other note. If I tab out of the game while frozen, it no longer shows on my taskbar, and I cannot tab back to it.


this has existed for a long time, the game continues and stops hanging after a while, but the hero often dies, time in the game does not stop for the duration of the error

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I’ve had the frame freezes beginning with this most recent patch as well. It never happened before. It didn’t even happen in PTR. But, the main client after the patch went live started having this freezing problem. Being an HC player, it has already caused me deaths.

To be precise, there were lag spikes and disconnects that had similar results that happened regularly. However, I have personally never had the game freeze in this way until this most recent patch.

That all being said, I’ve had some intermittent freezing in Call of Duty: Warzone as well. It’s possible that this may all be buggy graphics driver induced.

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Just a quick update if anyone is having intermittent freezing issues. I completely solved this issue by doing the following:

In your graphics card settings, navigate to where your specific app settings are. Pick Diablo 3. Change these:

Negative LOD Bias - Clamp
Trilinear optimization - Off
Vertical Sync - Use 3D application settings
Pre Rendered Frames - 1
Max Frame Rate - (Change to match your monitor’s max Hz)
Preferred Refresh Rate - (Change to match your monitor’s max Hz)

Vertical Sync - On
Max Foreground FPS - (Change to match your monitor’s max Hz)

All other settings just use default

The issue is related to framerate and is solved by syncing max frame rate with your monitor’s refresh rate.


Thanks for the fix man, back up to 140+ fps @ 1440p again with no lag/fps stutters thus far as opposed to the moments of well under 30 fps prior.

As per your directions, the settings were not available for me as Diablo 3 specific using NVIDIA Control Panel version 8.1.940.0, they were however found at: (3D Settings -> Manage 3D Settings -> Global Settings). For those NVIDIA users who were looking word for word for the options, a few of them are listed a little differently.

  1. Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias
  2. Texture filtering - Trilinear optimization
  3. Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames
  4. Prefered refresh rate (monitor model #) -> Highest available

To the right of the Global Settings tab you should see a tab labeled “Program Settings”.

NVIDIA Control Panel Version 8.1.940.0

3D Settings

  • Manage 3D SettingsProgram SettingsSelect a program to customize:

If D3 is not in the drop-down list, use the Add button and browse to the D3 program location.

Note: I’m not sure if you need to pick the Diablo III Launcher.exe file or the Diablo III.exe file.

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didn’t fix it for me…

this is the first season i have this problem, the freezes are like 10 sec and causes almost all my deaths this season. i even have the freezes without clones active btw

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Tried changing the Fmod.dll - didn’t work & sound was gone.
Between adding the D3.exe to the Nvidia control panel & modifying both the settings for the graphics & in game changes I haven’t had a lock up yet. Hope the devs can find some connection to all the other graphics cards & find some common fix - even if it means toning down the graphics if they interfere/lock up the game causing the “fmod” error.

I got the same issue so I launched 2 copies of d3.
When one is freezing you can still play with the second in the same game o_O

What? No you can not.

You can only log in once per region per account. If you start 2 instances of D3 and try to log into a 2nd instance, it will log you out of the other one immediately.

You can not be logged into 2 instances of D3 at the same time with the same account. Why are you making stuff up?

I didn’t say it was on one account. Just that the freeze isn’t occuring because of workload on on your pc or network issue.

So you have 2 accounts in the same game. One game crashes. You are able to rejoin because the other account is still active.

How does this help normal players, or the developers?

The problem only started after the last patch. If it were a network or PC problem, then most players’ PCs or networks must have all failed at the same time.

I think it is already obvious that the issue is the patch.

Your original post made it sound like a workaround for the crashes was to run 2 instances of D3 on the same account at the same time, so that if one crashed, you could switch to the other and pick up where you left off.

That is not true. I have freezes for long time now.

Many people have had sporadic game crashes and freezes over the years. That is not what we are talking about here.

After the last patch, there were hundreds of reports of game freezes and crashes, which were mostly cleared up when they “fixed” whatever the last patch broke.

When I say “the problem only started after the last patch” I am correct, because The two issues are not related. We are specifically talking about whatever they broke in the last patch, not the ongoing game crashes that people have had over the years.

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Maybe issues are not related but for me they manifest in exact same way.

This is not one year old, the obvious answer is Blizzard, as well as to all mistakes in the game - we know but we do nothing! the game doesn’t just freeze. only the screen freezes, but the game is still going on and the gameplay is destroying your character!

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tried the diabli files under nvidia control panel but that did not work, had 3(!!) crashes in one GRIFT!

the game is a mess since last patch and 99% of my deaths has been from the game locking/crashing.

Game crashing is a different issue than game freezing.

(If your car won’t start because it’s out of gas, you cannot fix it by changing the oil).

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yeah dumbest response of the year goes to you.

But it did not crash 100% , it freeze for 5-10 sec, some times i get the game is not responding and then goes back to normal. 1/20 times it crashes so i have to restart. this is 100% the same problem all others have

Exactly the same freezing issue.