Fun/underrated builds?

Spectral Blade wiz. Also electrocute/manald heal.


Grin Reaper WD w/piranhado, spider queen, lob blob bomb etc.

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Electrocute manald was really fun for me a couple years ago.

Also, this is not an off build but WoL has always been one of my favorites.

Another not so off build is Zeis double lightning AoV FotH/HF hybrid, but two of my favorite skills and it feels like you’re Thor. It’s a little squishy but keeping good range, it is really fun.

Barb Weapon Throw: Ricochet w/ BT support.

Corpse Bomb for me. Love those explosions. Fun but weak.

This is one of my favorites as well. I prefer the stream of arrows from Archers. Very satisfying to PEW PEW for the Zakarum!

What other non-traditional builds do you all enjoy? I’d love to read more about what skills and skill combinations you find fun, even if they aren’t competitive for pushing.


This season I made a Fan of Knives/Chakram build with quite a few proc’s from Pox Faulds, Band of Hallow Whispers, and Nagelring. I used a relatively low level LoD gem around lvl45. Played with it from level 70 through Destroyer in the Journey.

It was really fun while I used it to farm up the equipment for the Unhallowed Essence build.

Other Details were a Sword of Ill Will, Spines of Seething Hatred. Lord Greenstones Fan in the cube. Illusionary Boots in the Cube. Sharpshooter Passive.

Really cool to see elites go boom with a FoK burst and melt down other mobs with Twin Chakrams.

Really wish there was a set that utilized those skill and Spike Traps too.

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2.6.8 buff to Eternal Union/Warhelm of Kassar confirmed! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good ole ‘SloBall’!!!

I also really like the auto-fire (Marauders) build. Equip you 3x spenders, drop the sentries and screen cleared itself.

Miss the lightning dual hydra as well


hello all,

i read this thread but i don’t know of these builds . only playing sunwuko/bell and barb/ww.

can someone is this beautiful assembly give me some links for some builds fun to play ? i don’t want to put GR , just find some fun to play.

thanks to you and good game.

Because I found an Ancient Velvet Cameral, I paired it with Mikan’s ball of hate, Odens Sun, simplicity’s strength and tried to make a viable chain lightning build. To remind me of D1 where you could clear entire levels with chain lightning. Not as effective in D3 but pretty good nostalgia anyway.


I would like if my Crusader to be able to cast Blessed Hammer while on the move! and of course this Hammers orbits you as you move like in Dominion rune. :smiley:

for example:

Justinian’s Mercy - Blessed Hammer gains the effect of the Dominion rune and you can cast it while you move.

and for more crazy fun Blessed Hammer + Steed Charge! :star_struck: :heart_eyes: just imagine it! it will be supercrazyfastfarmbuild! sweeeeet :yum: :yum: :yum:

I like speed wiz for bouties. tal rasha parts with teleport calamity, aether walker, wand of woh or in-geom cubed, cosmic strang.

I really enjoy playing slowball Dh, or zombie bears WD. Probably one of my absolute favourites next to the old fear doc, or a really classic build, sacrifice.

Wizard Spectral Blade

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I really love the DH Strafe skill. Shooting everything while on the move is great. Just wish it had some better legendaries or a set. Also wish it didn’t require a bow when using the dagger rune.


Phalanx oriented build, still hope for some buff
https ://us

I really love the original Helltoth WD.

Basically all decay skills, with Acid Cloud as the favourite.

Basically everything i mentioned in this collection of ideas.

I have high hopes for this Set…maybe there is some light in the future :expressionless:


As Eniac said:

That is a fun one. I also like Mirror Ball Magic Missile spam. Seeing how many I can get in the air has always been amusing for me.

Another favorite is my Super Frenzy Barb build. It gets a little silly when you get all the stacks you can.

Neither is end game or even farming, but they are amusing to see what happens when you get going:

I would love for the primary attacks of both to get much better with their new sets.

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Blizzard spent lot of development power for Necro’s revive skill and it is totally useless as it is. :frowning: