From the Barb Community: DO NOT NERF REND

Season 19 won’t tell you a damn thing about class balance. They have to be absolutely clueless to send you into the lions den with that nonsense.

Now I need to decide what, if any, class to play for season 19. I won’t participate in this charade so they can pretend what they are doing has any validity.


They mean the addition that actually made the build competitive?


Hope you are feeling better Nev and thank you for posting.

One suggestion I do have for you to walk up the chain. It should be the part of the Dev’s job to provide you that information as it is known. You shouldn’t have to fight for it, wait for it or have them delay your job over it. They are ultimately answerable to their customers which are us the players and you the consumer of that information as their public spokesperson. The current arrangement is a bad process. No one likes bad news but the process as is causes even more pain and ill will than quickly communicating things.


“We may have overshot it”? Why? Because the best D3 player in the world with perfect items and over 10500 paragon cleared a 140 GR on PTR?

Who cares if now Barbs will be happy to do max 133-135 GR with the same items as the 10500 player…

Who cares that Wizard can easy clear 140 GRs even after the nerfs…

As long as Wizards remains Top DPS in game and Barbs last or almost last the game is balanced right? :roll_eyes:

Let’s just wait one year or more to maybe get some buffs so barbs can maybe clear a 136-138 GR max while everyone else will be doing 142-146…

Barbs place in this game is apparently only as a ZDPS support for METAs…

This thread could probably even get 3000 posts and the OP 1000 likes, valid arguments and it would still get ignored as long as Wizards remains untouched…

I guess D3 RoS will be my last Diablo game after all…


Ok, now I’m mad…


That’s fine. But we believe with change (complete removal of the multiplier) you have now under shot it. How many times does this have to happen before the devs finally learn…if you are going to make major changes, patch the PTR and let players test it. Why can’t this be done? Small changes, no big deal, you don’t have to those types of adjustments retested. But when you make major changes without testing them you get overperforming (Vyrs) and likely under performing WW/rend. This has happened on multiple occasions. And let us not forget Morticks, the blunder of all blunders. I get it, it’s a smaller dev group, but for the love of god can we get major changes patched on the PTR so they can be tested. Is it really too much to ask??

EDIT: Speaking of major untested changes resulting overperforming builds…see new sader set. I mean come on. This is exactly why major changes must be tested on PTR.


Really unfortunate that the Rend build was nerfed so much.

The developers need to stop making balance changes around 10k paragon players and people crying for nerfs on the forum.


I rarely post but this is just pathetic, so another season when barb has to play zdps role. I will ask you guys to stop playing zBarb and lets see if that will have any impact because from the looks of it they will never ever change the status quo.


Point of order what is a “silo’d addition?”


I bet D4 will be the same. Either Barb or Druid will be worst class and one only will be favoured no matter how many nerfs it received.

If after all the countless threads on the forum asking to revert the nerf, giving valid arguments why it’s such a bad idea, we get treated like this, than all hope is lost.


So, Barb is just going to under perform, outside of zDPS, again, for at LEAST 4ish months because it MIGHT have been overpowered. At 10.5k paragon. While two Wizard builds and Thorns Necro were given 8+ months of being completely and utterly broken at high, but vastly more reasonable paragon levels. And one of those Wizard builds is still going to be stronger than basically everything else.

Cool. I look forward to Lamentation’s 200% being given back in 4 years.

Thanks for the feed back, Nev, as much as it sucks. Hope you’re feeling better.


More than you might think. Generating a new release client and adding another round of testing and feedback is a monumental amount of work, and pushes out the delay of the patch (and the next Season) significantly. We have two options here:

  • Listen to the community feedback about wanting another round of testing, creating an additional deployment cycle for QA, Development, Localization, Engineering, and Community teams to execute on, drastically increasing the time between patches and seasons
  • Listen to community feedback about getting Seasons as close to 90 days or less so that the larger player base sees content at a more frequent cadence

These two are probably some of the most highly requested pieces of feedback I see from the vocal community (majority or minority otherwise), but they are in direct conflict with one another. At that point, we ask ourselves—which one makes more sense to pursue?

With the former, more players overall wait a longer period of time to play more Diablo in exchange for a few desired changes. With the latter, we release more content at a faster pace doing roughly the same amount of work, but you, as the player, may have to wait longer for the specific change or feedback you’ve requested to be acted on. The net win for the latter is greater, even if it’s less ideal for a smaller subset of individuals.

We believe this is the better route for a healthier, more lively game overall. I definitely understand why you might disagree, but I hope you also understand it’s not an arbitrary decision or one made out of lack of desire to improve the game.


Yeah necro and wiz doing 147+ is fine but god forbid if barb did 140+ before being nerfed.


This is a sad day for the Barb community.

Sure, I am looking forward to the “Barb patch” that was mentioned, but it just stinks that the developers do not trust us no matter how much anecdotal evidence we provide them.


Because now they are entering their release cadence window and god forbid if they need to change that for more player testing.


i totally agree with the OP’s premise. How can it hurt to balance up barbarian solo dps to be on par with other classes?

NB: Trust me, neither I nor the majority of D3 players will accumulating enough paragons to make rend too effective with the original rend damage buff that was wrongly removed from Lamentation. . . Devs, please put it back already!


Thanks Nev for sharing the background as well. Hope you do get well soon, health is of utmost priority in life. I agree with the majority that removing the entire Lamentation buff might have undershoot the build, but as you said, the Devs shall be revisiting this, perhaps as early as right after patch 2.6.7 is launched, in preparation for S20. Other barb builds need to be brought closer to current wizard prowess too, and some even felt the new barb set could benefit generator skills like frenzy and weapon throw. Cheers.

Hi Nev, if you could, please pass this message to the developers… “DO BETTER”

It’s really important they get this.


I work for a large software company as well, and I refuse to believe the deployment chain is not highly automated; I mean I agree with the QA phase probably being expensive, but in this case when we are talking about small changes, point releases aren’t terrible or unheard of.


Confirmed by NEV. Games DEVS are out of touch and have just made the Barbarian complete TRASH again and not speed viable. If you want speeds. Drop money and buy the NECROMANCER. A 1.6K responce thread crying for them not to NERF it and we are ignored. If this isnt evidence that nothing we say in the forums matters i dont know what is. Its clear our CM either isnt good at communicating what the players want or the DEVS just dont give a toss and just do what they want anyway… i just dont know anymore. This is upsetting to say the least and any hope for Barb is now gone.
If Lamentation isnt back at 200% or at a minimum 100% then its clear our feedback is worthless and this forum is a complete waste of time. It makes me cry for D4. You ask for feedback but hell if your not listening now. Why would you in the future. What will it take for player feedback to be worth something