Do you old timers remember this? Diablo (1) on Battlenet

The origenal Diablo is now on Battlenet.


Hmm…   They’re about 4 years late. I got my copy on GOG.

I began having trouble getting onto Battle․net with my original copy. I could still play Single Player though. I found GOG had released an updated copy of it, so I purchased it to see if I would have better luck.

At first, I couldn’t get on Battle․net with GOG’s copy until I realized I had to add a Port Forwarding Service in my modem’s gateway.

The video below is from 4 years ago. It shows me trying to get on Battle․net with my original Diablo  and then with GOG’s copy. No luck with either. After adding the Port Forwarding Service I still couldn’t get on with the original game. But, GOG’s copy ran fine. Later, GOG added Hellfire  at no additional cost.

I wonder why Blizzard decided to start selling it now?

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Diablo 1 Remake when?


O damn that’s cool. I have so much nostalgia with this game, played it for ages and did at least one play through each year in high school.

Can someone explain the system requirements though? I understand the ram and so on since it has to run on newer Windows and Battlenet and all that, but why the 1GB storage? It is the same with the original Brood War (which is free on Battlenet) that needs like 6GB.

I can’t remember the original’s storage requirements but it was obviously way less than that.

In EU, the shop is currently empty:

I took a look just out of curiosity anyway, as the guys from Diasurgical/DevilutionX have made an epic work on perfecting the vanilla version of Diablo (I mean that as opposed to other Diablo mods, there is no additional content, apart from a chest that is common to all your heroes). There is this nice video on how they reverse engineered the game:

If Blizzard were to buy and implement this mod that makes the game much more enjoyable, I would definitely buy a new copy for my, though.

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The times when getting a unique item was a historical event in your life, and leveling your character wasn’t a trivial thing.


I also bought it on GoG but I haven’t gotten the launcher to recognize it. If I have to buy it again just to have it show up on the launcher, nope.

(They also put Warcraft 1 and 2 on the launcher.)

I remember seeing someone playing D1 at a copy-party in the 90’s, thinking that I would never play an action game using a mouse. lol

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That’s still a thing. Some people bring up WASD every time a Diablo game is announced.



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In my GOG Galaxy installation folder, under Games, the Diablo folder is a total of 727 MB. My original Diablo  disk contains 634 MB. The extra space is probably for the files needed to run the game in GOG’s high-resolution and Blizzard’s Classic version. (I’ve tried both, but couldn’t tell the difference visually). GOG’s high-resolution version runs at your monitor resolution. GOG’s Classic Diablo temporarily changes your desktop resolution to 640x480, as can be seen in my video above when I quit the Classic version to run GOG’s high-resolution version.

Note: Only the Classic version can be played on Battle․net. You can play GOG’s version in Single Player or Multiplayer over a Lan connection only.

On the GOG Galaxy launcher, in the left side pane, you should see a section called Games. Listed under that you should see Owned games and Installed.

If you’re looking at your Installed games, you might not see it. Check your Owned games. If you find it there, click on it. At the top of the window you should see Install. Click on that to install the game. It should then appear in your Intalled games section. When you click on it you should see Play instead of “Install”.

I’m assuming you already know this. So, this is just a “double-check”.

If you still don’t find it, you might want to check the GOG website. Log in to your Account and type “diablo” in the Search field. It should list Diablo + Hellfire at the top of the list. Look on the right side. It should say Owned.

If it does, but it’s still not showing in your GOG Galaxy launcher, you might try contacting GOG Support. (Hopefully, you still have any email receipts of your purchase).

If it doesn’t say Owned on your GOG website Account, use your email receipt as proof of purchase so GOG can straighten it out.


Oh! I mean I haven’t gotten the Bnet launcher to recognize the GOG copy of D1. (GoG Galaxy is working as expected.)

But, I’ve since found out that a copy bought from GoG won’t be recognized/useable by the Bnet launcher. So it turns out that it’s intended.

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OMG! i have on GOG :slightly_smiling_face: Our LEGEND! :smiley:

Okay. Yeah, I don’t have it on the Battle․net Launcher either. Only on the GOG Launcher.

Extra Info: I don’t think the Battle․net App would find it anyway. It’s installed in the GOG Galaxy games installation folder.

But, now you’ve got me wondering if I ran the Battle․net App and had it Scan for Games and directed it to the GOG/Diablo folder if it would pick up on it. (I probably won’t try it. At least not anytime soon. I’m fine with running from the GOG Launcher).

Okay. I tried it. It didn’t work.

  1. First I copied GOG’s Diablo installation folder into the folder where my Blizzard games are installed.
  2. Then, I ran the Battle․net App and had it scan for games. (It found all the Blizzard games that should be there).
  3. I selected the Missed one? option and selected the Diablo folder I just copied from GOG. But, it did not recognize it.

No problem. I just had  to check it out.  

It won’t find it if you use the original Diablo disk either.

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Lol, I tried the same thing, with the same result. Bliz must have something tucked away in the Bnet version that the launcher is specifically looking for.

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Rocking it on the finest of machines

There’s no difference on the graphics themselves, but the GOG one is upscaled to your native resolution (maintaining the 4:3 aspect ratio) while the OG one actually changes your display res. For modern systems, the latter is usually more desirable since it makes tabbing out of the game and such less annoying.

I couldn’t resist. It was only $9.99 USD. So, I purchased it and installed it in the Battle․net App.

I’m curious to see if it runs at high-resolution without resizing my desktop resolution.

Much Later

Well, that was 10 bucks in the trash.

Fair Warning

  1. If you want Diablo  to play on your current computer, buy GOG’s copy.
  2. Blizzard’s copy will not run on Battle․net.
  3. Blizzard’s copy only runs what GOG calls Diablo Classic. (640x480).
  4. Blizzard’s copy does not have Hellfire  on the App. (You’ll have to run it from the executable in the Hellfire  folder).
  5. Blizzard’s copy does not have the high-resolution option.
  6. GOG and Blizzard are charging the same price for their copies.

Note: GOG’s Classic can no longer run Multiplayer on Battle․net (at the moment). GOG’s high-resolution option can run on Lan connection only. (Or Direct Connect and TCP/IP).

Single Player will run on any of them.

TL:DR — If you want Diablo + Hellfire  buy it from GOG.


Microsoft, fix Blizzard please.

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