D3 and D1 questions

Hello Everyone.

I was going to buy the original Diablo but was wondering if there’s a million different steps you must take to get it to work on a modern pc, or can you just click the run or .exe icon and it’ll work? I was going to buy it from the Blizzard shop.

In Diablo 3 I noticed that in the skills window all the elements have been taken off. For example you could look at the Impale skill and it would tell you whether it was a fire skill or a cold skill or whatever, and then the modifier would tell you if it was changed from say fire to physical by using the modifier Ricochet.

The skills no longer tell you that, or I’m just missing it?

Also there’s things like in the past skills used to say “Chemical burn provides 15% increased damage”, not in those words but it was more exact than what it says now, which is something similar to “chemical burn gives increased damage”.

I’m using examples from the demon hunter, and they are not exact just working off memory here and these examples are probably wrong. just fyi.

Thanks for any help.

As far as Diablo 1, here’s a relevant thread and post that you may want to read up on.

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When it was not implied in the skill tooltip or the name, the skill itself shows what elemental attack it does with visual cues and it’s pretty clear. There are only three elementals in first Diablo; magic, lightning and fire, hence all spells only hit either those 3 types of damage. There is no cold or poison damage as far as I’m aware but some high magic stat requiring skills can hit two different elementals at the same time.

There are also no alternate skill modifiers in Diablo 1 either. You just need to find skill books and reading them by the requirement of magic stat. Besides, some skills calculate damage by using another skill from your roster as base or completely random luck based to determine the outcome. This is the closest feature to a skill modifier.

As a reminder you can find anything at any given time. So you can loot something way beyond your scope or out of class early on. You can find a highly soared Unique item or skill book the moment you step out of the town, just to realize you need to grind your way out to use it or it’s completely out of your reach due being a lesser magic user. Drops will not be tailored for your class like sequels and I’ve seen people pickup and drop this game at the speed of light just for this.

For D3, there’s a setting that will turn that extra info on. I’m not at home to find the exact one, but it might be something like “Advanced tool tips”.

The version of D1 that’s being sold by Bliz is the same that you would have if you installed from the original CD and patched it up to the last patch that Bliz released. In other words, super old and not 100% functional.

So there are two options:

  1. Buy from Bliz and apply a couple community made fixes (one if single player, two if multiplayer). Then, make a networking change in your router/firewalls to allow full multiplayer functionality.

  2. Buy the game from GoG. It comes already working, no patches needed. And it’s the same price. You still need to make the router/firewall changes for this version too. GoG’s, however, can’t be launched through Bliz’s launcher, but it’s not necessary. It will function just the same as those who use the launcher.


Ok, thanks for the info everyone. DarkJedi thanks for the gog info, I’ll buy from them instead. It sounds a lot easier that way.
Leviathan, I didn’t know about the advanced tool tip thing, I’ll look for it. Thanks a bunch.


Yes, Advanced Tooltips in Options>Gameplay is what you want.

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Got it, thanks.

just thinking out loud here but

I don’t know how that box got unchecked, it was always showing the advanced tooltips until just recently. I sure don’t remember unchecking any boxes in the options section. I haven’t changed anything in years. Strange.

It’s like I’m in the twilight zone.

Correct. You can run it through GOG’s launcher.  

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Gog version works wonderfully!

I don’t have the GOG launcher. Is that something I need to download and need to have? I’m trying to not download programs/software I don’t really need. Thanks for any help.

You don’t have to use the GoG launcher (named “Galaxy”), especially if you’re just going to be playing one or two of their games.

Once purchased, you can download and install just the game itself. It just won’t autoupdate without Galaxy.


Ok, great. Thanks a ton Leviathan. You know I really miss the old podcast you and Neinball used to do. That was a great podcast.
Thanks again for the help.

Different Leviathan :smiling_face:

No problem though!

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That Leviathan is now on the D4 team. Neinball is now on the PureDiablo podcast.

Sorry! I didn’t know.