DIABLO III PTR 2.7.1 | Has Ended


As for a seasonal feature it’s even more terrible than I thought…

Well, this is my opinion, whatever. No problem to just skip the season.

Impressive. Who’s the other one?

JoyFactory. I actually don’t think he’s done 100% yet this season, but I’m assuming he will.

He actually did 100% achievements in season 1 too, so he’s got me beat there. That took 10k bounties, I wasn’t motivated enough for that. There were only 12 in NA who who were. From season 3 on, they went to the current system with a much shorter list of season achievements. There were a few others who had a 100% streak going from season 3 onwards, but they’ve slowly dropped off, missed a season somewhere etc.

JoyFactory is a pretty big loner, probably not widely known outside of the achievement hunters community. He and I used to team up for achievements/conquests sometimes, particularly Sprinter. After a while, it got too easy in a group and he and I both worked separately on soloing it. I haven’t heard much from him since then. Especially since they added the appear offline feature. I know he still plays and goes for achievements since I see him on the board, but I haven’t seen him appear online in quite some time.

I think he likes to keep to himself and solo everything, and once he was able to solo Sprinter and then they added the appear offline feature he sort of quietly slunk away and did his own thing.


I definitely don’t know anybody like that…


Thanks for the personal history lesson, always interesting to hear these sorts of stories. And sorry to hear that the low Ethereal drop odds are going to put a damper on your quest for this coming season. Hopefully they’ll make some adjustments before the patch goes live.

That was a bit of a reactionary take from right after the initial announcement. After seeing how it is on PTR, it may not be as bad as I originally thought. Based on what I saw on PTR, it should be possible in a reasonable amount of playtime doing speed 90s and 100s.

I’m not going to have a ton of playtime this season, but I can probably scrape together enough playtime to get it done. I’ll probably play a couple weeks, see how it’s going, and decide if I want to continue to get the entire collection.

I think Meteorblade mentioned something in a recent post about using low level characters to obtain Ethereals at a higher-than-expected rate, not sure how fully that’s been explored, or whether it’s a bug.

The idea is that the item pool is way smaller, but the Ethereals are still in it. I got a couple while levelling on PTR, first one was at level 15. It might also be at a higher base rate? It felt like a higher proportion of my sub-70 legendaries were ethereal compared to once I hit 70. That was a sample size of a whopping 2 though, so shrug

The problem is your total legendary drops sub-70 are heavily inflated by the PTR rare drop buff. Hard to tell how efficient it will be on live.

I think the best baseline for what it will be like on live is how many drop in GR90+, since those aren’t as heavily affected by the rare drop buff (unless I’m missing something about the rare mechanics). You can’t get more than 12 drops from a GR. GR90+ always drops 12 items, not all as legendaries. With live drop rates, you maybe average 10 as legendaries per GR90. The average pushes up a bit closer to 12 as you increase above GR90.

The drop rate on PTR means that all 12 of those items always drop as legendaries, but you’re still limited by that 12 item cap. So we’re talking 12 legendaries per GR90 on average on PTR vs. 10 legendaries per GR90 on average on live.

But then outside GRs in T16 or levelling you’re getting 20x the number of legendaries. The PTR buff disproportionately affects the drop rate while levelling and in T16 compared to GR drops, where in GR90+ most of the items drop as legendary anyway and there’s a 12 item cap.

So it might be possible to farm them sub-70, it’s hard to tell with the PTR buff how efficient that will be compared to just slamming GR90s as fast as humanly possible. We might have to wait until the season goes live to see how it all shakes out.

I think for awhile ethereals dropping at the end of GRs was bugged. It seems to be fixed as of last night (maybe earlier).

PTR feed back section is a mess…so I write my feedback here.

Necro MoBC BS:
As I said before, no reason to play set while LoD version is stronger. We are back with necro perform without sets.
Pros LoD: 3rd ring/amulet free slot. 9750% dmg over 6000%, more toughness and more elemental dmg.
Cons LoD: simulacron only with 1 rune, so they can die, no more reservoir rune (so Prides Fall in cube needed) and only 1 curse is applied.
After all with necro ethereals, LoD will be same strong as MoBC this season, maybe a bit stronger.

Crusader Ethereals:
AoV needs Norvalds in speeds. I tried gr90 speeds with gg Ethereal (FotH build) it was +40s/gr, so Norvalds overperform in speed, which is ok (set is +400% afterall).
But in push and as a RGK ethereals win.
As a RGK with Shield of fury 300% +Asteron (Furnance +50% to elites) with higher dmg numbers on weapon + 100% to skill + 100crit dmg can be even stronger rgk as unnerfed version in s23.
My proposal is to change 1 ethereal to thorns weapon (if not crus, than who?).

WD ethereals:
+40% ms after health globe pick is sweet, but they didnt hit wd problem. WD SB speed build (keys/gr90) is fast as GoD or FotH, but he needs to execute elites, which slow him down + in group you are fast while you have mobs (cd reset pasive) and elites (In-geom) near to you, if not slow as snail.

My 5 cents to class I didnt tested:
DH: needs Dagger to use Shadow set. For Multi shot build need rcr instead of cc and Discipline. There is no reason to have strength on DH. Argument which says it was in d2 doesnt make sense, bcs this is d3, complete different game. This stat doesnt makes sense here.
Necro: every weapon has cool efect which boost different builds. Why other classes dont have 3 good weapons?

Low drop seasonal only items with RNG legendary and passives which you cannot craft, reforge, or reroll, further reducing the chance of getting a truly useful item? That just adds up to more grinding even than a typical season. Pass. First season I’m skipping since I started playing in S19.

These are what I want, it is a win for me, might play a full month now!

Patch update for PTR 2.7.1 is now live and available for download.


Any possibility to add an ethereal melee weapon for a shadow set/impale build for demon hunters?


ouch WoL monk?

and at least 20 chars…

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A lot of changes to ethereals.

Windforce receives +discipline and RCR which is nice. UE builds thank for that.

One of the DH ethereals should’ve been a melee weapon but it’s too late now.


Soo… Still no official fix for the random 5-10 sec freezes? Any ETAs? Or a confimation that your aware of the problem and you guys have it on your to-do list to implement a fix for it? Hello?


Based on the feedback we received, we wanted to improve balance across all classes

Got my hopes up there for a little while. Then it turned out it was only for ethereals.

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Have you tried this…

Well done, these changes look good. Not like the complete redesigns we got last PTR.

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I’ve tried probably every unofficial fix suggested from the community, and the random freezes still happens, and i refuse to play without sounds, i like playing with sounds on. Some suggestions works for some, some doesnt work for all. It would be best if the D3 team just released an offcial fix for this so their customers dont have to find their own solutions that requires somewhat advanced technical troubleshooting. Thanks for the help tho, appreciate it.