DIABLO III PTR 2.7.1 | Has Ended

Lunacy and utter madness.

Hey all, this is my first post in the forum, and definitely my first time suggesting something on the PTR. I really like the Ethereal weapons, but there two things I would like to see changed.

I would like the DH to have a melee weapon as the Shadow Impale set is my favorite to play.

Even though it only takes about 1% of the season, leveling the first character 1-70 is a lot of fun for me, and using the seasonal theme makes it even more so. I suggest that the very first drop chance, whether it comes from a monster, or chest, it be a level 1 Ethereal. We will probably never get the chance to level from scratch with this buff, I’d hate to reach 70 without experiencing it. Just my thoughts.

They will not make an Ethereal weapon to work with every build. This is just a season gimmick to get some people interested in the upcoming D2R release in September. Remember you do not get to keep these 21 items.

They just don’t listen careful enough. But let’s see what the future holds.

I know, but like the fourth cube slot a few seasons back it would be nice to utilize all builds. Shadow Impale is the only build in the game that I can think of that can’t use this season’s theme.

How many ethereals dropped in game for you on the PTR relative to the number of legendaries? I did NOT purchase legendaries through Kadala or the goat man for the numbers below. Of my first 157 in game legendary drops, 4 were ethereal. If this ratio is maintained, it is not too tough.

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The drop rate of ethereals with the ptr buff is still really very bad. This is from my own experience and from friends. Additionally, out of 16 same ethereals I got from the Goat NPC, 2 out of 16 had the legendary buff I needed. It is actually a massive grind. Forget the passive. That’s another rng on top of rng on top of rng.

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Ok. I got 20x more specific ethereal from Goat npc, 2 of them had useful legendary power that could work with the build. This is actually very very concerning.

i would welcome people to test this out yourself. And imagine based on what kind of a season grinder you are in d3 and see your chances of actually getting to use the seasonal buff.

Here’s a crazy idea. Build around the Ethereals you get. Stop complaining that this season isn’t going to let you do what you do every season and enjoy the challenge. My only problem is if I go through the entire leveling process without using the seasonal theme I will feel like I missed out on something truly unique and fun. Enjoy the ride and if you don’t like it there’s another season coming up.


in a game where there is nothing to do except spend hours n hours in rifts and grs entire season, i’m not going to ‘build around the useless ethereals i get’ . I’m going to try and play meta so i can actually push GRs and paragon levels. Not finish a season with 800 or less para or the whole para i ever got was from leeching from boosting. i’m pretty confident to believe you are probably not playing season to spend a lot of hours. I do. and season= useful buffs that makes the gameplay exciting. NOT a massive rng thing so i can go play based on my rng some random put together build which is not going to go past 120 gr solo.

There’s a alternate to your ‘crazy idea’.

typical ‘like it or go home’ comment. bah. gives me a headache to even bother replying to your comment. And seasonal buff should be worth enough for people who grind the grind and spend some substantial hours in it.


I have been playing ptr since it opened. I am playing T16 and level 90 GR. I have bought 50+ packages from demon. Still have not seen an ethreal item. What gives?

Wow, this is the most entitled arrogant post I’ve seen in a video game forum. Good for you spending hours and hours grinding the same build for 4 months.
For the record I didn’t intend for you to just build around the very first Ethereal you get. If you get a build together that can speed gr 90s in a few minutes you will get the afix you are looking for fairly quickly. From what I’ve gathered in the PTR one should drop about every 3 rifts.

As for this, my intention was more like if you don’t like the rain, just wait a bit and the sun will come out. You seem very salty over what you perceive as a crappy seasonal theme. I myself am going to play in the rain because you never know you’ll get the chance again.

My dude, you gotta start a seasonal character in the ptr


Did you make a seasonal character?

After playing on the PTR for several hours today I feel that the Ethernals are a great addition to this season. However, I feel that the one handed Ethereals should count toward any two piece set bonus that class could normally wear. IE The Bulkathos or Istvan sets for barb. The damage increase gained from the Ethereal is great however I feel like I lost far to much toughness on ww and feel even with optimization would actually stuggle to clear the same level of content as I would with a “normal”. I feel the goal of this seasonal theme is to empower the players by using diablo 2 inspired weapons and the builds that rely on weapon 2sets seems to be hindered more than helped. (I cannot speak for the balance of the other build as I mostly main barbarian)

If you go to the barb forum, I think the math is that equipping the 2 handed ethereal will be more powerful for ww/rend than the current setup.

Ethereal weapon setups for Barbs: preliminary analysis - Barbarian - Diablo 3 Forums (blizzard.com)


PTR leaderboard (overall and Wastes) certainly has a lot of 2-handed Ethereals with Ambo’s power on them, for sure. There’s also a smattering of H90/Frenzy with 2-handers too.


How powerful is the +1 to max dmg till 800 paragon?

Mirco I understand the they are going to be “More” powerful but I feel like the will be glass cannons as a trade off. Istvans gives a fair amount of toughness. Ill look over the math though thanks!~

I agree seeing as Ethereals are season only and will poof out of existence at end of season they should just roll max stats for all of their stats.