DIABLO III PTR 2.7.1 | Has Ended

yes, having an entire set that cannot interact with the season theme is unacceptable.

If that is the case they would need to have ethereal items that could work with every set and build combination.

Which other 6 piece set literally can’t be played with an ethereal?

If they only have 3 for each class which bow for the DH do you want them to replace with a melee weapon?
They cannot make everyone happy because someone always complains no matter what they add.

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With how shafted shadow has been for seasons on end now if the greenset doesn’t get some form of rework buff soon it is just doomed to be irrelevant it is a loved set in the DH community but meh #ImpaleCopium

Atleast they reacted to the fact the Season bow being worse then Yangs recurve

Just did a gr117 in 8:48 SC Inna Monk.

The Inna Monk build is fun now.

The most I could manage before this patch in PTR was 112 in 12 minutes.

Thanks Blizzard, … this is fun now!

Actually the idea behind ethereals exactly what we need. Instead of endlessly searching for an item that has all the stats we need, the definite items we will want to find have fixed stats and just the two variable traits; legendary ability and passive. Additionally bots wont be able to spam bounty reforges in order to have a leg up on their main weapon (kind of a little face slap to the cheaters, which is great). The chances the the ethereal you want will roll with the ability you want and a helpful passive is A LOT higher than an ancient or even primal item rolling with the exact combination of stats you need for your build. Being able to rely on a set of fixed stats for your main weapon gives your build a stronger foundation, giving the ability to farm at a higher level much sooner than normal, which yields better paragon levels and faster gear farming in general…to me, that combined with the now permanent follower changes, makes the high end of gameplay more attainable to a larger number of players, even those who only play for an hour or two a day. To me this is a huge step forward. However, for the long term life of Diablo 3, I do still think they should skip a season and do a major overhaul of the game. The biggest thing Diablo needs is an offline version that is completely separate from the online version. If they can rebuild the engine based on locally stored player files, it would allow the cheaters to play on a separate version of the game without breaking the terms of service. With an open battlenet that uses an offline version of the game, people coule use whatever third party program they want and leave the legitimate players alone so we can grind for our spots on the leaderboard without a sour taste in our mouth about cheaters ruining the leaderboard for a game we paid to play. Fixing issues with lag, crashes, etc would also be much easier if a season were not active for a few months. After this upcoming season, Blizzard has a golden opportunity. They can offer temporary free access to diablo 2 resurrected to verified Diablo 3 owners, during the time in which there is no active season and the game is under reconstruction. This would show everyone that they care about providing a rich experience to their player base. Diablo 3 has potential to be one of the greatest RPGs of all time, with some work that requires the game engine to be rebuilt. These ethereals are a great way to honor Diablo 2, by bringing back items with guaranteed stats. The final way to honor Diablo 2 is to make an offline version of the game that is completely separate, allowing the game to be modded, and eliminating leaderboards from the online portion of that separate game. Again this would provide a much richer experience for everyone who loves Diablo.


Holy wall of text Batman!

Yes, ethereals look good. No, you’re not getting offline mode. Ever. Or for D4. And quit obsessing about what other players are doing and play the game, push the highest GR’s you can. Unless you’re gonna no-life it, you’re not getting a ‘meaningful’ leaderboard spot anyhow, and that’s if any leaderboard spot is ‘meaningful’ to begin with.


the fun police in action:

-wol monk gone (no meta and not competative for overall leaderboard)
-inna monk “buffed” and still beeing nothing special ( and too squishy)
-random minor buffs to NOT all classes (ethereals) that will result in only helping some few outlyers like god dh more than a little (that certainly don’t deserve it)

edit: also fixing item effects for the ethereals like standoff for skills that are so underpowered and require to equip a set-weapon anyway to be playable combining sets instead of balancing the skill/item first seriously stings a little -.-

Gotta give credit where credit is due, one of the better PTR updates that didn’t make everyone go “wtf?”, thanks for the good update :slight_smile:


Developer’s Note: We have enjoyed watching players discover the buffed LoD WoL build during PTR, but it was too strong due to an unintended interaction with Rabid Strike. We’ve moved some of the power from The Crudest Boots and Bindings of the Lesser Gods items to the Inna’s Mantra 6-piece bonus. Rabid Strike no longer benefits from the Split Fire Allies bonus on Bindings of the Lesser Gods. We hope these changes will allow both LoD and Inna’s builds to be viable in a variety of Solo and Group scenarios.”

lod wol wasn’t totally crazy it was just strong, the crazy clears were using innas with bugs - now lod wol is dead again after this huge nerf. instead of fixing real issues like toughness problems in many builds and so many that are just too weak, they hought it was a better idea to reduce the number of builds we can play efficiently.
now god dh can speed 115s solo in 2min with ethereals but monk wasn’t allowed…WTF

The fun alert went off in blizzard HQ…
Ohoh people are playing builds other that what we wanted them to play. better nerf this sht.


Now all you Monk players need to grab your pitchforks like the Wizard players did and see if they revert it. =)

They need to add Zod recipe to cube that can only be used once per season. That way we can still use our favorite ethereal from a season and slowly accumulate them but still have incentive to play seasons (find good eth’s to save)

They need to add Zod recipe to cube that can only be used once per season. That way we can still use our favorite ethereal from a season and slowly accrue and still have incentive to play seasons (find good eth’s to save)

Plz nerf God DH. I don’t know why they keep trying to make god dh an op. In ptr, dh solo cleared 144 without bane of stricken. At lvl 2300, with 22k mainstats. That’s sooooooooo weird.
See the latest banwave. Everyone got a ban while running a bot with God Dh. Next season will be even worse than this season.
Necromancer nerfs don’t make sense at a time when fewer and fewer players are playing with their hands. Even if you buff Nec or WD, most of high-end players do not play with their own hands. Because God Dh is too op.

Decrease the set damage multiplier and increase the number of penetrations. Then you can lower the performance of low gr while maintaining solo high gr performance.

The ehtereal is too strong for this build… The set itself should work fine, just that the other DH sets should receive a buff to match GoD. And perhaps even then they will favor that set because it is everything, speed and power in one…

they should really buff the other sets to god dh lvls and all classes, just buff 1 set of each class every season to its lvl alongside the other changes
also there are so many builds with toughness issues…with ethereals even more in some cases

as a barb-player it really hurts that everything exept ww (rend) is so underpowered - and even that can’t keep up.


No argument in here to nerf Wizards? They’re clearing higher, also without Stricken. Also part of 4man Speeds and Push meta. FB Wiz also has better (arguably) better mobility. But GoD6 has an advantage of simultaneous mobility + dmg…Atleast in 4man speeds as a ZDH, it’s hard as hell to keep up with a good Wizard. All GoD6 DH has going for itself is solo speeds, that’s really it.

The rank 1 DH also has full primals and 130 augs across his build with a somewhat mediocre Ethereal Buriza.

Just not seeing how you’re arguing that GoD6 DH is too “op” when Wizards are clearly better in solo push and has a spot in 4man speeds + meta.