DIABLO III PTR 2.7.1 | Has Ended

DIABLO III PTR 2.7.1 | Has Ended

Our two-week PTR testing period for the 2.7.1 update begins June 17, and we're asking for your help to quell the tides of surging demons.

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So basically the season theme is one extra passive?


Crusader and necro nerfs incoming! Kind of surprised that AoV only now gets nerfed.

Guess I’ll skip this season.

The PTR preview so far is incredibly underwhelming. Ethereals bring absolutely nothing new and to me they don’t sound exciting at all, and there’s very little so far on skill and set changes on that blog post. Hard pass so far.

If at least we had a example Ethereal to look at, we could have a better idea. But it just sounds like it’ll be a item with all the damage afixes, maybe everything rolling at maximum, and then you’ll get annoyed that you got a useless weapon mod and passive.


For once, i’m actually a little hyped to play season now.


Temporary items with questionably bad drop rates make it a hard pass from me.

Look, Blizz, the game needs more additions with permanence. Seasonal exclusives were bad enough back in the day, and somehow you managed to make the concept even worse with this.

But yeah, focus on things you can actually add to the game forever. The niche possibility this might get the LoD/LoN treatment isn’t enough.


With Diablo® II: ResurrectedTM coming soon, we’d like to introduce a feature to honor that legacy.
Ethereals ignore item durability loss.

If they kept original D2 ethereal philosophy (ethereal items have decreased durability and cannot be repaired) that would have been a very good theme.


Another underwhelming season for D3.

Even worse when you can’t be transferred the super rare item back to non-season, making the whole idea of farming them pointless as hell.

And there are too few balance changes for class and items.

Also, I would prefer you guys tweak the Primal into something more useful and viable than making another new item-tier that only lasted for 3 months that you can’t even keep it.


Did you miss the part where the rarity drop will be between Ancient and Primal? Finally, a reason for me to push for GR 70, a feat I haven’t achieved.

  • Ethereal rarity drop rate is set between Ancient and Primal items.
  • There are 3 unique Ethereals per class.
  • Collecting all 21 Ethereals during Season 24 will reward players with the Feat of Strength, Ethereal Recollection. Players who accomplish this will have all Ethereal transmogrify options available for future seasonal and non-seasonal play.

Hmm :thinking:

Am I correct in assuming then that players who don’t have the Necro pack won’t be eligible for the Ethereal Recollection feat of strength?


Even if they did, it wouldn’t make much difference as there’s literally a legendary shoulders that makes all equipped items indestructible. Said item also emanates with followers. So even if the Ethereals were un-repairable, it’d matter very little as having a follower wear the mention shoulders would ensure that the Ethereals wouldn’t lose any durability.

As for the theme itself, I’m mostly interested in the transmogrifications of the ethereal weapons, although sadly from the sounds of it, I’d have to play every class and find all of their ethereals to even permanently unlock their transmogs.

I believe you are since:

  • There are seven classes in Diablo 3
  • Each class will have 3 ethereal weapons, which totals to 21
  • All 21 ethereal weapons must be collected to be eligible.

The Inna’s changes sound horrible. It’s the only passive build left. Don’t ruin it.


Ethereals only drop in Seasonal play, and will not transfer to your non-seasonal character when the season ends.

Really? Noooooooooooooooooooooo! :-1: :-1: :-1:


This is it?

Inna’s got changed because you claim you want mystic allies to be more powerful but you nerfed the cool boot. (The more I read it it actually sounds like an overall nerf to the mystic ally build which was already in a bad spot)

You nerfed the bone spear set…

Ethereals: Meh we’ll see. You might get lucky and RNG something kind of useful but as you know, the class skills don’t have any power outside of the items that buff them, so unless these are cross class skills, what’s the difference in me just picking the skill anyway? I guess I don’t get it.

And finally, AOV got -checks notes again in utter f’ing disbelief- Buffed???!!!

Edited: I missed that they removed the multiplicative part.

In conclusion:

  1. Inna’s got a rework that looks overly complicated when all it needed was a little bit of a buff on the 6 P bonus.
  2. AOV and Bone Spear got Nerfed.
  3. The seasonal Theme is basically the equivalent of a flashy Hellfire amulet, which doesn’t help many builds anyway, as there usually aren’t enough decent passives for them in the first place. :thinking:

Personally I like the idea of Ethereals and the massive power boost they can provide…especially if they make them as good as some of the ones from D2. My problem with this though is that a lot of high level push builds require a specific weapon whether its a legendary or set. So, by needing a specific weapon in hand and in the cube you cannot use even a really good ethereal for most builds without giving up power because I doubt a single ethereal will be any match for most set bonuses or legendary bonuses. The only real scenario where I see ethereals being used is with LON or the gem so you dont need set bonuses. In that case ethereals might become super badass…might lol

There are a couple of issues I have with the theme:

  1. 3 ethereals per class, 21 in total, season only. To get all of them one needs to play all classes during the season. I usually play 1 class, sometimes 2 classes. To get the Feat of Strength and transmog option requires collecting all ethereals and thus playing all classes. Seem abit unfair to me. Also not everyone has bought the necro so they’ll be annoyed.
  2. Ethereals don’t transfer to non-season. What’s the point then? I think when making such a major feature addition it should become permanent and available to non-season from the start.

Besides the theme, the rest of the patch is very dissappointing. Very little balance changes.


Remember, class-specific items do drop on other classes, just at a lower rate, so might not be an issue.

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It was heavily nerfed actually. Read the fine print. The buff doesn’t stack multiplicatively anymore.

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lol… with a chance somewhere between primal and ancient, neither craftable or obtainable through Kadala? How many millions of hours will that take if you rely on the random “unsmart loot” :smiley: