DIABLO III PTR 2.7.1 | Has Ended

Here are a few suggestion that I’m aware won’t be taken into consideration …
-Rebalance FB around self proc the burns …the mirror image mechanic is so clunky
-Multiply weaker sets damage (most necro sets except BS,Dh except GOD …) and/or toughness(most WD builds) by 2 even 4 … they will most likely still be 15 to 10 tiers behind the S tier sets

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Nice list!!! Here you go boys. All these sets will be behind right from the start as you have to replace you set weapons in order to use an ethereal.

I would like more seasonal rebirths. I really want to “collect em all!” But don’t want to delete half my roster to get all 21 ethereals.

Blizzard will Era be reset this cycle?

I agree with most that this new season does not appear to be worth the effort of playing as it stands now. (that can not be a good thing for D3) The lack of carry-over of the Etheral weapons is crazy. Why should we play…I mean grind for weapons that are gone in a few weeks… makes no sense…SMDH. We deserve better Blizzard. Also if you are gonna tweak the Wizard Mirror Image, how about fixing the AI so the damn clones will actually go attack something like the Monk clones, instead of standing hitting air. If they can’t do independent targetting at least make them hit what you are targeting…once again not too much to ask. We are loyal fans…been down since the original…so help us help you. Buying your games is alot easier for happy fans, not constantly disappointed ones.

that definitely should have been done…

How about for a season you don’t fix or unfix anything accept the sound issue. We not only get game freeze we get sound crashes that drop battle.net voice. And instead of nerfing the necro Kick the bots. If you remove the players who have been on 21 hours a day or more every day from the leader boards they will properly reflect game play and drastically drop the GR numbers. Blizzard developers are smarter than the bot developers so prove it. Count the total seasonal hours for the high paragon players, filter out the cheaters and then look at what to change.


I’m not saying your opinion is invalid, but I definitely see it differently. Maybe you could tell me what you think about my take.

If your goal is to complete all the ethereals all you have to do is get each class to gr 90 speed farm capability and you’ll likely be able to get the 3 eths for that class in (speculation so take it with a grain of salt) 12 hours or likely less depending on efficiency per character. This seems completely reasonable for something that has the whole season as a time limit even if you only play for roughly an hour a day the whole season.

Leveling each class is not really a concern (imo) once you level one character and get it geared you can essentially PL yourself (or get a reg PL) then use that character to farm blood shards for gear all while presumably still progressing your main character. All that’s left is that point is a small grind on each class to get the eths.

Even for people who have limited time it seems completely reasonable given that seasons seem to last a minimum of 3 months.

Granted, not everyone likes to play all the classes and I think that is a legitimate complaint. I for one am really excited for this secondary grind. I almost always gear up every class to at least t16 capabilities every season (that I play) because I find it fun. I get that not everyone wants to play that way and that’s fine. I just find it frustrating that so many people keep saying it’s an unreasonable goal to meet as if it’s literally going to be objectively difficult.

Anyways, thoughts? Cheers.


You won’t need to, you only need to free up one character slot. Just delete the seasonal character after getting the 3 ethereals for that class and create another one, etc…

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Or you could be like me, start a new season, play 2-4 hours a day solo, not complete the desired set and supporting legendaries until about 2 weeks in despite Haedrig’s because lolRNG, and probably be around the GR90s by the time you finish the journey, as well. Dumping shards off-class has the consequence of depriving your original from its needed power gains, and it’s highly likely that once your secondary is in the GR70+ phase, playing it is a further compromise of growth potential that you then go on to repeat for the third up to the seventh. An additional 2-3 weeks per should not be considered outside the norm here. The net result us also a bunch of really weak characters instead of one or two stronger ones by the season’s end, ignoring the issue of limited rebirths and character slots.

Content prioritizing no-lifers does not have a good history in gaming, and Blizzard should be fully aware of this through their WoW experience. My earlier accusation that they somehow took the old seasonal exclusive legendaries concept that so many people hated and made them worse stands.


yea, but the dev team do not know what you said. the think you are killing boss in GR T130 with 1 shot. and they think they are doing big thing.

“All that man ignores does not exist for him; therefore, the universe of each one is summed up in the size of their knowledge”.
Albert Einstein.

playing season is sensless …

now it is more senseless … did you ever imagined, how can someone turn a bad thing to worst??? here the example !! alive and real.

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I was thinking that too. Im just afraid ill find something amazing and want to keep them. Lol.

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Will ethereals be considered ancient or primal items for the LoN builds? I’m assuming so considering their drop rate chance :man_shrugging:


We updated a line of the blog regarding the Ethereal Recollection to let players know that the reward for collecting all 21 Ethereals will not be turned on for the PTR. Just wanted to put that out there in case there are any Q’s on it around launch.


Ethereals will be considered ancient in terms of LoN/LoD


I don’t believe there were any questions or complaints regarding the matter in the first place. Out of all the feedback and complaints on the forums since 2.7.1 patch notes has released…This is what you update us with?


I dont normally create new characters when I start a new season, I only have done rebirths, and you guys only allow us to do that up to 3 times per season. Is anything going to be done about this or am I forced to create 4 new character slots to play all 7 classes and hunt for the 21 ethereals?

I think some players might even have a full character slot, what would they have to do? Rebirth 3 then delete and create new characters for the remaining 4?

I dont think the whole collect all 21 ethereals throughout all 7 classes was thought through enough. Unless im misunderstanding something here this is definetly an issue.

Do one at a time…Create your Main, keep it. Create another class for ethereals, find ethereals, stash ethereals, delete character, create another. Rinse repeat…shrug