Running Ethereals + LOD only

I decided to save my Haedrigs for another class and have been running LoD with the one ethereal I’ve gotten (I rolled the Ninth Cirri Satchel power on a Buriza). Considering it’s not very synergistic with Nat, this made a lot of sense to me.

This has simply been some of the most fun I’ve had in ages. I’d really love to see a future season with more ethereals for all item slots, no sets and LoD gem used instead to flesh out the experience.


Just wanted to show you this. I was going to check your LoD build since I was interested, but your account is weird on the site. lol

LOL. I wish my numbers were that high!

As for my seasonal build, you’ll need to look at my alt account. Don’t play seasons on this one anymore… ran out of space to store gear during seasons.

I reported the same thing…

The solution was to enter a game with each of the affected heroes, which forced an update to the Armoury site.

I don’t see more eth items for other item slots any time soon. Realistically, they would have to nerf the current ones into the ground first. How much stronger do you need to be? Personally I think it would be a little overkill.

Question is, do they count as legendary or ancient?

Is there a thing as Ancient Ethereal?

All level 70 ethereals automatically roll as ancient. They are also considered ancient for LoD/LoN builds.


I’ve been ignoring Haedric’s on softcore for ages. It makes for a much smoother gearing process and you actually go tru most of the torments, with or without the ethereals.
I found the best way to do it is to not transmog anything since most of the other journey objectives you’ll do just by playing the game.

As soon as i need a conquest i lvl up a toon to 70 on HC , transmog something and voila 6pc

The joys of the Blizz Tracker…

Yeah I was about to say, my two first ones were definitely not, but pre-70 items can’t be ancient. DOH! And I was stuck with my lvl57 Khalim’s Will until just pre-p200. Until now.

And thankfully #3 IS ancient. Good thing we can also Rama them.