Missing achievement for collecting all Ethereals

There’s a placeholder icon for collecting all 21 Ethereals. Got bored hunting for the silly 350 chest (in over 70 restarts only 2 instances of Act V had the chest… what gives?) so I rolled a toon for each class and visited Djank Miem and got an “Unknown” achievement when I opened the bags for the Necromancer (which was my last class)

That’s not a bug. They told us this beforehand…

PTR 2.7.1 Blog

Please note that the reward content will not be available during PTR 2.7.1.


So the big reward from the season won’t be tested before the season drops? Given Blizzard’s track record on screwing things up that aren’t thoroughly tested that doesn’t fill me with confidence. I predict someone will get the 21 items only to have the game crash when they do. Oh, Blizzard… :face_vomiting: