DIABLO III PTR 2.7.1 | Has Ended

Delete character, create character x6… I guess that works for me.

I’d imagine players who wants to keep all their current characters and are at max slots might have a problem tho.

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Is there a maximum amount of rebirths you are allowed? I 've never filled all the slots so I don’t know. I am keeping one or two always empty to try something really fast and delete.

3 rebirths per season


My thoughts on 2.7.1:
This “patch” shows once more how disconnected devs and managers at Blizzard are from us players.

They seem to live in an ivory tower up in the clouds and to not care about our requests.

Blizzard has been too successful in the past and become too proud of themselves, and so they believe they know best what we players want and do not want to see in the games.

That could only change if we as players quit playing Blizzard games (nearly) totally, but that will certainly not happen. And so they can continue with their ways.

I still haven’t made a decision whether I should buy D2R and/or D4. And after playing Diablo games since the original D1 back in 1996 that should tell a story.


I don’t see why this is an issue. All you need is one free character slot (out of the 17 you have). Create a seasonal character, farm the 3 ethereals for that class, delete the character, repeat with the other classes until you get all ethereals.

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Have you even considered addressing the actual feedback players are giving? Rather than just noting that the Feat of Strength is not going to be available on the PTR?

Where are all the bug fixes people have been demanding for months? Like the random freezing issue?
Where are all the QoL updates people have been requesting for months and years?
Where are all the reverts on nerfs which were 100% uncalled for? Like for example the Gazing Demise nerf in the previous patch since Mundunugu was not overperforming?


Which means there is still time to implement a progressive reward, like per item transmog save, aside a grand completion reward.

Nice idea with the ethereal weapons. Really!

But it would be even better if it was possible to find all 21 weapons in one season without having to play all 7 classes.

For the adjustments of the Monk-Allies it would also be nicer if not only the Fire Allies are preferred and the player is given the choice with which Allies the player wants to play with.


This doesnt do anything for the biggest issue that is already on over 200+ answers…

Like this is feedback already I guess you don’t have anything to share with us yet?

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“I’m sorry, but Blizzard can’t come to the phone right now. But if you’ll leave your name and number, we’ll make sure to NEVER GET BACK TO YOU. {Beeeeeeeep}”


I’m still trying to figure out what this has to do with Diablo 2. Ethereal in name only? Is this like those wings that we got to celebrate some LOD anniversary that look nothing like anything in LOD?

I guess my biggest concern is that because itemization is so screwed up in this game and builds are so specific now with regards to competitive progression, how on earth do you plan to replace the weapon of any build that’s powerful enough to actually be worth farming these things in the first place?

As previously mentioned the Weapon item Class Bonus that many builds rely on such as (Ambos pride) have to go into the cube slot because in the case of the W/R Barb for example, the on characters weapons slots are either Slander Little rouge or Bul-Kathos. So where does the ethereal fit? Or do we just scratch that build? other examples are Necromancer builds most of which require a two handed sycthe in the weapon cube slot. IF any of the ethereal are a two handed sytche they are worthless. In fact if any of the ethereal items are a two handed weapon of any kind they are worthless.

The other thought is that maybe the ethereal items only have NEW class modifiers that buff a skill that isn’t being used by another build. If that’s the case, they are more useless because the only reason why the build list is so finite is because once again, itemization sucks. You need more than one item to significantly support a skill in order to make a successful build around it. And in some cases even when builds have many supporting items, the damage modifiers aren’t strong enough, so even though you can make a build it’s only potential is GR80-90 at absolute Max.

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Well let’s see. I read the patch notes and it didn’t really specifically mention this, so here’s a thought:

What if a 1-handed ethereal’s random weapon legendary power was a legendary power normally on a 2-handed weapon type? Then, theoretically that would open up some possibilities right?

Gr 90 is not something that takes much time to get geared for if that is your goal. I’m not saying you have to set that as your goal…but there are many guides and resources out there on how to gear and or play efficiently in order to achieve this.

I understand that this may not sound appealing, and think that’s a valid complaint. The problem is not that people are incapable of achieving it, but that they don’t find the means of doing so fun or appealing.

Again, that’s a valid complaint. I was trying to make a distinction of that because I see many people claiming they won’t be able to accomplish it. That’s just not true. All I was going for was attempting to clarify the complaint.

For some more specifics, the only character that is time consuming to gear is the first one assuming you’re playing entirely solo. It’s exponentially easier in groups of course, but I’ll speak in terms of solo because that’s generally what I play outside of bounties and with irl friends.

Once my main is geared enough to speed farm gr 90 the only thing limiting me from gearing everything else up is how much time I spend in town. Generally it takes me around 10 hours max, usually less, to gear a fresh toon after my main is established.

Again, I’m not saying anyone has to play like that, but it’s not helpful to claim something isn’t realistic when it clearly is. I’m not a high end player. I don’t do all the meta runs or anything like that. I just like to try and maximize my own efficiency because that’s fun for me. I’m really looking forward to this season.

In 2-4 hours a day solo it would take me 2-5 days to gear up a new toon to gr90 level. I don’t try to gear multiple characters at once. I get a main as strong as I can and once I hit the point that I have all required legendaries for a build with decent rolls I stop spending shards on them and start on an alt. I don’t need to be stronger than gr 90 until I want to push and I’m constantly gaining paragon either way.

Again, I’m not saying you have to play that way, but it sounds like you’re playing inneficiently if it takes you that long to gear a toon up. I don’t mean that as a dig or anything, just trying to make a point.

Powerful affixes can make peeps build around them. All it has to be is advantageous. Pigsticker is a weapon with great affixes that has no build specific power. It wouldn’t take much for an ethereal weapon to be better than pigsticker. What if a weapon WAS better than pigsticker, AND it had some useful legendary power and passive? That would be something to get excited about. I think almost every class has a build that is flexible enough to use an OP weapon, so I am really excited for this season. Especially if the iconic uniques are things I loved in D2, like beast, infinity, titan’s revenge or light sabre…heck even a kickass baranar’s star.

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Hi Girls and Guys.

I got 1 suggestion for most of the comments I have read.
Gamers rejoin in learning to love D3, the game itself and not only the changes or the, play every season to the fullest and enjoy how long and how far you reach every time. Learn than not only do seasonal theme changes not last over each season span, so loving the seasonal changes only will take your interest to really enjoy the game in whole. There are so many possibilities in the game itself, you should be able to have enough on your hands if you really enjoyed the game. So use your efforts on the game again, then maybe, just maybe the future for the game will seem brighter. Nothing is more devastating as when people do not play as that will surely make the game die out, not only for the ones who do not play it but also for the ones that game whole seasons.

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If I recall, Ethereal items dropped for other classes — even though you were playing another class in D2. In my opinion, it would be true to Season 24 D2’s Theme if this RNG mechanic remained and perhaps boosted a little. I don’t look forward to playing every damn class to acquire all 21 items.

For the casual playerwho doesn’t have the time to devote to a game — this would make better sense and perhaps push the casual player to play more instead of giving up. I didn’t have the time to attain Cain’s pet due to devoting time needed to get it.

D3’s RNG now has a chance of dropping an out-of-class item occasionally. I would hope the Devs would consider this mechanic moving forward. We all are not pro D3 players and don’t have the ability to devote time and effort to play every class.

we’ll just have to see them first

I also thought at first that it would be better not to have smart loot for Ethereal items, so that you could farm all of them with only one character. The problem is that by leaving drops totally random, you might end up with a bunch of Ethereals for some classes and zero for other classes… so it would probably take you longer to get the whole collection of 21 items than by farming with 7 different classes and smart loot…

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It would roughly double the expected total amount of ethereal items you would need to find to complete the set.

If each class can only find their 3 specific class ethereal weapons and all 3 drop with equal probability, it will take an average of 5.5 ethereal drops to complete the set of 3 on a class. And a 5% chance it takes more than 10 drops.

And in this scenario, assuming you switch classes immediately on finishing a set on a class and never play the other class again, to complete the set of 3 on all 7 classes it would take an average of 38.5 total ethereal drops. And a 5% chance it takes more than 50 drops

If drops were not class specific and you simply get a random item from the entire pool of 21 ethereals, it would take an average of 76 ethereal drops to complete the set. And a 5% chance it takes more than 120 drops.

Randomly drawing from the entire pool of 21 instead of 7 pools of 3 roughly doubles the expected time to complete the set (76 vs. 38.5) and more than doubles the 5% low (120 vs. 50).


I am of the opinion that most casual players don’t even know how to play more that 2 to 3 classes, let alone all of them. The time it would take to level and farm is out of most casual players’ reach.