D:I Officially Delayed now in China

I wonder if all the bad press and how monetization is accomplished has drawn attention and run afoul of Chinese laws since we all know that the game is already playable in the west. The official statement seems rather questionable and seems like corporate speak.

“The development team is making a number of optimization adjustments to the game: support for a wider range of models and devices, the highest quality rendering on more models, a lot of experience, network and performance optimizations, and more. We believe that the game experience in the official online version will become smoother and bring better game content to everyone.”

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If China gets a less predatory p2w version then the west that would be sad.


That sure is good news, no matter what the actual reasons are.
And yeah, the PR message says absolutely nothing. Hasn’t the game run quite fine on all kinds of phones?


Seems like a big miss in that case, isn’t that ActiBlizzards biggest target audience with DI?


According to, certain sh… eh, people, on this forum, China is their only target audience.


Yeah, well, china is a big one but it’s not even all of Asia is it ^^

This news comes on the heels of the Diablo:Immortal account being suspended on Weibo on Wednesday.

NetEase’s new game Diablo Immortal banned from new posts on Weibo just a week before hotly-anticipated release (msn.com)


Xi is getting a bit moralistic nowadays, so who knows. That market is shaky as f.

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Let’s go Xi! Be the hero I know you can be.


Free items/content in a free2play game? Wow… what a deal :slight_smile:

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You forgot the “1100% Value!” catch bubble.


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China will ban DI if the current monetization model is not modified.


Curious if they actually care more about the predatory monetization there or if they just thought it was too gory and are forcing them to change some of the effects (which happens there all the time I think). The reason they gave about performance doesn’t really seem to make sense as the primary reason (unless the average specs of mobile devices is lower there compared to other regions).

If they do change the monetization there, I wonder if they’ll have the courage to admit they were wrong in general and change it everywhere.

Probably the latter. The type of monetization in D:I is just your average bread and butter in China. Even D3 is p2w there.

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China already had loot box laws and now they are cracking down more on video games in general.


They are, but from what I’ve been following, the vast majority of games that got targeted there are either sexualized games, or games that are too “japanese-inspired” for the CCP’s standards, etc. Aparently they went all in with the fascist “make your games more Chinese” approach.


They do seem to care quite a bit about gaming addiction (rather than the monetization itself). Likely not because they care much about the human tragedies that follows, but for other reasons (which all boil down to various kinds of societal control). Thus you get limits on how much you can play, etc. Afaik they also ban most non-video game gambling.
So it wouldnt be too surprising if they started to crack down even more on predatory P2W.
I doubt it is the reason for the delay though. But there is always hope, maybe.

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Mostly when it’s minors, yeah. Adults “can” get addicted to games on China, but they will be seen negatively by society, and in the few cities where “social credit” is already a thing, they can definitely lose some for that.

Great news! Bad income in western market causes a delay. KEKW

Most likely it’s due to blood and gore being patched, but ain’t there just enough time to patch all that? Since its beta release a few good weeks passed, and perhaps months since people played tested this. And why would they rush it out of the door for the west, if they don’t have a safe visuals edition at bay already? That doesn’t make any ounce of sense.
Perhaps they really wanted to ensure the playable build is perfect to release at the market (there are reports of lost loot due to bugs, players being stuck and all that) but we all know they can release as beta version like rest of the world at China too.

Either excuse can not be correlated to something else and looking at their official accounts being banned in Chinese social media, it doesn’t paint a good looking frame of scenery. I think they have to regulate or modify something before they can appeal to Chinese market but we may never know exact reasons until it’s done. It may take them months before they can release D:I to the China market actually considering at details looking abit grim.