D:I Officially Delayed now in China

No. There is a specific issue with Samsung phones that was identified on release day and they took it off the store for those models.


Isn’t China the reason they culled the witch doctor?

That is unlikely the reason for the delay in China. I’ve lived there back in 2013ish. Samsung Brand market share is TINY in China.
Im also guessing that Google vs. Hwawei debacle, forcing Hwawei to make its own OS and App store didnt help either.
Hwawei makes ups 40+%, Samsung is in the 1 digit figure…

D Immortal…casulty of the Trade War…and banning Hwawei lolllllllll

if China asked them to Blizzard would gladly have turned WoW into this without hesitation

2018: “The smartphone market tracker Strategy Analytics on Sunday reported that Samsung had a 0.8 percent market share, less than half of the 1.7 percent that it predicted in a report earlier this year.”

0.8%, I think its an OS problem as all Android phones had change its OS to Huawei’s new Honor OS.

Interesting tho… how domino effect happens

Samsung is a Korean brand. Majority of China use Chinese brand mobile phones. As far as I’m concerned their OS are different. Doesn’t make sense to delay that just because of an unimportant incompatibility issue.

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doesnt matter where it came from all technology is the same


LOL, this is how I imagine DI team is working right now on fixing the issue for Chinese market


One thing I absolutely love about totalitarian regimes is, that they don’t give a damn about foreign companies, that believe themselves clever to have found a way around local regulations. If they don’t find the way you deal business to be acceptible, they wont let you do business in their region.

Both the USA and the EU have become waaay too tolerant of predatory practices. I hope a lot of… supposedly democratic societies take notice.
Sadly, nowadays “democracy” typically means “we take bribes from corporations and let them take advantage of the population as much as they can. We don’t care what the voters think!”


Agreed. You know when China can force Jack Ma (Alibaba) to comply within weeks…Blizzard is a tiny tiny fish

I heard that you have to fork over internal game data (actual like loot rate etc), which is why Blizz never bothered with Beligum. All the current drop rates of 5/5 star gems are testing…wonder what the code says


like theyre gonna spring for a decent wrench theyd probably smack it with a rock


How F2P players must feel like :wink:

Lol they’ve only had 4+ years…

The CCP censors are weird. It’s probably for a reason that makes no sense whatsoever.

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F2P toon vs a whale


Thanks for the heads up

It might be to put them on par to where they would be had the game released on the 23rd.

Do you have any proof that their laws for monetization would be strict enough to change the monetization model. If so then why would NetEase allow the game to have such a bad monetization model in the first place. I highly doubt that Blizz didn’t tell NetEase how bad the monetization model would be. That is not how you work with a partner. More so when that partner is the one that is helping you get your game into the market you want.

Agreed and if they do then I say that Blizz should reimburse those that have paid a ton of money. Giving them back the money they wouldn’t have spent if it were under the new monetization model. To me that is the only fair thing to do. Although they might not do it because of greed.

Wyatt at that point might say: “Aren’t you happy we are changing our monetization model.” Instead of saying; “We are sorry for the bad monetization model and we are reimbursing those that paid a lot of money on Diablo Immortal.”

Do you have proof that the Chinese version of D3 is pay to win in China. Along with it being as well as being really bad compared to other pay to win models. If so then it is saying that a lot of Chinese players are super rich that can afford that kind of spending.

Unless the game is vastly different as far as how much experience you earn, paragon experience, legendary drops, set drops, etc… Then I wouldn’t worry about it being pay to win. Because anyone that knows what they are doing could easily do all of the things they do elsewhere. The only difference though is they might not be able to get to the tops of the leader boards. That would still be controlled by whale botters. If there are whale botters then it would explain the reason why some in China have high paragon levels.

Maybe there is a ray of hope after all that will change how the monetization model works for us as well as China, if it does change at all. I say the one thing that better not happen. Is for China to get a super lite version of the pay to win model we got. While we keep the heavy handed pay to win model. I think if that happens and the Kraken Whales find out there will be a lot of unhappy customers, whales included.


Read the whole thread to understand what the DI account did on Weibo and got them suspended. :yawning_face:

They also probably want to make sure most of the models of their Chinese phones (Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei) will run well on DI. Not everyone in China is using Apple iPhone.

So much this. 20chars

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I hope China bans Diablo Immortal like how Netherlands and Belgium did. They ban loot boxes in video games.