China Diablo Immortal - 25 July

I thought reading past the headline was forbidden.

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Yeah, seems most people operate under that assumption.

We shall see.

July 25 will be here soon. Since that is less than a week away, I would have expected a more public announcement from official channels.

Also, this is not the D:I forum. It is Blizzard’s D3 general discussion forum. These types of posts are more appropriate on the D:I subreddit.

Tbf, when D:I was first delayed, there were a number of threads that had opened up just to talk about that. If Blizzard deems it inappropriate, I’m sure they’ll move this thread themselves.

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We asked for a dedicated D4, DI forums.

But Indie firm Blizzard has no budget left to have a few more forums.

SO here we are, a forum that discuss D3, DI, D4 & complain about out in-laws & annoying neighbor’s kids.


But you created a DI thread about D:I Officially Delayed now in China in Diablo 3 forum last month ago. :scream: :scream: :scream:



Can’t wait for DI to die


it’s immortal, sweaty. it’s literally in the name ;-*

jk same


I was wrong and apologize. I am sorry for creating a thread to discuss that predatory p2w game on this forum.

Of course, I do take confort in not defending predatory p2w, especially in consideration that I played D:I and had first hand experience.

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You would think with the money that has poured in from Immortal, they would have money set aside for D4, especially a forum. I can’t see D4 going live without a forum before its launch. That would be crazy.

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Oh, goodie, I can change my region and language and reinstall to complain about all the 鲸鱼.

Why would blizzard do a forum, when the Diablo IV reddit already exists and has far more active members than the D3 forums?

That’s apples to oranges though. D3 is a 10 year old game and D4 isn’t born yet. I bet if Blizz had a dedicated forum for D4, it would explode with activity. Reddit? What Reddit?

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Maybe all the caps in DI is to limit players playtime because in China your social score goes down the more time and money you spend on computer games.

I doubt it - the kids today are all about reddit - company forums are like facebook. Stuff for old people.

All of the diablo based reddit subforums are more active than the forums here.

I don’t like it either, but I don’t stick my head in the sand about it.


I think if that was the honest intention the drop rates would be significantly better. If you want the best gear, and that definition continues to change with changing paragon, then you have to put in the time.

Well, if Blizz sticks with it, then I guess I will be out of a forum. I’m not saying that I haven’t read a reddit post here and there, but it’s not my go to source. Plus, I don’t like the set up or all the adds. Yes, I know add blocker will save that problem, but I shouldn’t have to install a program to use another program separate from a Blizz forum.

I hate having to click on ‘continue this conversation’ and it takes me to either a different reddit post or back to the reddit post I was already reading. To make room for all the adds, they bunch everything together and conversations get lost or embedded and I have to play detective just to find them. No thanks.

If I can’t get what I need with the first few responses, then I move on.

Yeah, reddit is more popular, but at least these forums are self-sufficient and easy(ier) to navigate.

The reality is that the action is over there, not here. People aren’t going to flock back. On the D4 subreddit, there are already people recruiting for clans.

I suspect that is the goal. The signal-to-noise ratio is higher over there than it is here, and there is more actual useful threads than there is here.

In the D3 subreddit, not only do you have folks that have played D3 forever, there are lots of folks that are trying out D3 for the very first time. And those new people are welcomed a lot better than they are here.

I was actually expecting the delay or ban or whatever to last for a few years. Looking at what happened to Dungeon and Fighters Online, it was the only logical conclusion. At the light of recent events, that means they were very quick to react and take measures. I hope we won’t see another delay after this.

If you haven’t get the memo or can not connect the dots yet; the official Diablo: Immortal Weibo account got a suspension, because Blizzard was late to oblige. The directives were cleared to make them apply again after they fit their standards for anti-addictive mechanics and perhaps monetization with some excess regulations.
As I’ve said, official social media accounts are at the control of different groups and multiple people. Such blunder of blurting out a political tweet hasn’t happened. Yet that didn’t stop people with agenda to victimize Blizzard with a piece of made up picture. In short, nobody insulted the leader of China, it was fake news and can not be sourced.

After the rumors, some people appeared in Reddit claimed that they’re from China (yeah, sure). They mentioned that after that social media blunder, a ban of 2-3 years was at the table, and Blizzard looking to partner up with TenCent next to get into the China market.
I think it’s clear that it was all made up rumors and not everyone claiming they’re Chinese actually had any idea what they’re talking about. Do not believe everything you have read over the internet just because it fits your agenda. Please.

Whoever believed this or tried to spread this fake news over the social media was actually at Blizzard’s side. Even the mainstream Youtubers, whom you despised, “believed” this crap and shared it like it’s real because it was new controversy that brings more clicks and traffic. You can thank them for it.
Control of the official social media accounts are not lend between a bunch of friends after a drunk night; especially if these belong to big companies that tries to connect abroad. These are handled by social media professionals to not cause a country-wide crysis. If some big company takes a political stance besides some safe places, they will lose a huge crowd from their customer base. That’s why they always minimize risks on the public relations.

So, what does that mean besides not believing everything you have read over the web? That means D:I will have real content at the upcoming days after it met with its target audience.
You can gloat for days, because that means monetization could be less predatory as well. They will whip up their “we’re doing it for the players and gameplay” masks and make some changes while it’s all about profits and fitting some standards. The money will stream up and team will have enough resources to create what they want, after high chairs got their lion’s share.

As for the profits, I don’t think that it will reach billions in a short notice just like Call of Duty. Possible that I’ll be proven wrong but it doesn’t seem likely for me. Compared to Diablo 3, D:I just lacking depth and interaction. If they change things up and tweak broken systems, it may stand a chance.
I mean, there are tons of other Diablo-like isometric ARPGs on mobile with ossified fanbases over at China already. Winning them over won’t be easy. Other Chinese companies possibly took the formula and made it better, with more approachable price ranges at monetization. If by any chance D:I takes China by the storm, I believe D3 MTX shop has to have some credit from this. Right? They’ve been keeping statistics of what sells and what doesn’t for years.

Call of Duty mobile were to be able to hit the spot and made billions, because no one was once before captured the lightning in a bottle. The D:I however, is following the footsteps of others for this audience and being more predatory compared to them. I don’t expect it to win over the crowd. That is unless some drastic changes have been made at the upcoming months to its monetization scheme.

I don’t disagree that it’s exploding over there, but not everyone wants to ‘reddit’ or other social platforms, and it’s nice to have options, i.e. D4 forum here.

Yeah, there might be more people over there dishing it out about D3, but there seems to be plenty of traffic here for a 10 year old game.

I just figure that a D4 forum would have more activity because the game will be new. And it will continue to thrive for many years later. Maybe not as busy as when it started, but same can be said for D3 forum. Plus, I am sure people would do both. I can only imagine that there are others out there besides reddit, they would go there as well.

Honestly? If it happens, I will be pleasantly surprised. If not, I won’t be overly disappointed either.


At least the D3 forum is better (more active) than Beamdog or Crate. I love the games they enhanced or released, but talk about dead fourms. OUCH! I know, different types of games (besides Grim Dawn), but still… DEAD!