What should I do with this Blood-Soaked Jade?

To your knowledge, has any D:I thread ever been “derailed” if in the G&T forum?

Derailed or was this D:I thread intended to turn into a flame war?

If you despise someone’s enjoyment of a Diablo game so much, add them to your ignored list. And vice versa, for that matter. Mutual ignoring is often quite good for a forum.


I would appreciate it if I could be left out of this dispute. Thank you. :peace_symbol:


Someone’s preferemce of one diablo game over another is irrelevant to me. That is a matter of opinion.

However, I do not go to the diablo immortal subreddit that Blizzard told us to post about D:I topics and post about D3 daily (or for that matter ever).

If I did that, I would expect people to tell me the correct avenue for those topics.

Moreover, I even provided a link to answer a question in the G&T forum about D:I.

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its easy just burn it, delete ur character and unistall the game, problem solved

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Lol. I won’t do that.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :point_down:

:rofl: :rofl: :point_up:

It is OK. As long as the moderators here don’t move DI threads to G&T forum or delete DI threads here, I have no intention to heed their selective and bias warning. They can repeat the same thing as many times as they wanted and it really won’t do anything until the moderators step in. :sunglasses:

At least last time they did move a lot of D2R threads in D3 GD to D2R section and it was a sufficient to tell people it wasn’t allowed, but DI? I haven’t experience any of that…yet. :sunglasses:

Are you quoting posts on Blizzard’s forum to prove that I never posted about D3 on the D:I subreddit (which makes no sense)? All D:I related thread that I have created are now in the Games and Technology Section.

In real life, it is illegal to steal from a bank whether or not one is caught. Can you provide me a quote from Blizzard stating that we should post about D:I on the D3 general discussion forum?

I have said this to multiple posters.

Also when you posted on FFXIV (a non-D3/D4 game), you posted in G & T forum since that is what you were supposed to do. You will also notice that all my D:I threads are in G&T (see the screenshot below).


You and kilometer need to get a room or somethin is my takeaway from this thread.

That is incorrect. I never want to have anything with him. He is just obsessed with me. Like a moth to a flame, he can’t stop himself from posting in my DI threads :rofl:

So what you do with Blood-soaked Jade is, you put it in the toilet to clean the blood off. Then you flush and watch the now normal Jade swirl down the drain. After the toilet is done flushing, you pull out your wet phone and turn it on. If it doesn't turn on, you have successfully broke the game with your OP Jade.

In case you’re wondering why I gave you such useful information is because, I came to the D3 forums specifically to talk :poop: about D:I and it’s players. D3 has been dead for a couple of years now. So, I couldn’t care less about D3 chitchat. Reddit? I hate the format.

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Where lies the obsession?

With posters that are tired of DI threads in the D3 forum or with you lot that are flooding the forum (for D3) with either negative or overly positive threads?

As for your question I have no clue what so ever as I haven’t nor will I play DI.


Because he ignored most of the DI threads here but not mine until I pointed out his selective actions. :sunglasses:

Because he used to direct quote me the negative DI news out of sudden from nowhere for few times despite that we have a zero conversation last month. :smiley:

If this isn’t an obsession, then I don’t know what is it. :rofl:

It’s a 5 star leg gem.

It’s used in most builds and in the market is goes for min 64k plat to over 100k play to buy.

I know it is 5 stars gem but too bad it was only “2/5 stars” but it is currently weaker than the gems that I am using because it is at rank 1, and upgrading it is too costly for me at this moment.

Yes, it is expensive to upgrade but hold on to it cause it’s a great gem for almost all builds.

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Ok. Will do so until I get better 5 stars then.

Nah your just annoying…
If i was a cowardly manger of blizzard and i was paying you too talk up DI here you might almost get a bonus.

Good thing the forum has the feature of a “blocking” poster. Maybe you can consider using that. :sunglasses:

I would probably use it and rank it up, either over time or with money. The game is more fun the more of those useful 5 star gems you have.

I love my Echoing Shade rank 3, without it my build could be compared to playing Assassin on a level before you unlock Shadow Master (60 in D2?)

I also got 2x Bottled Hope 3/5 stars, but those I used to level up my gems because I can’t use it in my build.

So lucky. :+1: What is your resonance now if you don’t mind sharing it.

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