28 Changes In D2: Resurrected [+More Post-Launch]

Better visuals are not inherently a balance issue. Nor FPS - though it can be.

That would be pretty difficult to pull off.

Absolutely not.

But again if anyone actually reads……I don’t have an ultra wide so I don’t care.
I simply pointed out the fallacy of the argument and suggested based off the fallacies someone probably could legally seek counsel.

What fallacy did you point out? Because the graphics being better isnt the same as the monster AI breaking due to your vision range being too far. But lets say for arguments sake it did nothing negative to the game, theres still zero recourse to sue them over not supporting wide screen. Thats the most insane karen-like argument ive ever heard. :laughing: lmao


Maybe stop trying to be offline to hack, cheat, or bot characters and actually play the game.

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There’s a lot of Karen’s out there.

Again I didn’t say I would ext.

It’s not insane though because the reduction is based off an unfair advantage.
Technically those with higher powered computers and computer components outside of just the monitors also get in the same technical term “unfair advantages”
So one “could” look into that.

And you might think it’s ridiculous but so is someone standing under a sign that looks like it may fall soon so that they get hit by it and sue.
Or how about how one sues because their coffee is too hot or they were “unaware”
Or about the fact people have to list not to drink the contents of an engine oil bottle.

Honestly if you think I’m being ridiculous you’re right but at the same time you’re very naive on what actually happens in the world

No they dont.

So, yeah, US and civil lawsuits are completely bonkers, you definitely could sue Blizzard for anything, including black borders on UW. You just wouldn’t win.


Sure it does FPS does make a difference, higher technology does effect the ability in game.

Which is exactly what UW monitors do, they affect the ability in game.

The only difference is your not accepting one and saying the others don’t affect you in your opinion as highly.

Still an effect either way.

Idk lawyers pull things off all the time you’d think wouldn’t have worked.

Oj anyone?

You’re intentionally being overly vague with what either of those do to the actual gameplay. the Ultrawide monitor change ACTUALLY effects the gameplay in a noticeable way with the monster AI as well as against other players. Having slightly faster FPS in a game like Diablo isn’t going to change anything for anyone.


Im intentionally be overtly vague because that’s what happens in a lot of lawsuits.

Ok just some small questions about advantages.

Does a computer which meets the minimum req allow you to achieve the exact same level of play as a computer that has all of the top end components?

Can FPS actually affect your ability to obtain loot quicker when it drops?

Does a high end mouse allow you to be better with pinpoint accuracy then a lower one.

Does a higher frequency/sensitivity keyboard allow you to function quicker or better.

Does having one internet provider over another or living in one area over another affect gameplay/your ability to function the same.

You might think it’s a joke but on the grand scale of things these may allow you to function at a higher level in the game.

Uw monitors give you access to a larger area
Larger monitors period allow you to see what’s on the screen better then monitors that are smaller is size (scales)

Honest answers

Also again this is an interesting conversation to me only…I don’t have an UW and I don’t care.

Thanks for the update. Great work.


Thanks, i try. I’m still actively updating the thread as im finding things out or when news drop.

Supposedly they are dropping a write-up soon on all the Beta stuff and hopefully will talk about what bugs they did and didn’t fix and if they’ll reverse some others like WSG. Maybe tomorrow!? Since they love Tuesdays. :upside_down_face:


Yes and some devs add skill queuing etc to help there.

As mentioned, some games cap FPS.

Not to any significant degree no. But some games certainly make sure that such speed differences can’t matter. Like, not having FFA loot for example.

Just as with UW monitors developers can go in and limit these effects on their game, if it represents an unreasonably big effect on gameplay.

You are not going to win any civil cases about that.



  1. Uber Diablo spawned with 1 SOJ in Single Player, Bnet is still the same at ~75-120.
  2. No console lobbies, just more game selection choices. (Tomb runs, baal runs, ect)
  3. Ultrawide still capped at 19:9.
    -Source: Diablo II: Resurrected Console Lobbies, TCP/IP, & UW Updates

I might edit #23. TCP/IP would appear never to be coming back.


Not officially at least.
Although with Blizzard nothing is ever guaranteed. They might change their tune.

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^trying to keep the hope alive Micro! For the few people who think it destroyed the game! lol.

I guess this means Duping is just expected by blizzard in D2R? lol :roll_eyes:


Trap bug was fixed as confirmed by PezRadar in a tweet.

Could you add this to the list?


whewwww! awesome fix! Were you just sitting on twitter waiting for his tweets to drop? lol. I hate how we keep getting important updates like this via twitter. :roll_eyes:

Whats even the point of the main forums and “blizzard news” if we keep getting random updates from random blizzard employees in tweet responses? lol

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To help with cheaters