28 Changes In D2: Resurrected [+More Post-Launch]

just thought this should be in the changes thread somewhere


I have to agree that making respec easier is a huge no no. Modern games are really failing on this end. The result just means that you have to respec depending on whatever situation comes up. There’s no build diversity. Part of the fun is building a character. Or finding a godly drop and building a character around that. All that is gone with easier respecs. Instantly being able to switch it back and forth makes play very boring and cookie cutter. Why even have builds then?

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Ya thats huge. People kept dogging the recent survey saying it doesn’t mean anything but THIS definitely means they are for sure doing additional work post-launch. hooray! :partying_face:

Thats one of the main unforgivable changes they should NEVER implement. Literally way way worse than personal loot. lol. Unlimited respecs in D3 is what completely killed any type of build diversity or character diversity whatsoever. :face_vomiting:

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Agreed. Though D2 also have unlimited respecs. Should be rolled back tbh. Make it those 3 respecs from campaign only.


ah true. I never personally grinded for respec tokens. But having to be in Hell and also able to farm the bosses for them does give it a nice prerequisite don’t you think? But i also agree that the 3 from den of evil should be the only ones.


Removing LAN support will reduce the number of hacks, bots, mods, etc…

If that’s true, then I’m all for it.

I think it’ll mostly reduce piracy and hacks. But im positive bots will still thrive. as they do in all blizzard games. :roll_eyes:

I think LAN removal was more of a lazy-fix than a real fix. Considering you’ll still be able to use bots and im positive people will still make mods. It’ll just be a lot harder.


NHAM bug also “fixed”. Your character shouldn’t continue the attack or spell animation after being sent into hit recovery now:

The reason that occurred in D2L is that you would act on your client, but the server was still in hit recovery and rejected/ignored the command. D2R has made significant improvements so that if the player now sees what the client has been doing all these years much more accurately. So when you take a hit on the client, and are STILL taking a hit on the server, you’ll see the same thing in both places. The logic is still the same as it always has been, but we now have fixed how it is being shown on the client.

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Please add assassin bug fix, this is huge


Tyvm for the update. added to list :smiley: . Loving these fixes!

Very true. adding to the list now. Great news!

100% agree. Respec’ing should be NERFED if anything. Remove the tokens!


Yes. However, it would be nice to have unlimited respecs on SP like Plugy. Only SP though.

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Why would that be nice? Unlimited respecs is what killed D3’s skill system. Well that and no skill point system. But mostly unlimited respecs. lol

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NHAM bug was also fixed, if you can add that to the list.
New info about NHAM bug from PezRadar (fixed I think) - Diablo II: Resurrected / General Discussion - Diablo 3 Forums (blizzard.com)

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In Single Player not Multiplayer. Don’t see how that hurts. If you don’t want that in solo, then no need to use it.

Although on that point if you thought I meant multi player, there’s a skill system in D2 and D3 doesn’t have that. That was the major difference (that and end game content too accessible). Don’t see how bouncing builds is any different form building another char except for the time spent redoing a skill tree vs lvling another char. People just rushed those chars anyways. Game remains intact with items, skill tree, etc. Also doesn’t prohibit people from building another char up from scratch if they want to.

Modding the game to increase your stash space because stash space is stupidly non-existent in D2 is one thing. Adding unlimited respecs is like giving yourself unlimited gold or hero-editing your character. You aren’t even playing the game at that point, you’re just editing the code behind it to give yourself whatever you want. lol

Missed one:

  1. Total storage per purchased copy wildly reduced because of no infinite account creation.

It shouldn’t be treated like just a collateral effect of #8, using new Battle.Net. This deserves its own spot.


In LAN or SP, everyone should be able to do whatever he wants, and if one wants to fool himself, up to him.

The thing is that when they announced that they would keep LAN, it was supposed that they would be competent enough to avoid items being injected into BNet from client-side.

If they didn’t make that claim from the begining, that woul’ve been another story.

A mod should handle that. Blizzard should never offer free, umlimited respecs in a Diablo game imo.

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Ya thats what i meant. Not that they should prevent people in single player from using mods, just that it wouldn’t make sense for blizz to add that feature in themselves. Games shouldn’t offer unlimited resources as a pickable option lol.

Hey man im with you 100%. I love the new 10x10 stash with the shared tabs… but we have WAY less overall space if are character limit is freaking 20. it should be AT LEAST 40-50 or they could give us a bunch more tabs. Either way, one of those solutions needs to happen. I planned on making more than 20 characters WITHOUT mules ffs. :roll_eyes:

Glad we have someone chilling on twitter keeping track of the updates. i refuse to go on that site. lol. :face_vomiting: