28 Changes In D2: Resurrected [+More Post-Launch]

Always keep in mind that an “improvement” is a change

Being against change is being against improvements

Why can people consider that good changes exists rather than thinking every changes are bad

Hey man thats not ALWAYS true and you know it. :roll_eyes:

Most of these are amazing, sure. But LAN removal, Ebug/WSG removal and the woke artistic changes were all objectively BAD changes and not improvements at all.

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You got it all wrong

I never said changes are improvement

But improvements are changes

Ya you said it backwards and THEN said what i quoted, “Being against change is being against improvements”. which isn’t ALWAYS true, thats just a strawman to make it seem like anyone who argues with you is automatically “wrong” or “against improvements”.

Whatever dude no point arguing over something because you can’t understand a basic statement


27. No game creation limit. (do limitless pindle-runs! :exploding_head:)

A very important improvement IMO. No more realm down! :raised_hands:


“The irony is just too much. The EP and head of the Diablo franchise literally confirmed widescreen up to 19:9 on twitter. You can cry all you want and act like a condescending teenager who thinks he knows better but it won’t change the reality that widescreen support exists. its been confirmed, let it go.”

Haterade – umm… I have a 21:9 monitor. There’s no crying here – ill be able to exploit everything you will as a result (as will many others) and you’re still gonna get completely owned in the pvp you need an advantage for.

Literally everyone against 21:9 or any mini form of it are only saying it because they know people like you who think monitor is the key to PVP are just gonna cry louder once they realize that was never it / their ego gets flushed down the toilet like an AM dump. I really think the ultimate goal here was to prevent those who simply can’t win from tirading in the streets when their egos shatter learning the $800 monitor they bought solely for D2 still left them in the loser’s circle.

You’re still gonna get wrecked with no advantage and still be found wanting as SJWs usually are in life LOL. Please explain exactly what you are gloating about, because, you’re looking like the 1-27 boxer who brags before each match that he’s completely dominated in XD

Why do you always have to randomly throw politics into your arguments? Who’s being a social justice warrior? Where? lol

You’re the one needing a leg up cuz you think its gonna help you win in PVP after years of getting wrecked. Selfishness due to a bruised ego is the signature sign of an SJW. I call a spade a spade

You don’t realize you’re just gonna be facing the same people with the same monitor capabilities as you that are gonna wreck you as they did in vanilla duel games, right?

I think it’s time to stop using Diablo 2 for an ego booster (cuz you wont be pleased with the results as you’ve clearly never been before and therefore are now worried because you didn’t think about the flip side of the coin I mentioned when putting that monitor on your high interest credit card) and perhaps find a gainful career.

28: Added In-Game Clock.

Don’t be fooled. This is an important addition. Don’t want to fight demons all night, miss work and get fired. :smirk:


You might be very surprised at how well-off person(s) you deride here are. Just saying. Or can you see someone’s education / income / status through your monitor?


Anyone I never addressed or spoke to before who internalizes said comment is far from the claims you are making.

Those who are truly well off and don’t fit the exact profile I defined wouldn’t need to comment because their egos wouldn’t have felt anything by reading it.

Simple logic, (not) sorry my public comment that didn’t involve you hurt you… I guess you clearly confirmed my assumptions :wink:

Let’s hope they really do buckle down and boost stability - the smooth gameplay experience.

I don’t have an ultra wide but I think the game should be able to run it if you have it with no repercussions.

You got it, should be able to use it :man_shrugging:
I don’t hear anyone banning higher end computers or parts :man_shrugging:

Completely fair to limit hardware for balance reasons. Including UW monitors, macro keyboards and what not.
The monitors should not be banned obviously. Implementing balance measures is enough.
If Blizzard can solve the balance issues, then those limits could be removed.

So should the performance of all computers that meet the minimum requirements be subjected to the minimum requirements regardless of the power of the computer?

Same answer should apply to the monitors

Only if it causes balance issues.
Plenty of games historically have capped FPS for balance reasons.

How could it not have balance issues in every game?
Better visuals, better FPS ext.
It not capped for D2r and if it was capped it would be capped at what the minimum requirements to run the game could produce.

It’s not and it shouldn’t be nor should the monitors.
In fact there should be some legal issues if they do cap monitors.

Hopefully “Shared Stash for Classic” will be added to the list not too long before/after launch. It’s disgraceful that they do not have it yet.


Well i think thats a given. My personal experience with the Beta was pretty great and had pretty much no lag. In Dbrunski’s video here @ 7:00 he talks about his experience and the load times as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFGMqUTp4ww&t=426s

lol are you joking…? The extra distance breaks the games monster AI as well as gives a giant advantage in PVP.