21:9 Resolution Discussion Compilation

I’m waiting on their official statement about 21:9 resolutions to decide if I’m going to refund or not.

Below is a compilation of arguments I’ve read so far. Feel free to add, I will update the list.

Allow 21:9 aspect ratio

  • It’s a 2021 pc game release, 21:9 support is expected
  • The majority of modern games supports these resolutions, including more competitive games (Wow, HOTS, etc) and games similar to Diablo 2 (D3, Path of Exile, Grim Dawn, Torchlight 3, etc etc), no complains were registered on those games
  • The game is still rendered behind the black bars, wasting resources
  • Originally the game was meant to be played in 4:3, allowing 16:9 but not 21:9 feels an arbitrary decision
  • Improved visuals and immersion are the main selling point of this remake
  • The game ran great and looked gorgeous in 21:9 Alpha
  • PC gaming relies on it’s open nature, supporting different hardwares and pushing forward innovation
  • Makes the game visuals future proof as more people migrate to 21:9 resolutions
  • Pvp represents a fraction of the game
  • The game is being sold and advertised with support for modern screen resolutions

Force 16:9 aspect ratio

  • Using 21:9 aspect ratio, with carefully positioning players using ranged abilities can actually see the monster AI behavior when a 16:9 offscreen attack connects
  • 21:9 allows players to see and target things further. Makes it possible to kill things earlier, or things that normally would be killed offscreen. Allows more vision in-game. If some people dont have it, everyone shouldn’t have it
  • Affects pvp
  • 21:9 is a minority

I’m waiting on their stance. I can understand it affects multiplayer, especially pvp. But it feels really bad to have my singleplayer experience and the entire game affected like this. I feel this needs to be properly addressed.

Edit: Blizzard commented on the matter. An interesting note, they did not mention single player. Their full response:

If you don’t like blocks of texts, here are their reasons:

  • Players using 21:9 can pull many more monsters into battle, beyond the original game’s intention
  • The AI fails to sense players and trigger attacks
  • Players with 21:9 monitors could hit enemies, but the monsters would not pull or react, but could still be defeated.
  • the AI doesn’t register getting hit from that additional distance

I’m curious to see how many more monsters players pull into into battle, beyond the game’s original intention, with a 21:9 monitor versus 16:9 offscreen attacks. This will need testing. The same goes for the AI not registering hits on 21:9, but working properly with 16:9 offscreen attacks.

Overall, I’m done. This will be my last update here. Peace all.


Doesn’t it allow you to attack monsters etc. before they sense you and doesn’t it even allow you to attack them without them knowing to attack you? Just some things I read before.

I’ve watched some 21:9 gameplay and it felt the same as 16:9. If someone can provide a link to people attacking monsters before they are “activated” I’ll add to the list


I’ll look around and see. I know the regular D2 devs were talking about it before.

Purists just ruined the game for a part of the playerbase for actually nothing. Nice



Found this, the imgur link does show this. Apparently w/ ultrawide they were able to zoom out a crap ton in Nvidia settings or something and target things that were super far away and the monsters didn’t react by aggroing, they just started to move away.

It seems it’s a thin line to me and the devs would need to adjust the aggro radius of monsters if they were to keep it like this.

I added to the list. Interesting enough, that’s the monster behavior regardless if the player can see it or not. So if a player using 16:9 shots an arrow and hits a monster like that (in this case, offscreen), the monster would still get hit and randomly move around, 21:9 only allows to see that happening, it’s not the source of the problem

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It allows you to target things further away though, things you wouldn’t normally be able to see to attack. That and the aggro radius are the problems. If they somehow fixed that stuff, I wouldn’t have a problem with ultrawide support.

If you watch that video again, the agro seems tuned for 4:3, so both for 16:9 and 21:9 can see monsters “walking” around the corner of their screen. I’ll skip this argument unless proven otherwise

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When there stays 21:9 is minority then should also stays pvp comunity is minority, also they selling this while there stays"… added support for modern screen resolutions…".

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Added, thank you
I took the liberty of not listing “pvp is a minority” because that’s only an estimation without real proof. I listed “pvp is only a fraction of the game” instead
Feel free to disagree/suggest

Good job you named it beter than me :+1:

I 100% killed Andi off screen on my druid. Never was able to do that before. TBH I think this could be resolved by cast range limitation with respect to the either current 16:9 resolution, or the original 4:3 range.

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Thanks for the recap! I am hoping we get 21:9 back as it put a huge stonker on the gaming experience.


Thank you for your video. Nice important info showing the teleport already limited below the 21:9 area.

It is still a mystery why the black bars were added.

I completely agree they need to comunicate better. Maybe if they gave an explanation, people would understand.

I want to believe that if they still haven’t said a word, that’s probably because it is still under dicussion and there’s not an answer yet.

But honestly, a “We are still looking into it” would be nice, this complete silence makes many think they aren’t reading the feedback.

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Might be that it was temporary fix to stop people abusing unlimited aspect ratio.
Can’t wait for blue post…

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Lito can you please add this official statement to your list… thx:
Official Answer to 21:9 Support!

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