Why is not game lobby still fixed?

Actually, it is implented, I just joined a classic game with 200 ping with a player from Singapore.

Do some more tests, I’m 99% sure they implented it.

Great job devs!

I dont think so, i saw only like 7 games on hardcore. No way its implemented.

I dont belive there is just 7 public hc games in europe.

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How many games are usually on at this time in Europe? I think you’ll definitely see more very soon.

Pretty much same amount.

We will see tomorrow.

This is one of those things where even if the problem is not fixed, a commentary from blizzard on the situation would go a long way

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There are numerous game sites for each regions where these games populate. Players see their top game sites and those games from there. It will be expanded maybe later but for now it is working as intended which is the same as PTR which is an improvement over 2.3 and prior.

We still have a low population right now on servers so game lists feel a bit more empty. As regions hit primetime, we will monitor but for now, everything is looking fine and as expected


This is the same as the PTR fix? That is good news. Thanks. Insight into this issue is so so appreciated.

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Must agree Lobby should have been the first fix because you kinda see this first.


There’s 20 hardcore normal games on my list right now, that’s massive compared to before.

Thanks for the info Pez!


But one thing I just noticed is it seems the game lists cap at 20 games now.

I’m seeing 20 games on all of my NL lists (normal, nightmare, hell), and then 20 games on HC list.

Is that intentional?

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I can’t say no to an improvement. Also, thanks for putting the conjecture to rest, as that’s usually more beneficial than the information itself.

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Ah crap
20 game cap?

Still better than having to deal with two or three games on the list. But with all the trading game spam in hell, it’s going to suck if you are capped with 20 trade spam games. Need filters, badly. Baby steps at least.


I don’t care if only 20 games show up, as long as there aren’t 5:37:27 Cowrun07 and 1:22:02 Baalwalk15 sitting around.


This is crazy. They still need to add different channels, the ability to create channels, etc.


Hmm so the changes did go through, that’s good then. Btw, are you guys aware that act 2 mercs cant equip weapons like threshers anymore?

Wait what lol
Uh oh
Oh boy


Yeah, I can’t equip thresher or cryptic axe etc on him lol. Saw someone else in the bug forum having the same issue too.

Is it just automatically dropping everybody’s equipped polearms and people haven’t noticed that they left games with an unequipped merc?

That would be a disaster

Yeah, I don’t know how that’s going to play out because it was capped at 40 before.

Right now I’m seeing mostly trade games. I would like to see it go the PD2 route where the game list is completely uncapped and you have dozens of baal runs to choose from.


I don’t think it’s doing that at least haha. I was throwing some stuff together on a different character and it wouldn’t let me put any of them on him even though he met the stat requirements. Think they somehow screwed up to where the act 2 mercs can’t use polearms.

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