Trying to use a spell on cooldown (or when out of mana) shouldn't redirect character movement

  1. Put some skill with cooldown on RMB (e.g. plague javelin)
  2. Use the skill
  3. Instantly start running in one direction
  4. While the skill is on cooldown, try to use the skill in the opposite direction of where you are running

Character redirects their movement to where you tried (but failed) to use the skill on cooldown.
The same issue if out of mana for cast.

Character should maintain their movement vector

This issue is related to 2 other issues with undesired character movement:


This is a critical issue and was still broken right up to the end of PTR.

It’s extremely noticable playing fire druid where you have multiple cooldown skills with lengthy cooldowns. You can be running from a pack and try to drop a volcano on them, but if it’s still on cooldown you will run head first into the pack.

Behaviour occurs whether you’re right clicking to cast or quick casting, as long as you are currently running when you cast and the ability is on cooldown it will run to cursor. Standing still continues to stand still, not run to cursor.


All of these clicking/movement bugs definitely need fixed, it makes the game clunky. Especially the inventory movement bug.