Vendor cannot fill TP/ID scroll in belt

Right now vendor cannot fill belt with town portal and identify scroll if there are any present in belt and Shift+ left click cannot move the scrolls to belt.


Confirming. Cannot buy scrolls into belt, cannot pick them up (loot) into belt, cannot shift click them into belt. This is the new bug of the PTR2.

I suggest you to change the post title to a more encompassing one (they are more likely to attract the attention of an employee):

Cannot loot from the ground, shift-click or buy teleport scrolls into the belt

If bugs like these will keep getting added to the game im going back to 1.14 i swear. Fluent clicking and controls are the very core of Diablo 2.

First they make it hard to move around in tight dungeons (bug in LIVE since release):

It is hard to move towards the left hand wall in the Catacombs Level 4 first chamber (left clicks don’t register)

Then they mess up movement clicks in PTR1:

Trying to use a spell on cooldown (or when out of mana) shouldn’t redirect character movement

Right clicking an item in inventory when moving causes character to redirect their movement

After killing a monster by holding down LMB, character shouldn’t move to cursor

Now this…