Right clicking an item in inventory when moving causes character to redirect their movement

To reproduce:

  1. Open inventory
  2. Start running left\up\down (right works too but less obvious)
  3. While character is running, right click on an item in the inventory (practical use, e.g. open a town portal from or drink a potion; but you can right click on a non-usable item too, e.g. short sword or any gear or empty gear slot or even empty space in the inventory)

Result: Character redirects to where the the mouse was clicked, i.e. to the right

Expected: Character should maintain their movement vector

Demonstration video: https://gfycat.com/essentialopulentdodobird

This issue is related to 2 other issues with undesired character movement:


This is super annoying for us speedrunners!

It also happens if you click on a skill tree tab

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yeah and belt and any menu too, i think

I hope this gets fixed before 2.4 goes live, very annoying.