Cannot connect to server

Same here, North America server. It went from failing every other game, to failing 2 out of 3, and now it’s failing all of them.

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Same problem here, no solution from Blizzard.

Is this the same level of support I can expect from Dragonflight? Not a great look Blizzard.

Same here - it’s been happening for a while now. First noticed when I tried to create a game before the last SC L walk. At the time I thought it was just due to the number of people logged in… It’s gotten really bad over the last day.

I cant too, since yesterday this problem. But, this morning it get worse. We want a solution please, I have to play Persona 5 while this is on…

I just asked for some anwser on Twitter. The CS respond to me in a min with this message !
: Yes, we’ve passed the reports along but we don’t have an ETA for a resolution at this time. ^JH

Hope it gets fixed soon !

Happening to me as well, feeling injured, unfortunate!

From other thread…

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Still random disconnects (and rollback of maybe 5 minutes) and cannot-create/join-game errors. For a whole week. In Asia.

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