Ongoing issue here. Started for me at 11AM EST, and now its ongoing to 8:30PM. Still occurring.

“Cannot Connect to Server” is the exact error.

400 Down / 30 Up wired connection.

I know the new WoW pre patch just dropped and players paying a monthly sub take priority but we also paid for this game and exist and having the problem at least acknowledged would be make us all feel better.

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I just asked for some anwser on Twitter. The CS respond to me in a min with this message !
: Yes, we’ve passed the reports along but we don’t have an ETA for a resolution at this time. ^JH

Hope it gets fixed soon !

So you’re Jared Lewis? I just read the tweet. lol

Will blizzard be giving any feedback around this?

We are investigating. Thanks for the reports.


SAME, started with Uber yesterday…Can’t create a game so no anny this time :frowning: .
And sameting tonight can’t create 8 time on 10 try. So its series time…

Thanks for the acknowledgement! Hope for a speedy fix.

Bout time dude, an entire day and not even a word is absurd. Transparency would be most appreciated in regards to server stability.


Why it took so much time to ack?

Please note that the problems now, are worse than they were 4 hours ago.

These server issues are really getting ridiculous. Are players really going to invest in D4 if Blizzard cannot even get their servers fixed. Server issues have been around since D2R started.

Ah, the monthly post from our community manager…


Same here! Since last evening, the issue has been become wrose and wrose. At present, logging into the game is impossible even I made several tries. Always staying at the creating game!

Same here cant connect. Issues all day

“We are eating pizza and playing ff14 right now, we will have the new guy get on it as soon as he shows up.”:stuck_out_tongue:

Its now fixed. SA server is up, 30ms here in Brazil

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Team has rolled out a fix so we should be seeing game creation recuperate in the next hour. We will investigate more on the cause. Thanks all for the reports and apologies for the disruption.


Hope you’ll come back to us with the cause… and why such a delay again?

Timing for servers to start acting funny is convenient to talks of new duping method going wide.