Cannot connect to server

I’m getting this problem when trying to create games using the “Play” button, before entering in the lobby.

5 in 6 times, it fails, then it works one, and get back again to the same issue.

Please, check the servers. I can join games and create then on Lobby without issue.

OBS: Sorry, creating games on lobby is unstable as well.


Same here. Not connect to the server.

Same here. Creating game… Cannot connect to server

same here also cannot

This has been happening to me for the past 24 hours or so. Very high ping and it takes a while to create games.

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Very annoying. Any ETA when its gonna be fixed?

Yep, started for me last night and occurs pretty often. Never had an issue before.

me too :slight_smile: all of the connection troubleshooting steps didn’t help either

I saw other topics from players complaining about the same problem that has been happening for the past 24 hours or so. When a new atempt of creating a game is made, most of the times results in fail, and even if succeed, the game is created with very high ping.

Seems like a server issue.

lets goo blizzz fixx it!!!

yup same issue ffs…
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cannot create game, whether its play from char screen or custom game screen.

I am able to join existing games.

Fails about 1/3 of the time for me too.

Same with me, started about 4 hours ago for me

been happening for the last 20h or so, but now its not just lag, cant even log in with a character…

Same here, I can join games in the lobby, but when I try to create one of my own only about 1 in 10 actually works

This is NA server, seems to work just fine on EU, but still…

Same here as others. Game opens with list of characters , but when I go to create a game, I get a timeout, and I am returned to the character screen

Same here, started to happen yesterday and today still not fixed.

Can you acknowledge there is an issue please?

its been happening all day …

same thing here, can join games sometimes though