Cannot connect to server

Reported hours ago and still no words of a problem, I was under the impression servers were monitored much more than that.

same issue here, americas server

EU server works fine.

either can’t play or play with 200 ping, teleporting around feels terrible. Please fix your game

Same here, and once you get in you’re never getting in again with another char

NA servers i cant create games but if i flop over to eu i can. something is going on with NA Servers. I would be pinging EAST coast GS’s I wonder if this issue is localized to certain GS’s

I just tested EU server and it works, but with slow ping, not great for teleport.
I wish they would fix the NA server.
Even when it works, it takes sooooo looong to make a new game.
And more than half the time it says “Cannot connect to server”

Yep, same problem on Americas servers. No problem creating games on EU servers and no official word from Blizzard. WTH

Currently having the same issue.
America servers. Creation of games equals “cannot connect to server”

If someone uses Twitter, they can try tweeting them what’s going on. It seems they pay more attention to Twitter than they do their own official forums. :man_facepalming:

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still unable to create games WTH if i wanted serve issues id go play path of exile
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If anything, it is getting worse. You guys forget to feed the server hamster?

Happening to me as well

Glad to know that I’m not alone in this

Servers are boom! :frowning:

been having same issue since yesterday. Originally i blamed comcast because thats usually why i have connection issues…

Seems they took all server resources from D2R and gave it to Dragonflight pré-patch.

Same here issue has been happening since yesterday very laggy and cant create games / cannot connect to server.

Same here, started right as dclone was starting, and has been happening since. I’m going to try EU till someone at blizzard fixes it.

Same here. I was able to create a couple games and now I’m 0/10, searching forums instead of playing the game I really want to play. This really sucks.

Yup, very tough to play now. Everyone is having this problem