Cannot connect to server

Happening to me as well

Glad to know that I’m not alone in this

Servers are boom! :frowning:

been having same issue since yesterday. Originally i blamed comcast because thats usually why i have connection issues…

Seems they took all server resources from D2R and gave it to Dragonflight pré-patch.

Same here issue has been happening since yesterday very laggy and cant create games / cannot connect to server.

Same here, started right as dclone was starting, and has been happening since. I’m going to try EU till someone at blizzard fixes it.

Same here. I was able to create a couple games and now I’m 0/10, searching forums instead of playing the game I really want to play. This really sucks.

Yup, very tough to play now. Everyone is having this problem

Same here, North America server. It went from failing every other game, to failing 2 out of 3, and now it’s failing all of them.

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Same problem here, no solution from Blizzard.

Is this the same level of support I can expect from Dragonflight? Not a great look Blizzard.

Same here - it’s been happening for a while now. First noticed when I tried to create a game before the last SC L walk. At the time I thought it was just due to the number of people logged in… It’s gotten really bad over the last day.

I cant too, since yesterday this problem. But, this morning it get worse. We want a solution please, I have to play Persona 5 while this is on…

I just asked for some anwser on Twitter. The CS respond to me in a min with this message !
: Yes, we’ve passed the reports along but we don’t have an ETA for a resolution at this time. ^JH

Hope it gets fixed soon !

Happening to me as well, feeling injured, unfortunate!

From other thread…

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Still random disconnects (and rollback of maybe 5 minutes) and cannot-create/join-game errors. For a whole week. In Asia.

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