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Mobile apps.

Smart-watch apps.

VR experiences.

What would you do with game data if there were no limits on what was available?

That’s not rhetorical—we really want to know! Here at Blizzard our game data API team has a vision—and it’s to help you achieve yours. While we can’t promise we’ll make all the data you’re requesting available, letting us know what you want is the first step to getting it. (That’s also a life lesson!) Whether it’s an idea you had to scrap because the data wasn’t there, or something you’ve been thinking about for a while and haven’t started digging into, we want to hear it!

Our game data API team is working on ways to improve our processes and services internally to make it easier to share more data with you, our community developers. We’d rather not speculate about what you want, and we’d love to hear your opinion on what we can do to help. Our team gets super excited about all the cool things you do with game data to create engaging player experiences, and we want to enable you to do even more! As we work on our services, we’ll be keeping in mind the data you want so we can do our best to get it for you*.

The information you provide will only be used to improve and inform our decisions around our services and APIs. Seriously, that’s it! We promise not to spam you just for responding to our survey. We also promise to read every single reply, whether it’s feedback around an idea you think would be neat or something you started on and haven’t quite finished yet. We want to know about it!

Please check your developer portal-registered e-mail for your personal survey link.

*Within reason, of course!


Sounds great! Your team really did an awesome job with API migrations and fixing all the issues. Yeah, sometimes you did it a bit late, but who don’t fail, right?

Please check your developer portal-registered e-mail for your personal survey link.

But developer portal-registered e-mail isn’t the same, as our BNet e-mail login account? And if so, I guess that not every developer received a e-mail. For example I haven’t got it yet. But I have generated API keys and actively using it. (I think that sometimes I’m using it too actively)

So could you provide a bit more info about this survey? Or I should be RIO / TUJ / WCL dev to receive it?

Thanks for reaching out about this!

You will only have received the e-mail with the survey if you are opted in to receive communication from Blizzard. If you would like to receive surveys and communication in the future, please check your communication preferences for your account.

If you would like to reply to this thread with any feedback regarding the APIs, we will be happy to read it and take it under advisement.


While I did reply to the email I received, having APIs for all games would be really great. I know Overwatch is one that is requested a lot and I’m pretty sure HoTS would be great to have too.

Even better if future games come with one from the start! (Thinking about Diablo 4 here)

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I never received the survey either, and it’s not in my junkmail. I’d certainly never have deliberately opted out of receiving Blizzard mails. I don’t even see an option for that in my account settings, so I don’t know how to check it.

I have a WoW Item ID and some bonus IDs. I want to know the stats on the item with those bonuses. The old API had that, the current one still doesn’t.


I don’t want this post to be seen as pure criticism and I want to make it clear that I appreciate all the effort put into those APIs. However my suggestion is not targeted on new things, but on improvements on the currently available features.

Like @Erorus mentioned it is currently impossible to determine the meaning of bonus IDs for items (this affect both AH and character equipment endpoints) without having to rely 3rd party sources, but the data gap doesn’t stop there.

The item endpoint alone has a lot of duplicated and hard to find information, for instance you can only find out if an item has limited duration by parsing the preview_item field, this portion of the json can have many optional fields and they are really hard to find unless you iterate over the whole endpoint and check every response.

It would be very nice to have an official JSON schema or other kind of documentation for all API responses. Otherwise how is a new developer supposed to know what to expect and prepare a front-end for that information ?

Other useful documentation to have is all possible values for enumerators, like INVENTORY_TYPE, ITEM_QUALITY, etc

Another good example for this is the quest endpoint where the response may have many optional fields for rewards and reputation. Since we have to fetch all (at least one of each kind) responses to map them this can make it really hard to allow a developer to explore all possibilities.

In short: I think it would be better if we could have a better documentation on what is already available before new data is added.

Note: It would be nice to know what is the intended use and what to expect from each endpoint:

  • Can we use the items endpoint for creating an item database or it is there only to act as a support endpoint for AH and equipment APIs ?
  • Will the creatures endpoint ever include all NPCs or just non combat pets and tameable creatures ?

The one thing I’d find useful above any other would be an embeddable (WebGL-based ?) model viewer for WoW models that we could use on websites or apps. Something where we could either request a WoW model by display ID parameters, or at least provide NPC/mount/pet/item IDs and Blizzard sends us just the relevant display data.

While I don’t expect it’ll happen, it’s nice to be asked about what we’d wish for. Thanks :smiley:

Posting here since I didn’t seem to get the survey email.

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Thank you for taking the time to read feedback and work on improving the API! It is greatly appreciated.

  • As others have mentioned, I think the top of my wish list would be fixing bugs and cleaning up data that have been reported with the current WoW APIs. Things like recipes are still missing, achievement timestamps are wrong, quests data is incomplete, etc. I’ve tried my best to report issues as I’ve found them and won’t repeat everything here.
  • Would love an API to see a character’s Toys, in the same way we can see Mounts and Pets.
  • Would love an API to see what transmog appearances each character has collected. This might be a lot of data, so maybe it can’t be done in the same way as Mounts and Pets, but that would be nice.

Thank you!

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I appear to not have had my email registered properly. I admit probably an error on my end. Is there some way to double check this and get access to the survey?

Profile API’s for Classic World of Warcraft!

I would like a profile API for heroes of the storm. Is that something you think you’re going to implement eventually?

Hello there,

I develop the Telsa Mount Planner site. I would love to be able to check 2 more things:

  1. What bosses/dungeons/raids a character currently has loot locked, as in, that character has already killed it this week (if thinking of a raid) or this day (when thinking of rare mobs). I could use this to plan better routes.
  2. A count of lifetime kills of all mobs per character and per account. So I could check how many times a person has attempted to obtain certain mounts and failed.

Maybe these 2 are just dreams, not sure, let me know!

Telsa Productions


I’d to double Erorus’ and Schiller’s posts about item and bonus_list endpoints.
This two are exactly what wanted to be seen before release of Shadowlands expansion.

The achievements endpoint is also one endpoint that is hard to navigate through. In order to show a player’s achievement, we need to:

  • download the profile endpoint for achievements
  • Download the categories index from game data
  • With the first request’s response, download each detailed achievement with the ids to get the categories and detailed information.

Only then can you match the achievements to the categories. If the profile endpoint included the categories id, it would make everything much easier.

With the amount of achievements out there, which keeps on growing with every patch and expansion, it is really bad to have to download every achievements one by one (not because it is slow but because of the request limit of 100/s) to be able to map them to their respective categories.

Now with all endpoints being better separated (which is good), we already need quite a lot of requests to gather a character’s information, add to this the achievements and the collections and you need a few mins to download everything for a single character because of that limit.

Guys! I’m a big fan of hots. If you check my profile you can see that I also play or played WoW, Overwatch, Herthstone. But hots I like so much so I want to create a really good community site. Please, give us an API for hots! Maybe not everything at one time, just a little part (profile, skills, talents, last games). Let me combine two powerful things: ruby on rails and hots on one site :slight_smile:

It would be lovely to be able to access guild calendar info. (Restricting access to guild members with OAuth account authorization would be fine.) My guild doesn’t use the in-game calendar because we can’t access it via the API. Our external calendar offers additional features such as text message and Discord ping reminders. We’d love to be able to link data and use calendar info in-game too.

As mentioned by others, I’d like a toys API and getting the item/bonusid regression fixed.

FYI, I also didn’t receive the survey info–And I do receive marketing emails from Blizzard on a regular basis.

One more idea to add:

I had a user just say that they like to collect all the different Garrison followers, along with the mission tables from Legion and BfA. It would be nice if there were APIs to see information on player’s Garrisons and mission tables. Primarily so we can see what they have and help them find all the followers to collect, but I’m sure there can be some other useful tools to build around it.

Thank you!

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Having had a broken, long-standing, API component plague my site for two weeks now, I’d really just be happy if you managed to keep the existing API stable and not overreach. If you can’t keep existing features stable, it suggests you don’t have the staff to be adding more. Two weeks is really too long for established things to stay broken when your users are relying on them for their products.

For Profile API

Character Mythic Keystone Profile Index

Character Mythic Keystone Season Details

These API requests only provide information on the “best run” of a specific dungeon in a specific period (either by season or period)

For Data API

Mythic Keystone Leaderboard

Provides data for the top 500 “best runs” of a specific dungeon in a given period (Weekly)

An API request that I would love to see implemented is one that allows us to query the Mythic Keystone Dungeon History of a character for a specified dungeon within a specified period. That would be more inclusive/complete of all dungeons ran and not only those deemed as the “best run”.

To get more specific:
It would be nice for an API request to be added to the Profile API with the following parameters to gather the historical information for Mythic Keystones Dungeons.

Under Character Mythic Keystone Profile API
Mythic Keystone Dungeon History Details
Parameters: Region, Realm, Character Name, Dungeon ID and Season ID/Period ID.

Returns all historical information, completed by the character, for {a specified dungeon} within the {specified timeframe}.

This would be extremely useful for many cases. Here is one of the use cases I would utilize this data for.

We have a Mythic Plus Pushing Community that is capped out in player count. Some/Many of the players do not have the activity levels of other applicants trying to get into the community. I would love to be able to generate a report for the potential applicant and compare that data with current members to better be able to evaluate who would be a better fit within the community.

Not only for community based recruiting, I could also see this providing significant benefits for evaluating applicants for guild recruiting purposes.