How to get all Mythic keystones runs?

I would to get all my Mythic keystones runs.
But i haven’t found necessary API.
Character Mythic Keystone Season Details (/profile/wow/character/{realmSlug}/{characterName}/mythic-keystone-profile/season/{seasonId}) shows only best seasonal runs.


At least checking the current period’s bests would be nice for community competitions that can be tracked outside the game.

You’ll have to go through all the leaderboards for your realm for every dungeon and every week you’re interested of getting

Sure, but with leaderboards starting with runs at Keystone level 10 (high populated realms and enthusiastic players) tracking lower runs is kind of challenging. The only option I am aware of is to track the personal best runs which do not reset per period (week).

Let’s say I want to get the current week’s best, which is a level 7 keystone for a dungeon, but last week one group did it at 9 (group member’s best):
I won’t be able to acknowledge the performance since I am only aware of the 10+ runs of this week via leaderboard and the personal best score, which is the last week’s level 9 run.

I just want to verify that I have all the information correct and there is not an alternative method for retrieving full and complete Mythic Keystone Dungeon History by doing any type of API request.

Please correct me if anything is missing or if any of this is incorrect.

Profile API
Character Mythic Keystone Profile Requests

  • Only provides the “best runs” for the character based on the season.

Character Mythic Keystone Profile Index Requests

  • Provides only partial historical data for the “current” period

For both of these requests, they do not provide full/complete historical data in regards to ALL mythic keystone dungeons being completed for the character.

If a character completes a specific dungeon with a keystone level 4 then does another run for the exact same dungeon with a keystone level higher than 4, either of these API requests would not provide any data relating to the keystone level 4 run, only would provide information about the “best run” for each specific dungeon in that period/season.

For Data APIs
Mythic Keystone Leaderboard
-Provides Mythic Keystone Dungeon information for all players in a specific realm, dungeon and period. This query is limited to 500 results. This query would only consistently provide accurate and complete mythic dungeon history information for the period on completely dead realms, that have low activity.

There is no accurate/complete method to determine the Mythic Keystone History for a character.

I would LOVE to find a method to where I can grab Mythic Dungeon History information for a character by doing requests with region, character, realm, dungeon ID, period ID/Season ID as the parameters.

Anyone know of a way?

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There is currently no way of getting the data you are looking for using only the API.

You might want to add your request here: Our vision is to help you achieve yours

Will do. Thanks for the input.