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came here for this same thing.

IMO part of the reason the mythic+ community is on the small-side is due to confusion caused on high pop realms around whether-or-not your run will even be visible to community sites like raider

mythic+ community wants to do more if you give us the data to do it

Currently I have been wanting to develop a Discord bot for World of Warcraft, but sadly am missing my two most requested features.

  • For the Guild officers, a way to check the people who have signed up or not for next raid.
    *A way for people to request which mythic keystone their character currently holds.

I don’t know if it’ll be something that’s possible, but it’s nice to dream.

A detailed graph with the users lost time in blizzard games, favourite time of day, most played characters, games . We just need the an equivalent and detailed version of wows “/played” including ptr, beta and various forms of realms across games and across accounts and “chars”.

Also what would be really amazing is detailed quest data for WoW.
It is a tedious task to figure out which quests require which conditions to appear , when an npc is moving, where you need to turn in stuff and so on.

A lot of time and effort goes into figuring out how a completionist can come close to 100% quests done and we always have to guess which quests block which others if there are alternate branches and optional quests or breadcrumbs. Access to these conditions would be a time saver.

Having all means of transportation, including the target locations for spells and items listed including quest specific portals, flightpaths and teleports would help a lot with pathfinding.
Azeroth has become very large over the years and there is no easy way to make sure you didn’t miss a shortcut in your route finding.

Conversion Tables for milling, disenchanting, alchemy , and so on. Whenever one ressource is converted into another a set of resources it would be nice to know what a certain item can into and what chances there are for the outcome.
Must not be completely precise but it is a lot easier than guess work on our side.

collecting loot for mobs is also a boring and not precise business, the drop tables and chances on sites like wowhead are intresting but far from useful outside of very basic infos like “where do i get my tradeskill materials” and “where is the item for this quest”.

Snapshot character details for every mythic+ run and raid encounter

Currently, there is no way to get information about the character load-out that is used for a specific run. There are community sites that pretend that they can show you the gear that was used for a specific key. However, this data is often wrong because the character load-out is only captured on log-out.

Having an API where we can query the character per mythic+ run or raid encounter would go a long way to present proper information about the gear and telents that were used for a specific key or raid encounter.


I would like to give a feedback about WoW profile APIs. I know that character data is updated once the user logs out of the game with that character. But this causes some problems. The major problem I’m dealing with is that when the character gets kicked out of the guild but never logs back in with that character. So unless he does that guild roster doesn’t return that character data but account characters return that character with the wrong guild filled. This causes a confusion on our database. Can’t you at least refresh character cache if the character gets /gkick ed or /gquits?


I’d love for some Calendar Control API to Create/manage/delete Calendar Events,


ST2) Please a detail match history API of custom games

Does Match History API provide only simple matching information?
Can’t see details?

Star Cleft 2 Client Battlenet displays match records in detail.

Could you please provide more information from the Starcraft2 API as well?


An API request was made to the url address.

“matches”: [
“map”: “Refinery XJ-17”,
“type”: “4v4”,
“decision”: “Loss”,
“speed”: “Faster”,
“date”: 1503640246
“map”: “Refinery XJ-17”,
“type”: “custom”,
“decision”: “Loss”,
“speed”: “Faster”,
“date”: 1503639097

The data was transmitted in JSON format as described above.

Only a simple record of the game is coming out.
Can you see more details?

How many players are there,
Who is 1player,
Who is 2player,
What is the military production score?
Can you also check the details?

When you connect the game and press the history button of the game, you can see the details there.
However, the API does not provide it.

I now want to review the custom game record in detail.

I’m a hero combat st2 game maker similar to LOL.

My profession is a web developer.

I would like to create a battle record site for my game.
You need to check the player’s record.

It will be provided in the same way as the record from the Battlenet client.

All you have to do is provide the data displayed on Battlenet as it is.

I like Blizzard very much.
Please add a function!

Help Me!! ㅠㅠ

It would be great to know what has actually sold on the auction house, rather than just snapshots of listings as it’s impossible to tell if something has expired, been re-listed or sold

Guild bank log.
Seriously, that would be a game changer for “big” guilds.

I manage a guild with 50 raiders and dozens of revolving players. There is no way to trace anything and the ingame log is useless and incomplete.

With a simple log, a real one (not just “last X transactions”), we could monitor who takes what, who brings what, compute a “balance” for each player to detect who leech community ressources, give additional loots/whatever to people replenishing the bank, etc.

It’s been requested in this forum for years.
It was not feasible back then because of authentication, but now, there is no technical limitation for this.

Just a bank log…
Or talk with you colleagues and fix the damn ingame log! :smiley:


In D3, is there an possible that we can render a character in leaderboard?

I would really like to be able to get the online status of wow characters from the web api!

I would like to add my support to Reginherus’s request of making all historical mythic keystone dungeon runs available via API. Only showing “best runs” is not enough in some cases.

In particular, my use case is to be able to determine a character’s Great Vault rewards for the next week based on dungeon runs in the current period. Since the Great Vault gives rewards based on number of dungeons done and their levels, having a run “hidden” in data from the API because a better run of the same dungeon happened in the same week makes this impossible.

Another thing I would love is for the API documentation to include an explanation of the structure of API responses, what the fields mean, and how they’re determined. For example, the Character Mythic Keystone Profile Index API endpoint is simply described with the sentence, “Returns the Mythic Keystone profile index for a character.” This gives absolutely no useful information that the name of the API does not already give. There is a form that describes the meaning of the input parameters, but the structure of the response is not shown at all, let alone explained. The only way to see what it does is to make a request and study the response. The meanings of most of the fields in the response can be intuited, but this is no substitution for documentation. Even in cases where the meaning of the field is obvious, it is useful to know whether a certain field will always be present in the response, or whether it can contain a null value, or whether it might be omitted entirely when null or not applicable.

In some cases it’s not even clear what the data in a field means. For example, the “best_runs” field in the Character Mythic Keystone Season Details API endpoint’s response is quite ambiguous. It would be reasonable to think that if only best runs were shown, that at most one run for each dungeon would be included in this array, but that’s not the case. With multiple runs of the same dungeon included, it would be reasonable to assume that if a character’s highest level run of a dungeon was not completed in time, then both that run and the highest level completed of the same dungeon would be included, too. But this also doesn’t seem to explain the presence of runs in this field. In the data for my own main character, best_runs includes a Necrotic Wake +8 that was finished on time and a Necrotic Wake +5 that was not finished on time. It’s unclear why the +5 version is included as a “best run.” Since there is absolutely no explanation of how this array is determined in the documentation, developers are left to guess and will likely make inaccurate assumptions about what the data means and how it can be used.


Guilds should definitely have a progress data. This also can be visible on WoW armory and should be provided to 3rd party devs via API. This way we can show all up-to-date progress info of the guilds.

What about fixing issues that are on the current api for at least 1 year? ^^


Documentation, documentation, documentation.

The API in its current state offers a world of information, and we could use it in a huge number of different and innovative ways. But that’s nothing, really, because most of the time ideas for applications do not come from what the API offers. Instead, ideas come from whatever developers can think of doing with the information they can actually decode from the absurd situation of not having a way to know what the hell the API response is actually saying.

The API Documentation can barely be called a documentation, really. It does nothing more than enumerate endpoints and provide minimal information on what each input field means.

Looking at the universe of applications that use data from the API, and the amazing stuff these developers manage to do with it, it is left to the wildest imagination to come up with what kinds of innovative, useful applications could be created if developers actually had a clue about what responses they can expect, what each field means and how they should expect the API to behave.

The current state of the “documentation” results in an awful waste of resources; I use about 5-10% of the information I receive form the API; mostly because I simply don’t know what it means.

Is it a design decision? Did someone really decide that the best way to expose an API involved neglecting documentation? If that’s the case, it’s really amazing that any application is successful at all. The merit for that success goes in its entirety to the people developing them, because they are being set up for failure.

So if you really want to help us “achieve our visions”, put your money where your mouth is. Document your API.


Oh, and a Great Vault API.

Have reduced my playing time considerably because it has become a waste of time. Shadowland pomised easy flying requirements but they lied. Blizzard appears to be to dumb to realize that flying made their popular game super popular but they want to make flying so hard to achieve it is not worth a players time. Ever since the have been protecting their Great Holy Skill from people they think it is good. Think again if WoW is to be saved.

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Things that would be great for WoW TBC Classic :slight_smile:
(WoW Classic (TBC) API - Sockets, Spell Haste missing)

  • Add Spell haste (Its missing in the TBC Classic item data)
  • Add Socket Information to Items
  • Add Stats to the Gem item data
  • Open the Spell API (and all the other APIs) for Classic TBC
  • With the implementation of contend phases to Classic TBC, it would be great to have information about the phase an item is/was realest in
  • It would also be great if one could use the item search to search by stats (Like it says in the search guide (str=[41,]))
  • Informations wether an item is obtainable ingame would be great
  • Informations about the Source of an item would also be grate (from mobs, Vender, etc) or in my dreams having detailed drop chance informations :smiley:

I’m still waiting for an easy way to just list the best dungeon runs of a single character. The tyrannical + the fortified run that makes up the score (and which affix made up which part of the score). Currently I’m just getting 15 entries from the period call, where the ratings wont add up to the characters total rating.

Having to constantly pull in hopes of an update + scraping the leaderboards in hopes it shows up there wont do the API any benefits.

I am having the same issue and am also looking for a consistent way to ensure the mythic keystone profile endpoint is at the very least always returning the runs associated with the mythic + score of the character.

What I would love to see is the ability to get all mythic + runs associated to a character, including their history of runs completed for the purposes of trending over time and different mythic + analysis.

Would love to have any and all personal D4 stats made available that you are tracking. I must admit I’m a stat junkie, but I suspect most others would love to see at least some of the below such as:

  1. General profile api similar to D3
  2. Mobs killed by type, above the 10k currently tracked via achievements
  3. HC & Non-HC Deathlog - Location (i.e. Name Dungeon/NMD Tier, Open world Location), World Tier, Level, Type of Mob killed by (e.g. Lvl 99 HC Barb Killed by Shocking Quill Rat in Tier 50 Twisted Hollow NMD :stuck_out_tongue: )
  4. Boss Kill Log, or at a minimum an incremented var for each time you kill a Boss, to create ‘Uber Lilith Kill’ races and leaderboard
  5. World Event stats, such as World events completed, completed w/ Mastery, World Bosses Killed, Legion Events completed
  6. Official API for WorldBoss/Legion/Helltide/Blood Harvest timers and locations etc., though I admit other developers have figured this out quite well on their own somehow
  7. Unique drop log - would love to create a unique ‘collection’ player profile, where folks would chase every unique/uber unique to complete their collection.

Generally, I’d say the more stats and data the merrier! Even the ‘Elite Malignant Monsters Slain’ and ‘Malignant Hearts Caged’ data from the Season 1 summary email was cool to see.

Side note, I did not receive the developer email :grin:

Thank you for everything that you do for us!