Modern Warfare slow download?

so i got a problem with downloading Modernwarfare. When i download MW, ill get like 2-4MB per second, when i get usually 10-15 MB. So ill started downloading Starcraft II and see there, ill got 12MB per second, 1 Second later ill go back to MW and ill just got again 2-4MB, i stopped and went back to starcraft II and again 11MB, my speedtest also says i got my full Download speed. Also its just on MW for some reason. Are there to much downloading so the server are overheated? Best regards


mate im not even hitting 1mb and im getting pissed i started downloading 4 hours agao and im sitting in the KB/s and my speed is 70mbps


LOL, got a Gigabit connection here, download speeds are anywhere b/w 250~575KB/s. Though while using a VPN, I’m able to hit 4.5MB/sstrong text.


I keep hearing people say VPNs are helping. Which VPN are you using and where are you tunneling to?

Also getting 500kbps for MW while everything else is full speed. Managed to pull down only 30gb in twelve hours.


I bought a month of NordVPN and connected to the US server. I went from 500kbps to 8mbps. Guess I have my answer.

I’m in asia pacific for anyone wondering.



I wanted to provide a bit more insight into this as I understand it can be frustrating to deal with!

When you utilize a VPN that action changes the route the connection is taking from the PC to our datacenter. If a routing issue is occurring over the ISP route but not the VPN route you would see a major improvement in speed. You can also try switching regions to do this by logging out of the Blizzard app -> Click the planet icon above your Email -> Select EU or Asia -> login to see if that helps.

Other reasons for this issue can be the following:

Thank you!


I have the same problem, this is ridiculous, tired of being stolen from!

I have a 200MB Fibre and currently downloading on 600KB/s, where as on steam my download rate is perfect.


Download limitations is set to 0, I am on a wired connection . I have tried everythin, the download starts at 2mb/s then gradually drops to 500-600KB/s


also tried downloading a vpn, currently a 8MB/s stable. so that worked


Same issues.

Wired connection
1G download
Limit through blizzard client set to 0
other platforms downloading at a steady 50-100mb download (Non-are ran while downloading Modern warfare)
NVME m.2 ssd
network is stable no VPNs

Any update blizzard?

any other possible solutions I/we could try?


get a VPN mate, it worked for me, well it still works, with vpn the speeds are at 600 kb/s and with it on goes to 8 mb/s

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What VPN should I connect to? I’m having the same problem

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Same crap here 300KB/s when I usually get around 2.5MB/s. A friend with a 500Mbps connection has the same issue.

I downloaded the game at work and transferred the files over. The download was fine there but now at home again there’s a 7.5GB patch LESS THAN 24 HOURS AFTER THE GAME HAS BEEN RELEASED.

Sort your sh** out blizzard.


Also tried everything above.
im on a gig connection fast says im getting 930mb download speeds.
my install game took 1 day to install at 1mb - 10mb max. now the updates are 500kbs - 1/2 mbs – come on guys sort this out

Blizzard you owe me $12.95USD - used Hotspot Shield and now getting 8 - 10mb a sec - wtf


GODDAMIT is the data center overwhelmed? Ive tried everything to get better than 1Mbps download speed but nothing is working . Ive been at this download for two DAYS

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We all have the same problems, sucks no one helps. I get 100kb downloadspeeds some reason i’ve also been downloading for 2 days… I’m near orlando florida

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This is so poorly setup. Cant even go online on battle-net when on LAN but downloads 2mb/s on WIFI… Figure it the hell out here

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SaferVPN have a 24 hour free trial with no credit card required.


I think I figured a way… I’m downloading 10mb/s

you can buy an account for cheap look up “Hotspotshield VPN shoppy”

use dallas because battlenet servers are in texas
im downloading 15mb/s now
please like so this helps others